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Cider Ridge tee times

Here are Saturday’s first-round tee times for the Cider Ridge Invitational, the season-opening points event on the Calhoun County Golf Tour


First-round tee times
8:00 – Graham Morrow, Layton Bussey, Clayton Chandler
8:10 – Chase Thomas, Jake Goggans, Timmy Woodard, Billy Thompson
8:20 – Jared Waits, Chance Harris, Chase Hollingsworth, Kelly Rogers
8:30 – Brennan Clay, Jeremy McGatha, Matt Rogers, Andrew Brooks
8:40 – Walt Drake, Aaron Jones, Eric Lett
9:30 – Lamar Ward, Ron Fleming, Clay Calkins, Daniel Black
9:40 – Austin Minter, Scott Martin, Jeremy Willis, Phillip Hunt
9:50 – Landon Holley, Randy Lipscomb, Casey Harmon, Chris Cox
10:00 – Kobie Webb, Seth Collett, Heath Walker
10:10 – Brad Baird, Chad Calvert, Daily Thomas, Mike Granato
10:20 – Chad Reavis, David Lawrence, Luke Armstrong, Ty Cole
10:30 – Randy Archer, Logan Archer, Adrian Geeting, Tim Steward
10:40 – Bruce Collins, Charley Estes, Kevin Daugherty, Jeff Bain
10:50 – Ott Chandler, Dalton Chandler, Lewis LeCroy, Jacob LeCroy
11:00 – Richard Starling, Scott Sikes, Mark Highland, Wayne Hudgins
11:10 – Caleb Bowen, Dustin Travis, Keith Raisanen, Kaine Gibson
1:30 p.m. – Gary Wigington, Tanner Wells, Kenny Wright

NOTE: All players entered are eligible for Calhoun County Golf Tour points. All players should keep fairways, greens, putts statistics; missing statistics in either round will eliminate a player’s entire tournament from statistical consideration.

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