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Oxford super in sectional

Oxford wins 6A South with five individual champions among 10 finalists; Calhoun-Cleburne counties produce 11 champions, qualify more than 50 for Huntsville

By East Alabama Sports Today

MONTGOMERY — The shelf in the Oxford trophy case reserved for the 2016-17 wrestling team is getting a little crowded.

The Yellow Jackets won their third straight Class 6A Super Sectional wrestling title Saturday, but while it’s a nice trophy to put in the case it’s but only another step towards a bigger prize.

The Jackets added the third element to their season’s projected Grand Slam with a dominating showing in Montgomery. They qualified 13 of 14 wrestlers for this week’s state meet in Huntsville, won five of the 10 finals they made and scored 318 points, more than 100 ahead of runner-up Wetumpka..

“All weekend was very good for our kids,” Oxford coach Matt Hicks said. “The No. 1 goal was to get to the state tournament. You want to win the sectional but winning it doesn’t mean near as much as fact of getting the opportunity to wrestle in Huntsville.

“The sectional is a step. When we mapped out what we wanted to do we wanted to win the County and did that and we wanted to win the Duals and we did that. We wanted to win the sectional and qualify as many we possibly could (for state).

“The ultimate prize is next week and honestly our matchups don’t look great. We missed some opportunities I wished we hadn’t have missed, but my kids wrestled great all year and great this weekend. I’d be a real jerk if I wasn’t proud of them.”

There was a lot less drama to Oxford’s title Saturday than last year; the Jackets basically had this one wrapped after first day when they qualified all of their wrestlers for the state and had 10 make finals. For the most part they had wrestlers who did what they were expected and some who wrestled above their heads.

Among the latter were sectional champions Chase Hicks (106) and Jakob Chisolm (120), both eighth graders, and Andrew Boyles (152) and Josh Thomas (190), a pair of wrestlers who didn’t qualify for state last year and reached sectional finals. The Jackets’ other section champions included Wesley Slick (126), Calhoun County MVP Matt King (160) and heavyweight Clay Webb.

The Calhoun-Cleburne county contingent produced six champions in Class 1A-5A South.

The winners included defending state champions Nick Souder of Weaver (126) and Christian Knop of Alexandria (182) as well as Alexandria’s Jaden New, who decisioned Weaver’s Cody Souder in the 106 final; Weaver’s Caleb Allison, who decisioned Ohatchee’s Caleb Montgomery in the 220 final; Cleburne County’s Tyler Mayfield (152) and Weaver’s Kyle Clapper (170).

First-day leader team Alexandria slipped to fourth in the team standings, passed by winner Moody, Tallassee and Cleburne County. Weaver was sixth and Wellborn seventh. Saks, Ranburne and Ohatchee all finished in the second 10. Piedmont finished in the top 15 in 1A-5A North in Birmingham and qualified four wrestlers to the state.

Led by Oxford’s 13, Calhoun and Cleburne County schools have qualified a total of 56 wrestlers to Huntsville; Cleburne County’s Tigers have qualified 10. Unlike the State Duals where every weight class could be a clincher, the more wrestlers you send to Huntsville, the better chance at banking points to win a state title.

“We’re gonna shoot for the stars,” Hicks said. “We don’t wake up every morning and say we sure hope to be average.”


Team scores:
Oxford 318, Wetumpka 213, Gulf Shores 188.5, McAdory 179.5, Benjamin Russell 138, Pell City 101, Spanish Fort 99.5, Stanhope Elmore 99, Baldwin County 75, Sidney Lanier 73, Park Crossing 72.5, Hueytown 72, Daphne 69, Opelika 66.5, Northview 61, Carver-Montgomery 60, Northridge 48, Brookwood 34, Russell County 22, Paul Bryant 21, Robertsdale 12, Selma 0.

