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ACC pairings

Here are the tee times for Friday’s Championship Flight qualifying for the Wilfred Galbraith ACC Invitational


Championship Flight Qualifying
Friday tee times
11:20 a.m. – Grant Hockman, Keith Raisanen, Scott Martin.
11:30 – Chip Howell, Jason Britton, Matthew Burrow.
11:40 – Charlie Smith, Will Broome Jr., Tyler Dopson.
11:50 – Aaron Jones, Max Basler, Eric Lett.
Noon – Randy Lipscomb, Kenny Fulmer, Clayton Chandler, Eric Howle.
12:10 p.m. – Jono Waugh, Chase Hollingsworth, Chance Harris, Trey Stone.
12:20 – David Sanders, Brian Woodfin, Hank Smith, Cypress Hathorn.
12:30 – Logan Archer, Randy Archer, Dalton Chandler, Jacob LeCroy.
12:40 – Kyle Daugherty, Kevin Daugherty, Chandler Wilborn, Ott Chandler.
12:50 – Jeremy McGatha, Andrew Brooks, Matt Rogers, Brennan Clay.
1:00 – Luke Armstrong, Chad Reavis, David Lawrence, Ty Cole.
1:10 – Chris Sanford, Clay Calkins, Chad Calvert, Gary Wigington.
1:20 – Landon Straub, Daniel Black, Layton Bussey, Max Basler.
1:30 – Caleb Bowen, Kaine Gibson, Kelly Rogers, Chris Cox.
1:40 – Kenny Wright, Kevin Rogers, John Lindsey, Ryan Huff, Don Whitlow.
1:50 – Taylor Jones, Tyler Huckaby, Tanner Wells, Timmy Woodard.

On the cover: Dalton Chandler accepts the champion’s trophy from ACC pro Steven Driggers after winning the 2017 Wilfred Galbraith ACC Invitational. (Photo by B.J. Franklin/GungHo Photos)

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