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ACC Parent-Child

Scores from Saturday’s first round of the Anniston Country Club Parent-Child tournament and Sunday tee assignments.

Gross Division scores

Freeman Fite-Bodie Fite6161
Brennan Clay-Atticus Clay6868
Kolby Slick-Baker Slick8282
Manning Askew-Warren Askew6161
Payton FIte-Freeman FIte16262
Corey Etter-Zoey Etter6767
Garrett Burgess-Garrett Burgess Jr.6969
Tim Wilcox-Gray Wilcox7474
Dustin Merritt-Thomas Merritt8282
Mark Durden-Dison Durden8282
Randy Reaves-Will Reaves6262
Gary Wigington-Payton Wigington6565
Kevin Daugherty-Landon Daugherty6767
Greg Shultz-Ted Shultz6767
Janson Wilborn-Gary Wilborn16767
Gary Wilborn-Chandler Wilborn16868
Hank Smith-Charlie Smith6868
Brennan Clay1-Scott Clay6868
Jack Svensen-Rob Svensen16868
Steve Akers-Luke Akers6868
Jeremy McGatha-T.J. McGatha7070
David Lipscomb-Randy Lipscomb7070
Graham Morrow-Taylor Morrow7070
Patrick Webber-Ty Webber7171
Rob Svensen-Ross Svensen7272
Bryant Edwards-Sawyer Edwards7373
Tyler Teneyck-Bill Teneyck7373
Bob Mosakowski-Kyle Mosakowski7474
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers7575
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow7676
Don Whitlow4-Trey Sawyer7777
Gantt Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow17777
Cal Lambert-Joseph Lambert7878
Scott Shultz-Ted Shultz17979
Kolby Slick1-Keith Slick8080
Don Whitlow3-Jonathan Whitlow8080
Jonathan Whitlow-Mike Whitlow18080
Don Whitlow1-Gantt Whitlow8181
Don Whitlow2-Mike Whitlow8282
Olivia Parsons-Don Hill8585
Bubba Willingham-Kody Willingham8787

Net Division scores

Manning Askew-Warren Askew5555
Payton Fite-Freeman Fite15757
Freeman Fite-Bodie Fite5858
Steve Akers-Luke Akers5858
Randy Reaves-Will Reaves6060
Don Whitlow3-Jonathan Whitlow6060
Jonathan Whitlow-Mike Whitlow16161
Tim Wilcox-Gray Wilcox6262
Corey Etter-Zoey Etter6262
Brennan Clay1-Scott Clay6262
David Lipscomb-Randy Lipscomb6363
Tyler Teneyck-Bill Teneyck6363
Bob Mosakowski-Kyle Mosakowski6363
Dustin Merritt-Thomas Merritt6363
Hank Smith-Charlie Smith6464
Janson Wilborn-Gary Wilborn16464
Jack Svensen-Rob Svensen16464
Gary Wigington-Payton Wigington6464
Don Whitlow4-Trey Sawyer6464
Kevin Daugherty-Landon Daugherty6464
Don Whitlow2-Mike Whitlow6464
Graham Morrow-Taylor Morrow6565
Kolby Slick1-Keith Slick6565
Jeremy McGatha-T.J. McGatha6565
Greg Shultz-Ted Shultz6666
Gary Wilborn-Chandler Wilborn16666
Patrick Webber-Ty Webber6666
Rob Svensen-Ross Svensen6767
Don Whitlow1-Gantt Whitlow6767
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers6767
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow6767
Garrett Burgess-Garrett Burgess Jr.6767
Cal Lambert-Joseph Lambert6868
Brennan Clay-Atticus Clay6868
Bryant Edwards-Sawyer Edwards6969
Kolby Slick-Baker Slick7070
Scott Shultz-Ted Shultz17171
Mark Durden-Dison Durden7272
Gantt Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow17272
Olivia Parsons-Don Hill7272
Bubba Willingham-Kody Willingham7474

Sunday tee assignments

Hole 1
9 a.m.:
Hank Smith, Charlie Smith, Graham Morrow, Taylor Morrow.
Hole 2
9 a.m.:
Bryant Edwards, Sawyer Edwards, David Lipscomb, Randy Lipscomb.
Hole 3
9 a.m.:
Gary Wigington, Payton Wigington, Randy Reeves, Will Reeves.
Hole 4
9 a.m.:
Cal Lambert, Joseph Lambert, Patrick Webber, Ty Webber.
Hole 5
9 a.m.:
Tyler Teneyck, Bill Teneyck, Don Hill, Olivia Parsons.
Hole 6
9 a.m.:
Bubba Willingham, Kody Willingham, Bob Mosakowski, Kyle Mosakowski.
Hole 7
9 a.m.:
Isabella Rogers, Matt Rogers, Steve Akers, Luke Akers.
Hole 9A
9 a.m.:
Scott Shultz, Ted Shultz1, Greg Shultz, Ted Shultz.
Hole 9A
9 a.m.:
Rob Svensen, Ross Svensen, Jack Svensen, Rob Svensen1.
Hole 10
9 a.m.:
Dustin Merritt, Thomas Merritt, Manning Askew, Warren Askew.
Hole 11A
9 a.m.:
Kolby Slick, Baker Slick, Kolby Slick1, Keith Slick.
Hole 11A
9 a.m.:
Tim Wilcox, Gray Wilcox.
Hole 12
9 a.m.:
Corey Etter, Zoey Etter, Mark Durden, Dison Durden.
Hole 13A
9 a.m.:
Don Whitlow2, Mike Whitlow, Don Whitlow3, Johnathan Whitlow.
Hole 13A
9 a.m.:
Don Whitlow4, Trey Sawyer.
Hole 13A
9 a.m.:
Don Whitlow1, Gantt Whitlow, Don Whitlow, Rusty Whitlow.
Hole 13A
9 a.m.:
Rusty Whitlow1, Gantt Whitlow, Mike Whitlow1, Jonathan Whitlow.
Hole 14A
9 a.m.:
Jeremy McGatha, T.J. McGatha.
Hole 14A
9 a.m.:
Brennan Clay, Atticus Clay, Brennan Clay1, Scott Clay.
Hole 15
9 a.m.:
Tim Garner, Sam Garner.
Hole 16A
9 a.m.:
Kevin Daugherty, Landon Daugherty.
Hole 16A
9 a.m.:
Freeman Fite, Bodie Fite, Payton Fite, Freeman Fite1.
Hole 17A
9 a.m.:
Garrett Burgess, Garrett Burgess Jr.
Hole 17A
9 a.m.:
Gary Wilborn, Chandler Wilborn1, Janson Wilborn, Gary Wilborn1.

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