106 Results
1st Place – Chase Hicks, Oxford
2nd Place – Gabriel Warren, Spanish Fort
3rd Place – Jonathan Medeiros, Northview
4th Place – Bobby Charsha, Benjamin Russell
5th Place – David Callaghan, Gulf Shores
6th Place – Avery Pyles, Wetumpka
7th Place – Gavin Strain, Robertsdale
8th Place – Christian Pendley, Brookwood
1st Place Match: Chase Hicks (Oxford) 62-18, 8th. pinned Gabriel Warren (Spanish Fort) 41-8, 7th (0:54).

113 Results
1st Place – Mason Shell, Pell City
2nd Place – Landon Burrage, Oxford
3rd Place – Connor Bailey, Wetumpka
4th Place – Cameron Oglesby, Russell County
5th Place – Brady George, Gulf Shores
6th Place – Vernon Mcqueen, Carver-Montgomery
7th Place – Carson Stone, Stanhope Elmore
8th Place – David Mizell, McAdory
1st Place Match: Mason Shell (Pell City) 30-13, Fr. def. Landon Burrage (Oxford) 60-16, So. (Dec 12-7).

120 Results
1st Place – Jakob Chisolm, Oxford
2nd Place – Gage Hudson, Gulf Shores
3rd Place – Romeo Underwood, McAdory
4th Place – Tanner Mccord, Stanhope Elmore
5th Place – Michael Mcklinley, Baldwin Co
6th Place – Lake Minor, Pell City
7th Place – Andre Connors, Daphne
8th Place – Zach Mcclure, Benjamin Russell
1st Place Match: Jakob Chisolm (Oxford) 43-19, 8th. def. Gage Hudson (Gulf Shores) 44-6, So. (Dec 9-6).

126 Results
1st Place – Wesley Slick, Oxford
2nd Place – Cole Blackwell, Wetumpka
3rd Place – Desmond Shuman, Opelika
4th Place – Tanner Sheffield, Stanhope Elmore
5th Place – Kurt Bryant, Baldwin Co
6th Place – Garrett Brasher, Gulf Shores
7th Place – Damaurea Freeman, McAdory
8th Place – Sloan Harmon, Pell City
1st Place Match: Wesley Slick (Oxford) 28-7, So. pinned Cole Blackwell (Wetumpka) 51-5, So. (5:17).

132 Results
1st Place – Justin Ingram, Spanish Fort
2nd Place – Tory Birdsong, Opelika
3rd Place – Steven Bell, McAdory
4th Place – Kaleb Jones, Wetumpka
5th Place – Jackson Stocks, Pell City
6th Place – Jace Odom, Gulf Shores
7th Place – Ryan Spradley, Benjamin Russell
8th Place – Jackson Hurst, Oxford
1st Place Match: Justin Ingram (Spanish Fort) 49-1, Jr. def. Tory Birdsong (Opelika) 35-15, Jr. (For.).
7th Place Match: Ryan Spradley (Benjamin Russell) 27-20, Fr. def. Jackson Hurst (Oxford) 32-24, Jr. (Dec 11-9).

138 Results
1st Place – Bailey Roan, Gulf Shores
2nd Place – Saxon Coker, Benjamin Russell
3rd Place – Carson Lindsey, Oxford
4th Place – Ian Singer, Park Crossing
5th Place – Nolan Powers, Spanish Fort
6th Place – Cameron Vick, McAdory
7th Place – Eli Hall, Baldwin Co
8th Place – Tilman Patterson, Pell City
1st Place Match: Bailey Roan (Gulf Shores) 43-4, Sr. def. Saxon Coker (Benjamin Russell) 32-12, Fr. (Tf-1.5 5:04 (19-2)).
3rd Place Match: Carson Lindsey (Oxford) 45-25, Jr. def. Ian Singer (Park Crossing) 18-5, So. (Dec 5-3).

