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ACC Spring Scramble

The teams of Ott Chandler-Dalton Chandler and David Sanders-Doug Sears both shot 10-under-par Saturday and shared the first-round lead of the Anniston Country Club Spring Scramble.

They hold a one-shot lead over Greg Shultz and Scott Murphree going into Championship Sunday.

There is a three-way tie for first in Flight 2 and a four-way tie for the lead in Flight 3.


Flight 1
Ott Chandler-Dalton Chandler60
David Sanders-Doug Sanders60
Greg Shultz-Scott Murphree61
Jake Goggans-Tanner Wells62
Trae Willams-Matt Hunter63
Ryan Howard-Freeman Fite63
Alex Pell-Brighton Pell64
Flight 2
Mike Putnam-Tyler Putnam 65
Chad Key-Heath Hughes65
Rob Svensen-Taylor Jones65
Brian Woodfin-Chase Hollingsworth66
Trey Stone-Cain Hollingsworth67
Scott Jackson-Will Coker68
Ryan Huff-John Lindsey68
Graham Morrow-Kenny Wright69
Will Hollingsworth-Matt Peters69
Flight 3
Terry Phillis-Chris Landers70
Will Broome-Doug White70
Jeff Hansek-Wes Couch70
Jimbo Phillips-Mike Hughston70
Bubba Willingham-Jeff Morgan71
Timmy Woodard-Chase Thomas71
Rob Rigsby-Gary Steed73
Allen Bodner-Rob Hurlburt
Taylor Morrow-Caleb Morrow
Clay Blackwell-Kevin Gibson
Jake Pollard-Dustin Merritt

(10 a.m. shotgun)
1: Ott Chandler-Dalton Chandler, David Sanders-Doug Sears
2: Greg Shultz-Scott Murphree, Jake Goggans-Tanner Wells
3: Trae Williams-Matt Hunter, Ryan Howard-Freeman Fite
4: Alex Pell-Brighton Pell, Chad Key-Heath Hughes
6: Mike Putnam-Tyler Putnam, Rob Svensen-Taylor Jones
7: Brian Woodfin-Chase Hollingsworth, Trey Stone-Cain Hollingsworth
8: Scott Jackson-Will Coker, Ryan Huff-John Lindsey
9: Will Hollingsworth-Matt Peters, Graham Morrow-Kenny Wright
10: Will Broome-Doug White, Jeff Hansek-Wes Couch
11: Terry Phillis-Chris Landers, Jimbo Phillips-Mike Hughston
13: Bubba Willingham-Jeff Morgan, Chase Thomas-Timmy Woodard
14: Rob Rigsby-Gary Steed, Allen Bodner-Rob Hurlburt
18A: Taylor Morrow-Caleb Morrow, Clay Blackwell-Kevin Gibson, Jake Pollard-Dustin Merritt

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