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Silver Lakes scores, pairings

Here are Saturday’s first-round scores from the RTJ Silver Lakes Championship and Sunday pairings

RTJ Silver Lakes Championship

Brennan Clay343468
Dalton Chandler363268
Jacob LeCroy333568
Scott Martin363470
Ty Cole363470
Harrison Hughston333871
Timmy Woodard363571
Tee Brown373572
Justin Graveman353873
Randy Reaves373673
Corey Ray373673
Dane Moore393473
Andrew Brooks403373
Kevin Daugherty403474
Jason Britton363874
Gary Wigington393574
Landon Straub383674
Kenny Okins363874
Dustin Travis413374
Chase Hollingsworth393574
Jody Wooten373774
Andrew Gladden383775
Ott Chandler354075
Jeremy Willis373875
Logan Forrester373875
Jeremy McGatha383876
Ryan Huff403676
Nick Ledbetter403676
Chad Calvert393776
Mason Dennis373976
Chris Leonhardt403777
Dustin Underwood403878
Michael Casey364278
Alex Harper433679
Jared Waits433679
Jeff Bain413879
Austin Minter413879
Jake Goggans413879
Chris Cox423779
Maverick Smith374279
Matt Greer423880
Jake Williams404080
Mike Hughston414081
Hunter Carr423981
Brad Baird414081
Matt Rogers463581
Tanner Wells433881
Blake Grisham423981
Clay Calkins433982
Chase Thomas453782
Chris Messer424082
Chance Harris424082
Casey Harmon404383
Rick Okins 453883
Daniel Black424183
Cain Hollingsworth434083
Dre Davenport414283
Drey Reeves404383
Josh Poole394483
Cody Boyd424385
Daily Thomas414586
Nick Pollard444286
Randy Lipscomb434588
Lamar Carter414788
Chris Reaves414788
Luke Armstrong454388
Graham Morrow434689
Jeff Chapman444589
Cal Lambert454590
Mason Aulsbrook464490
Justin Goree444690
Nathan Williams494392
Danny Whittaker494392
Scott Jimmerson484593
JT Veasey454893
Chris Graves464894
Michael Ledbetter494695
Mark Gaines474895
Kelly Rogers484896
Houston Black554196
Parker Staton465197
Daniel Ricks504898
Ben Phillips4754101

Sunday pairings

7:30 a.m.: Parker Staton, JT Veasey, Ben Phillips, Daniel Ricks
7:40: Michael Ledbetter, Rick Okins, Kelly Rogers, Houston Black
7:50: Danny Whittaker, Mark Gaines, Scott Jimmerson, Craig Graves
8:00: Mason Aulsbrook, Cal Lambert, Justin Goree, Nathan Williams
8:10: Chris Reeves, Lamar Carter, Graham Morrow, Jeff Chapman
8:20: Daily Thomas, Nick Pollard, Luke Armstrong, Randy Lipscomb
8:30: Daniel Black, Drey Reaves, Josh Poole, Cody Boyd
8:40: Dre Davenport, Cain Hollingsworth, Chance Harrris, Chase Thomas
9:00: Chris Messer, Casey Harmon, Clay Calkins
9:10: Hunter Carr, Brad Baird, Blake Grisham, Tanner Wells
9:20: Matt Greer, Jake Williams, Matt Rogers, Mike Hughston
9:30: Michael Casey, Jake Goggans, Alex Harper, Austin Minter
9:40: Jared Waits, Jeff Bain, Chris Cox, Maverick Smith
9:50: Nick Ledbetter, Mason Dennis, Chris Leonhardt, Dustin Underwood
10:00: Ott Chandler, Chad Calvert, Ryan Huff, Jeremy McGatha
10:10: Jody Wooten, Logan Forrester, Andrew Gladden, Jeremy Willis
10:20: Landon Straub, Jason Britton, Kenny Okins, Dustin Travis
10:30: Randy Reaves, Gary Wiignigton, Kevin Daugherty, Chase Hollingsworth
10:40: Andrew Brooks, Justin Graveman, Dane Moore, Corey Ray
10:50: Ty Cole, Tee Brown, Harrison Hughston, Timmy Woodard
11:00: Brennan Clay, Scott Martin, Jacob LeCroy, Dalton Chandler

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