145 Results
1st Place – John Paul Uter, Gulf Shores
2nd Place – Gryce Mcdaniel, Oxford
3rd Place – Michael Parker, Benjamin Russell
4th Place – Mason Blackwell, Wetumpka
5th Place – Collin Lybrand, Spanish Fort
6th Place – Thomas Laplante, Northview
7th Place – Sylvester Cobb, McAdory
8th Place – Jatavious Humphrey, Carver-Montgomery
1st Place Match: John Paul Uter (Gulf Shores) 43-9, Fr. def. Gryce Mcdaniel (Oxford) 43-21, Jr. (Dec 6-5).

152 Results
1st Place – Isaac Jackson, Park Crossing
2nd Place – Andrew Boyles, Oxford
3rd Place – Cameron Johnson, Hueytown
4th Place – Travarion Mason, Daphne
5th Place – Ruben Garrison, Sidney Lanier
6th Place – Timothy Tolbert, Opelika
7th Place – Jy Harvey, Benjamin Russell
8th Place – Matthew Campbell, Baldwin Co
1st Place Match: Isaac Jackson (Park Crossing) 19-2, Sr. pinned Andrew Boyles (Oxford) 39-16, Jr. (2:35).

160 Results
1st Place – Matt King, Oxford
2nd Place – Devin Hackworth, McAdory
3rd Place – Tobias Garrison, Stanhope Elmore
4th Place – Terrance Scott, Daphne
5th Place – Zaveon Jackson, Northview
6th Place – Brandon Lowery, Sidney Lanier
7th Place – Hezekiah Hunter, Benjamin Russell
8th Place – Blayne Gunnells, Pell City
1st Place Match: Matt King (Oxford) 59-4, Jr. pinned Devin Hackworth (Mcadory) 56-7, Sr. (1:22).

170 Results
1st Place – Ladontay Garrison, Sidney Lanier
2nd Place – Jack Peavey, Oxford
3rd Place – Gabriel Latham, Northridge
4th Place – Kelvin Wallace, McAdory
5th Place – Connor Burk, Benjamin Russell
6th Place – Dillon Pannell, Stanhope Elmore
7th Place – William Jones, Daphne
8th Place – Jean Tinoco, Gulf Shores
1st Place Match: Ladontay Garrison (Sidney Lanier) 28-0, Jr. def. Jack Peavey (Oxford) 51-6, Sr. (Tb-1 4-3).

182 Results
1st Place – Trent Barrett, Wetumpka
2nd Place – Justin Lewis, Carver-Montgomery
3rd Place – Bryce Fuhrmann, Gulf Shores
4th Place – Jamie Whitehead, Benjamin Russell
5th Place – Hunter Cannon, Hueytown
6th Place – Damontez Franklin, Sidney Lanier
7th Place – Braiden Williams, Baldwin Co
8th Place – Rannon Pasibe, Northview
1st Place Match: Trent Barrett (Wetumpka) 41-4, Sr. pinned Justin Lewis (Carver-Montgomery) 36-6, Jr. (2:51).

195 Results
1st Place – Noah Barclay, Wetumpka
2nd Place – Joshua Thomas, Oxford
3rd Place – David Hunter, McAdory
4th Place – Larry Foster, Northridge
5th Place – Dremere Woods, Paul Bryant
6th Place – Elsylvesticondre Provo, Carver-Montgomery
7th Place – Kraig Abercrumbie, Benjamin Russell
8th Place – Jude Taggart, Brookwood
1st Place Match: Noah Barclay (Wetumpka) 34-12, So. def. Joshua Thomas (Oxford) 25-13, Sr. (Utb 6-5).

