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Crowd at the top

Travis and Edwards, in their first year as a Sunny King team, join three other teams at 15 under par to lead after the first round

By Joe Medley
East Alabama Sports Today

SILVER LAKES — Contention in the Sunny King Charity Classic is all about picking the right brother-in-law, and Dustin Travis has found one in Sawyer Edwards.

The tandem shot 15-under-par 57 during Friday’s first-round action at Silver Lakes and finished the day among four teams tied for a one-stroke lead.

Also at 57 are Ty Cole-Gary Wigington and Layton Bussey-Jesus Montenegro, who battled through a four-hole playoff to decide the 2022 Sunny King. Cole-Wigington won, putting Wigington to within one Sunny King victory of 10 … five with Randy Reaves and four with Cole.

Jackson King-Freeman Fite also finished Friday in the 57 club.

Randy Lipscomb-Blake Boozer, Daily Thomas-Nathan Williams, Ryan Howard-Scott Murphree and Brennan Clay-Jeremy McGatha stand one shot off of the lead.

More than 200 teams are playing out the three-round Sunny King at Anniston Country Club, Cider Ridge and Silver Lakes. The Championship Flight moves on to Cider Ridge on Saturday and ACC on Sunday.

Travis, Edwards and Bussey give White Plains High School three connections to the four leading teams. Travis graduated in 2015. Bussey was Class 4A co-medalist in 2016.

Edwards just finished his junior year, having finished as Calhoun County runnerup and medalist at the sectional and sub-state tournaments. He finished third in Class 4A at state tourney and was the county’s co-player of the year.

White Plains’ girls have won three state tiles, and the boys have won one.

“It’s a tradition out there,” Edwards said. “We raise’em.”

Bussey called the White Plains influence on the leaderboard “impressive.”

“Shows how important golf is to us,” he said. “I definitely feel like that is something Dustin and I had a big part in starting when we were there,”

Travis and Edwards became a Sunny King tandem this year and “brother-in-lawed the whole day,” Travis said.

“We just didn’t have a partner,” Edwards said. “I was thinking of people that would have a wedge game, and Dustin is the one I need.

“We were playing one day, and I was like, ‘You got a Sunny King partner?'”

Their day started with an eagle, followed by a par and seven birdies.

What Travis called Edwards’ “fantastic” shot out of the bunker helped the pair save par to open the back nine. After another par, they hit four consecutive birdies, a par, birdied then parked.

“This is the first time for me to be in contention,” Travis said. “The one year I felt like I had a chance going into the tournament with Ryan Howard, I shot 10 here, then turned around and shot 16 at Cider. We finished third or fourth.

“This is the closest I’ve come, and 15 definitely is low for me here.”

