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Help choose the best 18 holes among the nine golf courses on the Calhoun County Golf Tour; we’re starting this month with the par-3s

Here is the ballot for the best par-3s on the Calhoun County Golf Tour.

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

So many moons ago a project was undertaken in town to determine the toughest 18 holes of golf in Calhoun County. It was popular then – I remember, I did it – but so much time has passed and so many things have changed. Courses have come online, others have closed down, some have dramatically changed.

Let’s do it again. Only this time with a twist.

Instead of confining the parameters to the courses in Calhoun County, let’s up the ante to the best holes on the Calhoun County Golf Tour. Most of the county’s courses are involved, but there are three offerings from Etowah County added to the mix now – Briarmeade, Gadsden CC and Twin Bridges.

We’ve worked up a ballot and it’ll be presented in three stages throughout the summer. The holes were selected by the pros/managers of the courses, allowing them to choose their two best par-3s, four best par-4s and two best par-5s. (Silver Lakes got 3-6-3 because it has 27 holes used in the Tour rotation and Anniston Municipal got 1-2-1 because it’s a nine-hole property).

We’re asking you to choose the best four par-3, best 10 par-4s and best four par-5s to determine the strongest 18 holes on the Tour. The definition of what constitutes “best” – most challenging, prettiest, most memorable, etc. – rests solely with you, but remember just because you holed out somewhere for a 1 or 2 doesn’t mean it’s a best hole. By the same token, just because put three in the water somewhere doesn’t mean it’s a bad hole, either.

Choose from list below. Please vote only one time. Reply to the email address on the ballot or print it off and hand it to me when you see me at the golf course.

We’re doing the par-3s this month, the par-4s in June and the par-5s in July, then putting it all together in August.

You don’t have to be a player on the County Golf Tour to participate. You’ve played the courses; you know the holes. Now make your picks, and thanks for making the project work – again.

Now let me see where I put the results of that initial project …  

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