220 Results
1st Place – John Ellis Rawls, Wetumpka
2nd Place – Jacquez Dixon, Park Crossing
3rd Place – Daiquion Thedford, Brookwood
4th Place – Matthew Muncher, Oxford
5th Place – Michael Dawson, Opelika
6th Place – Jacob Holsomback, Mcadory
7th Place – Garrett Newman, Gulf Shores
8th Place – Damien Lawry, Benjamin Russell
1st Place Match: John Ellis Rawls (Wetumpka) 48-0, Sr. def. Jacquez Dixon (Park Crossing) 13-4, Sr. (Tb-1 3-1).
3rd Place Match: Daiquion Thedford (Brookwood) 43-9, Jr. def. Matthew Muncher (Oxford) 35-26, Jr. (Dec 5-2).

285 Results
1st Place – Clay Webb, Oxford
2nd Place – Trent Holley, Wetumpka
3rd Place – Jacob Andrews, Stanhope Elmore
4th Place – Brian Gardner, Hueytown
5th Place – Cortez Gonzalez, Daphne
6th Place – Seth Kent, Pell City
7th Place – Maxwell Stonicher, Spanish Fort
8th Place – Curtis Norris, Benjamin Russell
1st Place Match: Clay Webb (Oxford) 53-1, So. def. Trent Holley (Wetumpka) 46-3, Sr. (Utb 4-3).

Team scores:
Moody 227.5, Tallassee 219, Cleburne County 204.5, Alexandria 191, Leeds 179, Weaver 174.5, Wellborn 146, Holtville 145.5, St. Clair County 100.5, St. James 98.5, Elmore County 98, Shelby County 72, Saks 68, Montgomery Catholic 65, Prattville Christian 60, Ranburne 59, Ohatchee 50, Springville 43, Montevallo 41.5, ASB 35, Beauregard 35, Beulah 25, Dadeville 20, Lincoln 14.5, Satsuma 12, Thomasville 6.

106 Results
1st Place – Jaden New, Alexandria
2nd Place – Cody Souder, Weaver
3rd Place – Will Jeffcoat, Leeds
4th Place – Quinton Jeter, Tallassee
5th Place – Cory Land, Moody
6th Place – Jason Flowers, Montgomery Catholic
7th Place – Austin Creamer, Lincoln
8th Place – Wes Christie, St. James
1st Place Match: Jaden New (Alexandria) 53-4, 7th. def. Cody Souder (Weaver) 49-13, 8th. (Dec 4-1).

113 Results
1st Place – Stephen Williams, Moody
2nd Place – Sammy Cotton, Walter Wellborn
3rd Place – Kaleb Matthews, Alexandria
4th Place – Zack Haynes, Tallassee
5th Place – Dylan Turner, Cleburne County
6th Place – Spencer Gordon, Holtville
7th Place – Dazhoen Finley, Lincoln
8th Place – Eli Sims, Leeds
1st Place Match: Stephen Williams (Moody) 48-7, Sr. def. Sammy Cotton (Walter Wellborn) 29-10, So. (Md 23-13).

120 Results
1st Place – Will Patterson, Moody
2nd Place – Fletcher Swindall, Alexandria
3rd Place – Jackson Howard, St. James
4th Place – Tristan Watson, Holtville
5th Place – Case Coker, Prattville Christian
6th Place – Mathew Williamson, Cleburne County
7th Place – Jonovan Miller, Tallassee
8th Place – Namath Pitts, Walter Wellborn
1st Place Match: Will Patterson (Moody) 54-5, Sr. def. Fletcher Swindall (Alexandria) 48-5, So. (Dec 6-3).

126 Results
1st Place – Nick Souder, Weaver
2nd Place – Max Miller, St. Clair County
3rd Place – D`Shawn Skinner, Moody
4th Place – Sage Hughes, Leeds
5th Place – Trey Gaines, St. James
6th Place – Thomas Brown, Saks
7th Place – Jacob Van Northington, Prattville Christian
8th Place – Mason Bell, Tallassee
1st Place Match: Nick Souder (Weaver) 59-1, Sr. pinned Max Miller (St. Clair County) 50-10, Sr. (0:53).

