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Lipscomb leads

Former champion holds slim lead in Etowah County Open at Briarmeade

GLENCOE — Two-time former champion Randy Lipscomb shot a 7-under-par 64 Saturday and holds the first-round lead of the Etowah County Open at the Links of Briarmeade.

Lipscomb, a left-handed player who won in 2002 and 2003, leads Chris Cox by one shot and Dane Moore by two. He expects a battle on Championship Sunday.

“Dane and Chris are good golfers,” Lipscomb said. “Whoever has the lowest score tomorrow probably wins. Saturday scoring is amateur. Sunday scoring are owned by real golfers.”

Etowah County Open

Randy Lipscomb64
Chris Cox65
Dane Moore66
Blake Grisham67
Chad Hare68
Trent Ralston68
Chris Leonhardt70
Larry Gilchrist70
Phillip Eades 70
Jimmy Burnett71
Greg Hare72
Jeff McRae72
Tim Fulmer73
Mark Spurlock73
Neal Keener74
Craig Colvard74
Tee Brown74
Shawn Ledbetter74
Chris Sanford75
Mason Dennis75
George Salmon 75
Larry Moon 75
Dee Davenport76
Michael McDowell76
Wayne Downey76
Drey Reaves77
Stanley Hawkins77
Greg Davenport77
Jessie Rawls77
Luke Armstrong78
Chuck Medders78
Frank Barnes78
Jason Billingsly79
Greg Hopper79
Lee Waldron79
Drew Anderton80
Tim Gable80
Anthony Weston80
Dwayne Martin80
Opie Teague81
Norman Clifton81
David Beason81
Sam Bone81
Mason Aulsbrook81
Jeff Hopper82
George Morris82
Patrick Cooper82
Randy Spurlin84
Derrick Jenkins84
Dani Bone85
Blake Erwin86
Steve Roach86
Paul Allen87
Josh Colvard88
Frankie Leath88
Reggie Simmons90
Stephen Jenkins92

Sunday pairings

8 a.m. — Stephen Jenkins, Reggie Simmons, Frankie Leath
8:10 — Josh Colvard, Paul Allen, Steve Roach
8:20 — Blake Erwin, Dani Bone, Derrick Jenkins
8:30 — Patrick Cooper, Randy Spurlin, George Morris, Jeff Hopper
8:50 — Mason Aulsbrook, Sam Bone, David Beason, Norman Clifton
9:00 — Opie Teague, Dwayne Martin, Anthony Weston, Tim Gable
9:10 — Drew Anderton, Lee Waldron, Gary Hopper, Jason Billingsly
9:30 — Frank Barnes, Chuck Medders, Luke Armstrong
9:40 — Jessie Rawls, Greg Davenport, Stanley Hawkins
9:50 — Drey Reeves, Wayne Downey, Michael McDowell, Dre Davenport
10:00 — Larry Moon, George Salmon, Mason Dennis, Chris Sanford
10:20 — Craig Colvard, Tee Brown, Shawn Ledbetter
10:30 — Neal Keener, Mark Spurlock, Tim Fulmer, Jeff McRae
10:40 — Greg Hare, Jimmy Burnett, Phillip Eades, Larry Gilchrist
11:00 — Chris Leonhardt, Trent Ralston, Chad Hare, Blake Grissom
11:10 — Dane Moore, Chris Cox, Randy Lipscomb

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