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Family affair

Wigingtons sweep rain-shortened Anniston CC Parent-Child Tournament 

By East Alabama Sports Today

Three generations of Wigingtons swept the Parent-Child Tournament on Father’s Day at Anniston Country Club.

Gary Wigington won the Adult Flight with his father, Bob, on the third hole of a sudden-death playoff and won the Junior Flight with his son, Peyton. They posted a 3-under-par 67.

The Wigingtons won the playoff over the teams of Rob Svensen-Jack Svensen and T.J. McGatha-Jeremy McGatha.

All three teams parred 16, the Wigingtons and Svensens moved on with birdies on 17, and then Gary Wigington made a 15-foot birdie putt on 18 to win it.

“It was a really good day,” Gary said. “It was very special to me because I really wanted Peyton to see how it feels to win a golf tournament. Also, I’m not sure how many more my dad can play in so it was huge for him as well.”

Jonathan and Mike Whitlow won the net division with 61.

ACC Parent-Child Tournament


x-Gary Wigington-Bob Wigington67
Rob Svensen-Jack Svensen67
Jeremy McGatha-T.J. McGatha67
Cypress Hathorn-Noah Hathorn68
Graham Morrow-Taylor Morrow68
Graham Morrow-Caleb Morrow72
Randy Lipscomb-David Lipscomb72
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow75
Mike Whitlow-Jonathan Whitlow75
x-won on third playoff hole
David Morgan-Jeff Morgan76
Tom Roberts-Darin Harvey76
Tom Roberts-Scott Roberts77
Don Whitlow-Jonathan Whitlow78
Tom Roberts-Keith Harvey78
William Broome-Will Broome80
Don Whitlow-Trey Sawyer82
Don Whitlow-Mike Whitlow83
Chip Whiteside-Sam Whiteside86
Chip Whiteside-Bill Turner90
Greg Smith-Ryan Cash90


Gary Wigington-Peyton Wigington67
Freeman Fite-Body Fite68
Freeman Fite-Peyton Fite68
Jeremy McGatha-Kayleigh McGatha70
Cypress Hathorn-Braylin Hathorn73
Mark Durden-Dison Durden74
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers74
Rusty Whitlow-Gant Whitlow75
Warren Askew-Manning Askew79
Bubba Willingham-Dakoda Willingham 85
Don Whitlow-Gant Whitlow87


Jonathan Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 61
Mark Durden-Dison Durden 63
Jeremy McGatha-T.J. McGatha 63
Rob Svensen-Jack Svensen 63
Warren Askew-Manning Askew 64
Graham Morrow-Taylor Morrow 64
Cypress Hathorn-Noah Hathorn 64
Freeman Fite-Peyton Fite 65
Freeman Fite-Body Fite 66
Peyton Wigington-Gary Wigington 66
David Morgan-Jeff Morgan 66
Cypress Hathorn-Braylin Hathorn 66
Don Whitlow-Jonathan Whitlow 67
Bob Wigington-Gary Wigington 67
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers 67
Randy Lipscomb-David Lipscomb 67
Graham Morrow-Caleb Morrow 67
Jeremy McGatha-Kayleigh McGatha 67
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow 69
Gant Whitlow- Rusty Whitlow69
Bubba Willingham-Dakoda Willingham 70
Don Whitlow-Trey Sawyer 70
Don Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 70
Tom Roberts-Scott Robberts 71
Tom Roberts-Darin Harvey 71
Chip Whiteside-Sam Whiteside 72
Tom Roberts-Keith Harvey 72
William Broome-Will Broome 74
Don Whitlow-Gant Whitlow 74
Greg Smith-Ryan Cash 76
Chip Whiteside-Bill Turner 78

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