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All-County soccer

Oxford’s Koontz and Vinson, Donoho’s Turley and Melton take top honors for 2024 All-Calhoun County soccer teams.

Cover photo: Oxford’s Tristen Koontz (left) is the 2024 East Alabama Sports Today All-Calhoun County boys’ soccer player of the year, and Donoho’s Erin Turley takes top honors among girls. Koontz finished 2024 with a team-high 20 goals to go with 15 assists. Turley scored 31 goals and 30 assists, running her career totals to 147 goals and a state-record 115 assists. Oxford’s Haili Vinson is coach of the year for boys, guiding Oxford to its first county title since 2021, and Tim Melton is coach of the year for girls after guiding Donoho to a county title and state runner-up finish. (Photos by Joe Medley)

2024 Girls’ All-Calhoun County Soccer Team

Player of the year: Erin Turley, Donoho, Forward, Sr.

Coach of the year: Tim Melton, Donono.

Zoe Christopher, Donoho, Forward, Sr.
Laralee Church, Donoho, Goalkeeper, Jr.
Chloe Melton, Donoho, Midfield, Fr.
Rory Catherine Parks, Donoho, Defender, Sr.
Samantha Wakefield, Donoho, Defender, Jr.
Anna Kate Wallace, Donoho, Forward, Jr.
Annalie Daniel, Faith Christian, Forward, Fr.
Emma Easterling, Jacksonville, Defense, Jr.
Joeh Kim, Jacksonville, Midfield (defensive midfield), So.
Lexi Page, Jacksonville, Forward (Left Wing), 8th
Sarah Sloughfy, Jacksonville, Center Midfield, Jr.
Willa Kate Walker, Jacksonville, Center Forward, So.
Joeh Kim, Jacksonville, Midfield, So.
Emerson Weaver, Jacksonville, Forward (Right Wing), 8th
Skylar Brooks, Oxford, Midfield, 8th
Rachel Garcia, Oxford, Midfield, 8th
Sadie Robertson, Oxford, Striker, So.
Heidy Campos, Saks, Defender, Jr.
Layla Garcia, Saks, Center Midfield, Fr.
Lena Johannson, Weaver, Goalkeeper, Jr.
Lorali McKenzie,White Plains, Striker, Fr.

Jaylynn Payne, Faith Christian, Goalkeeper, Fr.
Kylie Terrell, Jacksonville, Midfield, Jr.
Kelsie Sigler, Jacksonville, Goalkeeper, 8th
Jaylee Curtis, Oxford, Wing, Jr.
Addison Williford, Oxford, Defense, So.
Yoselyn Zuniga, Oxford, Defender, Jr.
Jayonna Cobb, Saks, Defender, Sr.
Alonna Crews, Saks, Forward, Jr.
Danna Garcia, Saks, Forward, Fr.
Erionna Richmond, Weaver, Forward, Sr.
Kensley Jones, White Plains, Defender, So.
Olivia Hawbaker, White Plains, Goalkeeper, Jr.
Selma Pascual, White Plains, Midfielder, Fr.

Donoho: Morgan Perry.
Jacksonville: Grace Boothe.
White Plains: Emma Smith, Dayanny Perez. 

2024 Boys’ All-Calhoun County Soccer Team

Player of the year: Tristen Koontz, Oxford, Striker, Sr.

Coach of the year: Haili Vinson, Oxford.

Trey Alexander, Donoho, Defender, Sr.
Bruce Downy, Donoho, Midfield, So.
Sam Johnson, Donoho, Forward, Jr.
Adam Salame, Donoho, Midfield, Jr.
Mason Blackstone, Faith Christian, Forward, Jr.
Joseph Carroll, Faith Christian, Defender, Sr.
Cameron Rogers, Faith Christian, Forward/Midfield, So.
Jack Strautman, Faith Christian, Midfield,Jr.
John Cooper Hollingsworth, Jacksonville, Defender, So.
Landon Garner, Jacksonville, Midfield, Sr.
Matias Goggins, Jacksonville, Striker, Sr.
Peyton Spruill, Jacksonville, Goalkeeper, Sr.
Elijah Stinson, Jacksonville, Striker, Jr,
Aldo Gutierrez, Oxford, Midfield, Jr.
Yair Gutierrez, Oxford, Defender, Jr.
Jonathan Martinez, Oxford, Goalkeeper, Sr.
Kevin Martinez, Oxford, Wing, Fr.
Carlos Martinez, Saks, Striker, Fr.
Luis Ramirez, Saks, Midfield, 8th
Catcher Jenkins, White Plains, Midfield, Sr.
Brandon Mendoza,White Plains, Defender, Sr.
Gleymar Perez, White Plains, midfielder/forward, Sr.

Zach Carter, Donoho, Midfield, Sr.
Isaiah Smith, Donoho, Defender, Sr.
Jack Thomas, Donoho, Midfield, Fr.
Jack Wallace, Donoho, Defender, Sr.
Brooks Burnham, Faith Christian, Forward/Midfield, So.
Colt Turley, Faith Christian, Forward, 7th
Christian Garner, Jacksonville, Midfield, So,
Dion Harris, Jacksonville, Center Back, Fr.
Alex Nunez, Oxford, Defender, So.
Kevin Reyes, Oxford, Wing, Fr.
Zane Westerfield, Saks, Center Back, So.
Orlando Mondragon, Weaver, Striker, Sr.
Leo Mondragon, Weaver, Striker, Jr.
Jose Franco, White Plains, Defender, Jr.
Silas Strickland, White Plains, Forward, So.

Saks: Edwin Garcia.
Weaver: Jacob Wrobel.
White Plains: Axl Jenkins, Andrew Ellis, Luis Landa.

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