Flight scores

TeamRd. 1Rd.2Rd. 3Total
Ty Cole/Gary Wigington5757
Dustin Travis/Sawyer Edwards5757
Jackson King/Freeman Fite5757
Layton Bussey-Jesus Montenegro5757
Randy Lipscomb-Blake Boozer5858
Ryan Howard/Scott Murphree5858
Brennan Clay/Jeremy McGatha5858
Daily Thomas/Nathan Williams5858
Jaylon Ellison/Ott Chandler5959
Marcus Harrell/Benji Turley5959
Jacob Harper/Kyle Daugherty5959
Kevin Daugherty/Chandler Wilborn5959
Kaine Gibson/William Brown6060
Taylor McCollum/Tanner Wells6060
Noah Hathorn/Cypress Hathorn6161
Chase Hollingsworth/Hunter Carr6161
Landon Straub/Jason Johnson6161
Timmy Woodard/Chase Thomas6262
Jake Goggans/Rob Davie6262
Randy Reaves/Will Reaves6262
Chris Hubbard/Nick Hubbard6262
Mike Hughston/Jimbo Phillips6363
Dallas Poe/Lucas Bryant6363
Andrew Brooks/Matt Rogers6363
Chad Key/Wyatt Cotney6464
David Coffey/Zach Goss6464
Janson Wilborn/Grant Taylor6464
Cain Hollingsworth/Taylor O’Conner6464
Graham Morrow/Caleb Morrow6464
Josh Ashley/Jonathan Myrick6464
Greg Shultz/Jim Ramey6464
Ryan Huff/John Lindsey6464
Josh Poole/Blake Turner6565
Mark McCaig/Brian Caldwell6666
Jono Waugh/Trey Pilkington6666
Jason Rich/Lee Clark6767
Landon Suco/David Gulledge6767
Clay Calkins/George Calkins6868
Jimbo Williams/Jeremy McCullars6868
Craig Beckwith/Wilton Page6969
Madilyn Turner/Brady Turner6969
Ben Parr/Marc Walker6969
Blake Cole/Ryan Kirby7070
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Samuel Wallace/Greg Goodwin5959
Daniel Black/Tim Steward5959
Tony Hicks/Greg Harrelson6060
Tyler Romine/Jason Romine6060
Warren Askew/Will Broome6161
Josh Reynolds/Bart Smith6161
Corey Mize/Kyle Glover6161
Caleb Bowen/Kolby Slick6262
Matt Hunter/Brett Key6262
Casey Harmon/Landon Holley6262
Will Prickett/Scott Jackson6262
Kilgore Knight/Bradley Young6363
Landon Winfrey/Jared Waits6363
Andrew Morris/Andrew Tyron6363
Hank Smith/Brett Rothwell6363
Wes Couch/Tyler McNickle6363
Jeff Noah/Kenny Fulmer6363
Stan Cates/Justin Bates6464
Clay Smith/Kris Key6565
Trenton Ray/Nathan Franklin6565
Tyler Huckaby/Taylor Jones6565
Keaton Borrelli/Tyler Vera6565
Mike Lee/Shane Lee6666
Benjamin Chandler/Joseph Chandler6666
Hanna Dyar/Coleman Messer6767
Jonathan Chandler/Daniel Crumly6767
Ted Towns/Drue Snow6868
Charles Estes/Jamison Carden6969
Cody Boyd/Mark Wood7171
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Morgan Cunningham/Kevin Third6262
Jay McElroy/Doug Gardner6464
Ty Webber/Patrick Webber6464
Nate Pearce/Nate Jenkins6464
Danny Owens/Clay Jones6464
Christopher Messer/Brandon Ray6565
Matthew Morris/Josh Davis6666
Eric Manning/Clay Sandford6666
Matthew Hartegen/Tommy Snyder6666
Trae Williams/Matthew Peters6666
Taylor Morrow/Samuel Morrow6666
Chad Jones/Patrick Thornton6666
Daniel Clonts/Clay Blackwell6666
Mike Lett/Daniel Simmons6767
Kenneth Willingham/Mark Cotton6767
Blake Jones/Austin Jones6767
Shane Lilly/Dallas Dunn6767
Chad Schmeling/Ricky Carden6868
Will Coker/Scott Knighton6868
Jason Payne/Tyler Rich6868
Houston Black/Adam Benefiel6868
Alex Stennis/Alex Rogers6868
Tyler Northcutt/Nick Swindle6969
Kory Oliver/Kody Oliver6969
Cal Lambert/Brian Scoggins6969
Greg Brannon/Danny Shears7070
Bob Eaton/Ted Heim7171
Johnathon Shatus/Landon Price7676
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Josh Chapple/Jackson Bonner6060
Bruce Collins/Barry Britt6363
Andy Jenkins/Mark Gaines6363
Brian Howell/Ken Howell6464
Ted Gregerson/Aaron Gregerson6464
