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2021 Schedule (by date)

Here is the 2021 high school football by date for teams in and around Calhoun County

Aug. 19
Coosa Christian at Westbrook Christian
Guntersville at Handley
Winterboro at Vincent

Aug. 20
B.B. Comer at Montgomery Catholic
Chilton County at Clay Central
Douglas at Weaver
Etowah at Gadsden City
Gaston at Asbury
Horseshoe Bend at Wadley
Jacksonville at St. John Paul II
Lincoln at Southside
Munford at Talladega
Ohatchee at Cleburne County
Pleasant Valley at Donoho
Ragland at Valley Head
Saks at Sylvania
Success at Jacksonville Christian
Sylacauga at Leeds
Thompson at Oxford
Wellborn at Anniston
White Plains at Ranburne
Whitesburg Christian at Gaylesville
Woodland at Fayetteville

Aug. 26
B.B. Comer at Childersburg
Cedar Bluff at Spring Garden
Southside-Gadsden at Hokes Bluff

Aug. 27
Alabama SD at Shoals Christian
Alexandria at Jacksonville
Anniston at Ohatchee
Autaugaville at Talladega Co. Central
Beulah at Cleburne County
Cherokee County at Piedmont 
Clay Central at Benjamin Russell
Coosa Christian at Gaston
Donoho at White Plains
Gadsden City at Fort Payne
Gaylesville at Ragland
Jacksonville Christian at New Life
Lincoln at Sylacauga
Munford at Fultondale
Pleasant Grove at Oxford
Ranburne at Wadley
Randolph County at Woodland
Randolph School at Glencoe
Saks at Talladega
Sand Rock at Pisgah
West End at Pleasant Valley
Winterboro at Notasulga

Sept. 2
Alabama SD at South Carolina SDB

Sept. 3 
Appalachian at Gaylesville
Beauregard at Talladega
Centre Point at Alexandria
Cherokee County at Springville
Cleburne County at White Plains
Coosa Christian at Woodville
Cornerstone at Jacksonville Christian
Etowah at Oneonta
Fayetteville at Horseshoe Bend
Gadsden City at Oak Mountain
Gaston at Southeastern
Glencoe at Weaver
Handley at Munford
Hokes Bluff at Pleasant Valley
Jacksonville at Anniston
Lanett at B.B. Comer
Leeds at Lincoln
Ohatchee at Wellborn
Oxford at Scottsboro
Piedmont at Saks
Randolph County at LaFayette
Reeltown at Childersburg
Sand Rock at Westbrook Christian
Southside-Gadsden at Pell City
Spring Garden at West End
Sylacauga at Clay Central
Talladega Co. Central at Wadley
Valley Head at Cedar Bluff
Victory Christian at Donoho
Vincent at Ranburne
Winterboro at Ragland

Sept. 9
Gaylesville at Coosa Christian

Sept. 10
Anniston at Cherokee County
B.B. Comer at LaFayette
Cedar Bluff at Sumiton Christian
Childersburg at Goshen
Clay Central at Elmore County
Fultondale at Etowah
Glencoe at Piedmont
Hoover at Gadsden City
Jacksonville Christian at Tabernacle
Lanett at Fayetteville
Lincoln at Center Point
Locust Fork at Spring Garden
Munford at Cleburne County
Ohatchee at Hokes Bluff
Ragland at Woodland
Ranburne at Randolph County
Sand Rock at Gaston
Southside-Gadsden at Oxford
St. Clair County at Alexandria
Talladega at Pell City
Tallassee at Sylacauga
Wadley at Victory Christian
Weaver at Pleasant Valley
Wellborn at Saks
Westbrook Christian at Southeastern
White Plains at Jacksonville
Winterboro at Donoho

Sept. 11
Indiana SD at Alabama SD

Sept. 17
Alexandria at Corner
Appalachian at Coosa Christian
Arab at Southside-Gadsden
Beauregard at Clay Central
Cedar Bluff at Trion
Cherokee County at White Plains
Cleburne County at Handley
Dadeville at Childersburg
Donoho at Woodland
Etowah at Ashville
Gadsden City at Spain Park
Gaston at West End
Gaylesville at Valley Head
Hokes Bluff at Glencoe
Jacksonville at Munford
Lincoln at St. Clair County
Pell City at Oxford
Pleasant Valley at Wellborn
Ranburne at B.B. Comer
Randolph County at Horseshoe Bend
Saks at Ohatchee
Southeastern at Sand Rock
Spring Garden at Cleveland
Talladega at Holtville
Talladega Co. Central at Victory Christian
Tuscaloosa at Jacksonville Christian
Vincent at Fayetteville
Wadley at Winterboro
Weaver at Piedmont
Westbrook Christian at Locust Fork

