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’24 CCGT stats

Statistics for the Calhoun County Golf Tour through the Anniston City Championship, the tour’s first points event.


Ty Cole300.0
Chad Calvert250.0
John Rollins212.5
Jeremy McGatha212.5
Brennan Clay187.5
Andrew Brooks187.5
Gary Wigington180.0
Kevin Daugherty172.5
Ott Chandler172.5
Dustin Travls162.5
Hunter Carr162.5
Jeff Chapman155.0
Bob Eaton150.0
Blake Grissom145.0
Landon Holley140.0
Jamarcus Stokes135.0
Cole McNeal130.0
Daniel Black125.0
Chip Howell120.0
Greg Schultz115.0
Ted Heim110.0
Chris Reaves105.0
Carson Chandler100.0
John McKenzie92.5
Doug Huie92.5
Dre Davenport85.0
Andrew Gunnells77.5
David Sanders77.5
Houston Black70.0
Aaron Gregerson62.5
David Fitzgerald62.5
Nathan Gilbert55.0
Rocco D’Gomez50.0
Danny Stephens45.0
Isaac Scoggins40.0
Jonathan Pate27.5
Kyle Webb27.5
Taylor Vera27.5
Dennis Moyer27.5

Scoring average per round

Ty Cole69.5
Chad Calver71.0
Jeremy McGatha72.0
John Rollins72.0
Andrew Brooks72.5
Brennan Clay72.5
Gary Wigington73.0
Ott Chandler73.5
Kevin Daugherty73.5
Hunter Carr74.5
Dustin Travis74.5
Jeff Chapman75.0
Chip Howell75.0
Greg Shultz75.5
Bob Eaton76.5
Blake Grissom77.5
Landon Holley78.5
Ted Heim80.0
Chris Reaves80.5
Jamarcus Stokes81.0
Carson Chandler71.5
Cole McNeal81.5
Daniel Black82.0
Doug Huie82.0
John McKenzie82.0
Dre Davenport82.5
Andrew Gunnells83.0
David Sanders83.0
Houston Black85.5
David Fitzgerald86.0
Aaron Gregerson86.0
Nathan Gilbert86.5
Rocco D’Gomez88.0
Taylor Vera89.0
Danny Stephens92.0
Isaac Scroggins106.0

Average par-3 score

Ott Chandler3.0
Brennan Clay3.0
Gary Wigington3.0
Jeff Chapman3.13
Ty Cole3.13
Bob Eaton3.13
Jeremy McGatha3.13
David Sanders3.13
Andrew Brooks3.25
Chad Calvert3.25
Hunter Carr3.25
Dennis Moyer3.25
Houston Black3.38
Kevin Daugherty3.38
Ted Heim3.38
Chip Howell3.38
Cole McNeal3.38
Dustin Travis3.38
David Fitzgerald3.50
Aaron Gregerson3.50
Doug Huie3.50
Chris Reaves3.50
Daniel Black3.63
Carson Chandler3.63
Blake Grissom3.63
John McKenzie3.36
Jamarcus Stokes3.63
Landon Holley3.75
Greg Shultz3.75
Danny Stephens3.75
Taylor Vera3.75
Andrew Gunnells3.88
Rocco D’Gomez4.00
Nathan Gilbert4.00
Dre Davenport4.13
Isaac Scroggins5.25

Average par-4 score

Jeremy McGatha3.80
Ty Cole3.85
Kevin Daugherty3.95
Greg Shultz3.95
Chad Calvert4.00
Dustin Travis4.00
Gary Wigington4.00
Andrew Brooks4.05
John Rollins4.10
Jeff Chapman4.15
Brennan Clay4.15
Chip Howell4.20
Ott Chandler4.25
Landon Holley4.25
Hunter Carr4.30
Blake Grissom4.35
Ted Heim4.35
Chris Reaves4.35
Bob Eaton4.40
Jamarcus Stokes4.40
Dre Davenport4.45
Carson Chandler4.50
Daniel Black4.60
Houston Black4.60
Doug Huie4.60
Andrew Gunnells4.65
John McKenzie4.65
Cole McNeal4.75
Taylor Vera4.80
Rocco D’Gomez4.85
David Sanders4.85
David Fitzgerald4.90
Nathan Gilbert4.95
Aaron Gregorson5.00
Danny Stephens5.55
Dennis Moyer5.70
Isaac Scoggins5.70

Average par-5 score

Ty Cole4.38
Chad Calvert4.50
Hunter Carr4.63
John Rollins4.63
Andrew Brooks4.75
Ott Chandler4.75
Blake Grissom4.88
Chip Howell4.88
Bob Eaton5.00
Cole McNeal5.00
Dustin Travis5.00
Brennan Clay5.13
Kevin Daugherty5.13
Jeff Chapman5.25
Nathan Gilbert5.25
Andrew Gunnells5.25
Landon Holley5.25
John McKenzie5.25
Greg Shultz5.25
Gary Wigington5.25
Daniel Black5.38
Dre Davenport5.38
Jeremy McGatha5.38
Danny Stephens5.38
Doug Huie5.50
David Sanders5.50
Aaron Gregerson5.63
Jamarcus Stokes5.63
Carson Chandler5.75
David Fitzgerald5.75
Ted Heim5.75
Dennis Moyer5.75
Chris Reaves5.75
Rocco D’Gomez5.88
Houston Black6.50
Taylor Vera6.50
Isaac Scroggins7.00


Jeremy McGatha9
Andrew Brooks8
Hunter Carr8
Kevin Daugherty8
Gary Wigington8
Jeff Chapman7
Ty Cole7
John Rollins6
Greg Shultz6
Brennan Clay5
Chad Calvert4
Ott Chandler4
Bob Eaton4
Landon Holley4
Carson Chandler3
Dre Davenport3
Nathan Gilbert3
Aaron Gregerson3
John McKenzie3
Cole McNeal3
Jamarcus Stokes3
Blake Grissom2
Ted Heim2
Chip Howell2
David Sanders2
Dustin Travis2
Rocco D’Gomez1
Andrew Gunnells1
Chris Reaves1
Isaac Scroggins1


Chad Calvert1
Brennan Clay1
Ty Cole1
Bob Eaton1
Blake Grissom1

Drives in fairway per round

Chip Howell13.50
Ott Chandler13.50
Jeremy McGatha12.00
John Rollins11.50
Ty Cole11.00
Dustin Travis11.00
Andrew Brooks10.50
Brennan Clay10.00
Gary Wigington10.0
Chad Calvert9.50
Kevin Daugherty9.50
Aaron Gregerson7.00
Cole McNeal6.50

Putts per round

Chad Calvert28.00
Ott Chandler28.00
Dustin Travis28.00
Ty Cole28.50
John Rollins29.00
Kevin Daugherty29.50
Aaron Gregerson30.00
Aaron Brooks31.00
Jeremy McGatha31.00
Cole McNeal32.50
Gary Wigington32.50
Brennan Clay33.00
Chip Howell34.50

Greens in regulation

Taylor Vera15.00
Brennan Clay13.50
Chip Howell13.00
Ty Cole12.00
Jeremy McGatha12.00
Gary Wigington12.00
Chad Calvert11.50
Kevin Daugherty11.50
Ott Chandler11.00
John Rollins10.50
Andrew Brooks9.50
Cole McNeal8.50
Dustin Travis8.00
Aaron Gregerson7.00

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