132 Results
1st Place – Michael Land, Moody
2nd Place – Jordan Price, Tallassee
3rd Place – Jordan Medders, Alexandria
4th Place – Brady Rinehard, Walter Wellborn
5th Place – Hunter Beason, Cleburne County
6th Place – Travis Hamilton, St. James
7th Place – Jack Burt, Montgomery Catholic
8th Place – Zhenya Collett, St. Clair County
1st Place Match: Michael Land (Moody) 57-2, Sr. def. Jordan Price (Tallassee) 44-6, Sr. (Dec 5-4).

138 Results
1st Place – Zachary Van Alst, Montgomery Catholic
2nd Place – Zachary Williamson, Cleburne County
3rd Place – Rashad Clark, Moody
4th Place – Gannon Womack, Alexandria
5th Place – Bruin Hathcock, Tallassee
6th Place – Tracy Strouse, Elmore County
7th Place – Cameron Mccormick, Holtville
8th Place – Blain Hines, Beulah
1st Place Match: Zachary Van Alst (Montgomery Catholic) 63-0, Sr. def. Zachary Williamson (Cleburne County) 37-4, Fr. (Tf-1.5 4:26 (23-6)).

145 Results
1st Place – Chandler Teems, Leeds
2nd Place – Aaron Whittaker, Alexandria
3rd Place – Brady Richardson, Holtville
4th Place – Nevada Wages, Shelby County
5th Place – Dustin Davis, Moody
6th Place – Matthew Lindsey, Walter Wellborn
7th Place – Drake Monroe, Weaver
8th Place – Noah Wood, Elmore County
1st Place Match: Chandler Teems (Leeds) 44-6, def. Aaron Whittaker (Alexandria) 45-8, Jr. (Md 8-0).

152 Results
1st Place – Tyler Mayfield, Cleburne County
2nd Place – Dawson Anderson, Leeds
3rd Place – Rio Reyes, Tallassee
4th Place – Cody Gibson, Holtville
5th Place – Daniel Vazquez, Moody
6th Place – Justin Roblee, Walter Wellborn
7th Place – Spencer Jordan, Ranburne
8th Place – Stefan Kirby, Weaver
1st Place Match: Tyler Mayfield (Cleburne County) 35-1, Sr. def. Dawson Anderson (Leeds) 56-4, Sr. (Dec 10-7).

160 Results
1st Place – Brandon Franklin, Leeds
2nd Place – Clayton Conner, Walter Wellborn
3rd Place – Cody Conner, St. Clair County
4th Place – Jeb Ballard, Elmore County
5th Place – Jason Higgins, Cleburne County
6th Place – Ladarrius Fitts, Moody
7th Place – Cody Gilson, Tallassee
8th Place – Grady Holt, Prattville Christian
1st Place Match: Brandon Franklin (Leeds) 43-6, Sr. pinned Clayton Conner (Walter Wellborn) 38-9, Sr. (3:08).

170 Results
1st Place – Kyle Clapper, Weaver
2nd Place – Peyton Johnson, Holtville
3rd Place – Devionte Garrett, Saks
4th Place – Christian Seale, Cleburne County
5th Place – Hayden Pitts, Ohatchee
6th Place – Lawrence Chatman, Leeds
7th Place – T Diebel, St. James
8th Place – Alex Daar, Tallassee
1st Place Match: Kyle Clapper (Weaver) 51-8, Sr. def. Peyton Johnson (Holtville) 56-5, Sr. (Dec 8-3).

182 Results
1st Place – Christian Knop, Alexandria
2nd Place – Samuel Pate, Cleburne County
3rd Place – Brady Price, Moody
4th Place – Ryan Dozier, Leeds
5th Place – Hudson Deem, Tallassee
6th Place – Mac Johnson, St. James
7th Place – Ben Buchanan, Ranburne
8th Place – Kyle Hugley, Beauregard
1st Place Match: Christian Knop (Alexandria) 54-0, So. pinned Samuel Pate (Cleburne County) 32-5, Sr. (1:08).