Sept. 18
Alabama SD at Tennessee SD

Sept. 24
Anniston at Center Point
Asbury at Gaylesville
B.B. Comer at Winterboro
Childersburg at Sylacauga
Clay Central at Pleasant Grove
Cleburne County at Alexandria
Coosa at Cherokee County
Douglas at Glencoe
Elmore County at White Plains
Fayetteville at Victory Christian
Fort Payne at Etowah
Gatlinburg-Pittman at Coosa Christian
Geraldine at Saks 
Hamilton at Wellborn
Hokes Bluff at Spring Garden
Jacksonville Christian at Evangel
Jacksonville at Piedmont
Lanett at Handley
Munford at Lincoln
North Sand Mountain at Cedar Bluff 
Oxford at Gadsden City
Ragland at Gaston
Randolph at Westbrook Christian
Sand Rock at Collinsville
Sardis at Southside-Gadsden
Talladega Co. Central at Loachapoka
Wadley at Randolph County
Weaver at Armuchee (Ga.)
Woodland at Red Level

Sept. 25
Louisiana SD at Alabama SD

Sept. 30
Corner at Lincoln
Fayetteville at Randolph County
Horseshoe Bend at B.B. Comer
Sumiton Christian at Gaylesville
Winterboro at Talladega Co. Central

Oct. 1
Alexandria at Hayden
ASD at Jacksonville Christian
Childersburg at Beulah
Clay Central at Talladega
Donoho at Ragland
Gaston at Spring Garden
Good Hope at Etowah
Jacksonville at Handley
Munford at Cherokee County
Piedmont at Ohatchee
Pleasant Valley at Saks 
Ranburne at LaFayette
Sand Rock at Locust Fork
Southside-Gadsden at Springville
Sylacauga at Elmore County
Tuscaloosa County at Gadsden City
Weaver at Hokes Bluff
Wellborn at Glencoe
Westbrook Christian at West End
White Plains at Anniston
Woodland at Wadley
Woodville at Cedar Bluff 

Oct. 8
Anniston at Munford
B.B. Comer at Fayetteville
Beauregard at Sylacauga
Cherokee County at Handley
Cleveland at Gaston
Coosa Christian at Valley Head
Fort Payne at Southside-Gadsden
Gadsden City at Thompson
Glencoe at Ohatchee
Gaylesville at Cedar Bluff
Hanceville at Etowah
Hokes Bluff at Wellborn
Holtville at Clay Central
Jacksonville Christian at Russell
Jacksonville at Cleburne County
Lanett at Ranburne
Lincoln at Alexandria
Montgomery Catholic at Childersburg
Oxford at Arab
Pleasant Valley at Piedmont
Ragland at Wadley
Randolph County at Vincent
Saks at Weaver
Sand Rock at West End
Spring Garden at Westbrook Christian
Talladega Co. Central at Woodland
Tallassee at Talladega
Victory Christian at Winterboro
Woodland at Talladega Co. Central

Oct. 15
Alexandria at Moody
Anniston at Handley
Appalachian at Cedar Bluff
Childersburg at Pike County
Cleburne County at Cherokee County
Coosa Christian at Sumiton Christian
Etowah at Lipscomb Academy
Gaston at Locust Fork
Gaylesville at Woodville
Glencoe at Saks 
Hayden at Lincoln
Hewitt-Trussville at Gadsden City
LaFayette at Fayetteville
Munford at White Plains
Ohatchee at Pleasant Valley
Oxford at Springville
Piedmont at Hokes Bluff
Ranburne at Horseshoe Bend
Randolph County at Lanett
Scottsboro at Southside-Gadsden
Spring Garden at Sand Rock
Sylacauga at Talladega
Talladega Co. Central at Ragland
Victory at Jacksonville Christian
Victory Christian at Woodland
Vincent at B.B. Comer
Wadley at Donoho
Wellborn at Weaver
Westbrook Christian at Cleveland

Oct. 16
Mississippi SD at Alabama SD

Oct. 22
Anniston at Cleburne County
B.B. Comer at Randolph County
Cedar Bluff at Coosa Christian
Cherokee County at Jacksonville
Childersburg at Trinity Presbyterian
Clay Central at Tallassee
Cleveland at Sand Rock
Dora at Etowah
Fayetteville at Ranburne
Fort Payne at Oxford
Gadsden City at Vestavia Hills
Gaston at Westbrook Christian
Holtville at Sylacauga
Leeds at Alexandria
Moody at Lincoln
Pleasant Valley at Glencoe
Ragland at Victory Christian
Saks at Hokes Bluff
Southeastern at Spring Garden
Talladega at Elmore County
Talladega Co. Central at Donoho
Weaver at Ohatchee
Wellborn at Piedmont
White Plains at Handley
Woodland at Winterboro

Oct. 23
Alabama SD at Model SD

Oct. 28
Oxford at Central-Phenix City
Sand Rock at Cedar Bluff
Talladega Co. Central at Central Coosa
White Plains at Pleasant Valley

Oct. 29
Alexandria at Piedmont
ASD at Gaylesville
Asbury at Ragland
Fayetteville at Childersburg
Glencoe at Plainview
Handley at Clay Central
Horseshoe Bend at Woodland
Ohatchee at Munford
Randolph County at Cleburne County
Sardis at Hokes Bluff
Southside-Gadsden at Etowah
Spring Garden at Wadley
Sylacauga at Benjamin Russell
Talladega at Shelby County
Weaver at Ashville
Westbrook Christian at Donoho
Whitesburg Christian at Coosa Christian
Winterboro at Berry

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