David Scruggs/Kevin Godshall6464
Jonathan Whitlow/Andy McQuagge6565
Todd Good/Bill Osbourne6565
Henry Pritchett/Neil Elders6565
Brandon Whitman/Brandon Slick6565
Tyler TenEyck/Dan Hill6565
Will Turley/David McFarland6666
Jason Copus/Arlin McCauley6666
Andy Carden/Jon Pollard 6666
Kyle Turner/Micah Gaines6666
David Reavis/John Reeves6767
Blake Drummond/Brian Rosenbalm6767
Dr. Ron Wheeler/Steve Taylor6767
Rush Rudlege/Jimmy Ray6868
Blake McCurry/Dale Findley6868
Kevin Bryant/Dalton Cobb6868
John Gaddy/John Kelley6969
Tony Strickland/Wayne Tillman7070
Bill Wakefield/Minton Edwards7070
Chad Humpries/Anthony Humphries7070
Daniel Ricks/Jonathan Ricks7171
Will McKinney/Chase Lowry7272
Logan Watson/Stuart Criss7474
Santi Heckart/Jason Veasey7777
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Mike Putnam/Brandon Cassady6363
Kyle Price/Derrick Kirby6464
Dakota Clark/Michael Hollis6565
Brad Williams/Hogan Page6666
Josh Wright/Jeremy Wright6666
Mike Whitlow/Don Whitlow6767
Justin Foster/Daniel Hammett6767
Zack Poss/Clark Jinks6767
Will Bedwell/Kevin Bedwell6767
Ken Warech/Jake Hamilton6868
Lee Ledbetter/Darren Ledbetter6868
Joey Thompson/Matthew Brown6868
Greg Smith/Jamie Cash6868
Doug White/Diana White6868
Kevin Gibson/Cal Newman6969
Scott Watson/Rob Jones6969
Al Muskewitz/Grady Sapp6969
Bailey Masters/Ashley Hathcock6969
Chad Brewer/Chuck Robinson6969
Dustin Wilkins/Cale Wright6969
Jonathan Jones/Keith Wooten7070
Heath Waldrop/Greg Rainey7070
Larry Reaves/Noel Johnson7070
Chad Cabeen/Tim Kurecka7272
Al Johnson/Ethan Whitcomb7272
Will Johnson/Nate Parker7373
Terry Cobb/Michael Ray7474
Thomas Clutter/Michael Bradshaw7676
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Team
Will Hollingsworth/Andy Moore6464
Rod Harris/Jerry Schreiner6666
Lamar Ward/James Carden6666
Lance Brown/Brandon Davis6868
Randall Williams/Conner Williams6868
Manny Bonilla/Chance Haywood6868
Steve Gendron/Tripp Johnson6969
Eric Williams/Jonathan Mosley6969
Terry Sumner/Reese Hardin7070
Ty Johnson/Hunter Encinias7070
David Ramey/Morgan Ramey7070
Jeff Barnwell/Randy Jones7171
Carson Lindsey/Clint Burns7171
Allen Byars/Jeff Hydrick7171
Stacy Williams/Ted Martin7171
Jason Alderman/Christopher Alderman7171
Austin Parris/Shaughn Rankin7272
Ryan Parris/Allen Skelton7272
John McKenzie/Rick Dickson7373
Cliff Wright/Landy Wright7474
Matt Whitaker/Joey Stewart7575
Chris Baker/Jared Joiner7575
Gene Hocks/Ron Fleming7676
Micah Dorroh/Joey Dorroh7979
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Team
Jim Slick/Chance Nunnelly6666
Jay Williamson/Chase McQuagge6666
Chris Law/Dalton Deep6767
Jay Whaley/Alex Whaley6868
Hunter Newman/Jonathan Butler6868
Brock Harrell/Logan Coker6868
Ryan Cash/Alex Freeman6868
Brian Mathison/Brent Busby6868
Terry Coker/Lance Muncher6969
Jeff Pool/Ryan Pollard6969
Ben Milligan/Allen Wells6969
Jeremy Wolf/Brad Yarbrough7070
James Harrison/Randy Martin7070
Nic Stephens/Chad Brown7070
Brock Miles/Lynn Jones7171
Donnie Cobb/Randy Bowman7171
Jerry Mills/Pete Morrison7272
Tommy Beard/Ken Renfroe7272
Kenton Sprayberry/Tiffany Sprayberry7272
Keith Yates/Josh Goodson7373
Kenton Sprayberry/Tiffany Sprayberry7373
Jon-Michael Tinney/Shane Peacock7575
Trey Forbus/Jonathan Roberts7575
Dan Widener/Jack McKenney7575
Justin Brown/Beau Wynn7676
Keth Bentley/Mac Huckaby7676
Cam Tant/Judson Miller7676
Ethan Carter/Bailey Winnett8181

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