195 Results
1st Place – Andy Baker, Tallassee
2nd Place – Curtis Taylor, Alabama School For Blind
3rd Place – Cade Smith, Cleburne County
4th Place – Ariel Suarez, Montevallo
5th Place – Tryston Gentry, Beauregard
6th Place – Dalton Brooks, Shelby County
7th Place – Zachary Nold, Moody
8th Place – Davonte Green, Leeds
1st Place Match: Andy Baker (Tallassee) 49-1, So. pinned Curtis Taylor (ASB) 40-6, Sr. (4:32).

220 Results
1st Place – Caleb Allison, Weaver
2nd Place – Caleb Montgomery, Ohatchee
3rd Place – Skyler Mizzell, St. Clair County
4th Place – Zachery Chandler, Walter Wellborn
5th Place – Ryan Day, Cleburne County
6th Place – Kenneth Abernathy, Dadeville
7th Place – Denver Wages, Shelby County
8th Place – James Hurley, Thomasville
1st Place Match: Caleb Allison (Weaver) 43-4, So. def. Caleb Montgomery (Ohatchee) 30-5, Sr. (Dec 4-3).

285 Results
1st Place – Jake Baker, Tallassee
2nd Place – Jordan Brooks, Saks
3rd Place – Michael Guionnaud, Elmore County
4th Place – Nathan Smith, Holtville
5th Place – Wesley Harrell, Walter Wellborn
6th Place – Jordan Haynes, Prattville Christian
7th Place – Connor Uesry, Weaver
8th Place – Blake Wiggins, St. Clair County
1st Place Match: Jake Baker (Tallassee) 41-1, Sr. pinned Jordan Brooks (Saks) 27-7, Jr. (1:54).

Team scores: Arab 337, Hayden 163.5, Jemison 159.5, Dora 155, Scottsboro 143, Madison County 135, Mortimer Jordan 120, Susan Moore 113, Deshler 100.5, Sumiton Christian 99, Oak Grove 98, Fultondale 87.5, Piedmont 83, Westminster Christian 76.5, New Hope 60, Corner 38, Gordo 37, Lee-Huntsville 33, American Christian 30, East Limestone 27, J.B. Pennington 26, Wilson 26, Ashville 25, St. John Paul II 18, Curry 13, Talladega 3, Oneonta 0, Woodlawn 0.

106: Jailen Young (59-3), Mae Jemison
113: Macon Edwards (70-0), Fultondale
120: John McAlpin (32-3), Scottsboro
126: Brantley McHugh (36-4), Madison County
132: Seth Hyatt (50-9), Arab
138: Chace Phillips (57-1), Hayden; 8. Daniel Hunt, Piedmont
145: Carial Tarter (43-0), Mortimer Jordan
152: Tristen Blair (59-5), Dora
160: Will Spencer (49-4), Arab
170: Ethan Pippin (49-0), Westminster Christian
182: Davion Watkins (25-2), Lee-Huntsville; 5. Logan Smith, Piedmont
195: Ian Scott (55-3), Arab; 4. Evan Cooper, Piedmont
220: Jack Tindall (56-6), Arab
285: Matt Jenkins (57-6), Dora; 3. Javien Woods, Piedmont.

138 7th Place Match: Nathan Wunderlich (Corner) 25-12, Jr. pinned Daniel Hunt (Piedmont) 19-18, So. (2:07).
182 5th Place Match: Logan Smith (Piedmont) 24-7, So. def. Julian Calderon (Susan Moore) 32-11, Jr. (For.).
195 3rd Place Match: Slater Fuller (Deshler) 36-9, Sr. pinned Evan Cooper (Piedmont) 29-13, So. (1:25).
285 3rd Place Match: Javien Woods (Piedmont) 30-9, Sr. def. Kendall Farr (Westminster Christian) 44-5, Sr. (For.).

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