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County Championship

Here are the Saturday scores and Sunday tee assignments for the 82nd Calhoun County Championship at Anniston Municipal GC

Ty Cole (L) and Adrian Geeting are first and second after the opening round of the 82nd Calhoun County Championship. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

To see a photo gallery from the round visit www.bjfranklin.smugmug.com

First-round scores
Championship A

Ty Cole 30-32—62
Adrian Geeting 31-33—64
Jonathan Pate 31-34—65
Tim Turner 32-33—65
Chad Calvert 31-34—65
Ott Chandler 31-34—65
Landon Straub 32-33—65
Jeremy McGatha 33-33—66
Scott Martin 34-33—67
Gary Wigington 31-36—67
Don Hill 31-37—68
Jason Johnson 36-32—68
Caleb Bowen 36-32—68

Championship B
Clay Calkins 34-35—69
Chip Howell 35-34—69
Dalton Chandler 36-33—69
Billy Thompson 33-37—70
Chris Hubbard 35-35—70
Wesley Jenkins 37-33—70
David Sanders 33-37—70
Scotty Grimes 37-34—71
Brennan Clay 36-35—71
Johnny Barnes 37-34—71
Andrew Brooks 35-36—71
Tyler Dopson 35-36—71

First flight
Tony Hicks 38-34—72
Kenny Okins 37-35—72
Matt Rogers 34-38—72
Mike Lett 37-35—72
Daniel Black 37-35—72
Kenny Fulmer 38-35—73
Kaine Gibson 36-37—73
Andrew Miller 36-37—73
Layton Bussey 34-39—73
Benji Turley 39-34—73
Hank Smith 37-37—74
Lenn Coffey 36-38—74
Tim Dennison 37-37—74
Janson Wilborn 37-37—74
Jeff Borrelli 38-36—74
Nathan Griffin 34-40—74

Second flight
Ron McClellan 37-38—75
Tim Steward 36-39—75
Lamar Carter 38-37—75
Chase Hollingsworth 38-37—75
Randy Reaves 39-36—75
Keaton Borrelli 40-35—75
Keith Raisanen 39-37—76
Jimbo Phillips 38-38—76
Ted Heim 36-40—76
Gage Miller 37-39—76
Nick Hubbard 42-35—77
Jake Goggans 42-35—77
Chase Thomas 38-39—77

Landon Straub blasts off a tight lie and put himself into contention with one of five 65s. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

Third flight
Dennis Austin 42-36—78
T.J. McGatha 40-38—78
Tanner Wells 39-39—78
Danny Whittaker 40-38—78
Kelly Rogers 41-38—79
Timmy Woodard 41-38—79
Bruce Collins 39-40—79
Cal Lambert 39-40—79
Zack Mangum 42-38—80
Tyler Teneyck 40-40—80
Mark Cotton 39-41—80
Tim Fulmer 40-40—80
George Salmon 42-38—80
Jake Ball 42-38—80

Fourth flight
Brad Hardin 42-40—82
Al Johnson 43-40—83
Byron Preston 43-40—83
Al Muskewitz 43-41—84
Austin Roberts 42-42—84
Randy Carroll 42-45—86
Mark Gaines 42-44—86
George Morris 43-44—87
Colby Slick 43-44—87
Craig Gardner 46-44—90
Keith Hutchenson 51-40—91
Dan McClellan WD

Matt Rogers shares the lead in a tight First Flight race. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

Sunday’s tee assignments
8 a.m. Shotgun

No. 1A – Tim Steward, Chase Hollingsworth, Keaton Borrelli
No. 1B – Randy Reaves, Ron McClellan, Lamar Carter
No. 2 – Ted Heim, Jimbo Phillips, Keith Raisanen, Gage Miller
No. 3 – Nick Hubbard, Chase Thomas, Jake Goggans, T.J. McGatha
No. 4 – Dennis Austin, Danny Whittaker, Tanner Wells, Kelly Rogers
No. 5 – Timmy Woodard, Cal Lambert, Bruce Collins, Tyler Teneyck
No. 6 – Zack Mangum, Mark Cotton, Jake Ball, Tim Fulmer
No. 7 – George Salmon, Brad Hardin, Al Johnson, Byron Preston
No. 8 – Al Muskewitz, Austin Roberts, Randy Carroll, Mark Gaines
No. 9 – Kolby Slick, George Morris, Craig Gardner, Keith Hutchenson

1 p.m. Shotgun
No. 1A – Landon Straub, Ott Chandler, Chad Calvert, Jeremy McGatha
No. 1B – Ty Cole, Adrian Geeting, Tim Turner, Jonathan Pate
No. 2 – Scott Martin, Gary Wigington, Don Hill, Caleb Bowen
No. 3 – Jason Johnson, Clay Calkins, Dalton Chandler, Chip Howell
No. 4 – Billy Thompson, Chris Hubbard, David Sanders, Wesley Jenkins
No. 5 – Johnny Barnes, Brennan Clay, Scotty Grimes, Tyler Dopson
No. 6 – Andrew Brooks, Tony Hicks, Daniel Black, Mike Lett
No. 7 – Matt Rogers, Kenny Okins, Benji Turley, Layton Bussey
No. 8 – Andrew Miller, Kenny Fulmer, Kaine Gibson, Hank Smith
No. 9 – Lenn Coffey, Tim Dennison, Janson Wilborn, Jeff Borrelli, Nathan Griffin

Tanner Wells shares the lead in the Third Flight. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

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