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Here is a developing master schedule for the 2020 high school volleyball season for teams in and around Calhoun County; coaches, forward your schedule to musky@wrightmediacorp.com or almusky@aol.com


Aug. 20
Alexandria, West Point at Lawrence County
Ohatchee, Southside at Faith Christian
Wellborn at Piedmont

Aug. 21
Alexandria at Juanita Bodie Tournament, Hoover

Aug. 22
Donoho, Oxford, White Plains, Southside at Pleasant Valley
Alexandria at Juanita Bodie Tournament, Hoover

Aug. 24
Oxford, Saks at White Plains
Weaver, Clay Central at Cleburne County

Aug. 25
Alexandria, Tuscaloosa County at Chelsea
Cleburne County at Spring Garden
Donoho, Clay Chalkville at Oxford
Jacksonville, Corner at Homewood

Aug. 27
Faith Christian at Pleasant Valley
Jacksonville at Anniston
Oxford, Mortimer Jordan at Springville
Piedmont at Cleburne County
Saks at Ohatchee
White Plains, Woodland at Wellborn

Aug. 29
Alexandria, Donoho, Pleasant Valley at Guntersville Tournament
Jacksonville at Mayor’s Cup, Montgomery
Ohatchee, Oxford, Piedmont, White Plains at Lincoln Tournament

Aug. 31
Alexandria, Pell City at Oxford
Cherokee County at Jacksonville
Donoho at Spring Garden
Ohatchee at Ragland

Sept. 1
Alexandria, Ohatchee at Donoho
Cleburne County at Weaver
Oxford at Jacksonville
Piedmont, Sand Rock at Cherokee County
Wellborn, White Plains at Pleasant Valley

Sept. 3
Faith Christian, Oxford at Piedmont
Lincoln, Southside at Alexandria
Ohatchee at Pleasant Valley
White Plains at Jacksonville

Sept. 5
Jacksonville at Albertville Tournament

Sept. 8
Cleburne County at Faith Christian
Jacksonville, Southside at Oxford
Piedmont, Gaylesville at Cedar Bluff
Ragland, Pell City at Donoho
Weaver at Ohatchee
Wellborn, White Plains at West End

Sept. 10
Anniston at White Plains
Donoho at Jacksonville Christian
Handley at Cleburne County
Jacksonville, Susan Moore at Brindlee Mountain
Oxford, Westminster, Shelby County at Lincoln
Piedmont at Ohatchee
Pleasant Valley, Ramsay, Geraldine at Alexandria

Sept. 12
Alexandria at Hartselle Tournament
Donoho, Ohatchee, Piedmont at White Plains Invitational
Oxford at Champions Tournament
Sandy Hunter Invitational at Pleasant Valley

Sept. 14
Cleburne County at Munford
Jacksonville, Moody at Alexandria
Oxford, Weaver at Wellborn

Sept. 15
Cherokee County at White Plains
Cleburne County at Handley
Donoho at Faith Christian
Jacksonville at Arab
Piedmont at Hokes Bluff
Pleasant Valley at Weaver
Springville at Oxford

Sept. 17
Donoho, Jacksonville at Pleasant Valley
Ohatchee at Saks
Piedmont at Weaver
Wellborn at Alexandria
White Plains, Southside at Madison Academy

Sept. 19
Alexandria at Brooks Tournament
Cedar Bluff, Decatur Heritage, Meek in Donoho Classic
Cleburne County at Wellborn Slamfest
Jacksonville at Brooks Invitational
Hewitt-Trussville at Pleasant Valley
Oxford at Hewitt Tournament

Sept. 21
Alexandria at Lincoln
Cleburne County at Ranburne
Donoho at Ohatchee

Sept. 22
Cleburne County, Ranburne at Woodland
Donoho, Oxford at Alexandria
Jacksonville at White Plains
Pleasant Valley at Ohatchee
Weaver at Piedmont

Sept. 24
Alexandria at St. Clair County
Ohatchee at Weaver
Oxford at Pleasant Valley
Piedmont, Cleburne County, West End at Wellborn
White Plains at Anniston
Calhoun County Junior High Tournament

Sept. 26
Donoho at Thompson Tournament
Oxford at Boaz Tournament
White Plains in Quad Match at Ohatchee
Calhoun County Junior High Tournament

Sept. 28
Alexandria, Donoho at Jacksonville
Munford at Cleburne County
Oxford at Pell City
Pleasant Valley at Weaver
Ragland at Ohatchee

Sept. 29
Alexandria at White Plains
Oxford, Oneonta at Southside
Pleasant Valley at Piedmont
Spring Garden at Donoho

Oct. 1
Jacksonville, Ohatchee at Cherokee County
Oxford, Ranburne at Cleburne County
Piedmont at Pleasant Valley
Wellborn, West End at White Plains

Oct. 3
Calhoun County Tournament

Oct. 5
Ohatchee at Piedmont
Calhoun County Tournament finals at Jacksonville State

Oct. 6
Oxford, Pleasant Valley at Donoho
White Plains, Cherokee County at Collinsville

Oct. 8
Faith Christian at Ohatchee
Jacksonville at Donoho
Piedmont, Cedar Bluff at White Plains

Oct. 9
Alexandria at Blalock Tournament, Oak Mountain
Cleburne County at Glencoe Tournament

Oct. 10
Alexandria at Blalock Tournament, Oak Mountain
Donoho, Ohatchee at Guntersville Tournament
Jacksonville, Oxford at Pleasant Valley
Piedmont at Glencoe Tournament

Oct. 12
White Plains at Alexandria

Oct. 13
Alexandria at Pleasant Valley
Jacksonville, Briarwood at Springville

Oct. 15
Pleasant Valley at Sand Rock

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