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Prep baskeball

Wheeler, Arnold and Martin lead the way as White Plains sweeps Weaver. Hester leads Ohatchee boys to victory. Bethel shoots Piedmont past Sand Rock. Saks boys’ get balanced scoring to beat Jax Christian, and Saks girls’ overcome Lee’s 36-point performance. Southside girls top Talladega.

Thursday scoreboard

White Plains 72, Weaver 43
Ohatchee 50, Munford 42
Piedmont 70, Sand Rock 49
Darlington 47, Oxford 41
Saks 80, Jax Christian 49
Cleburne County 53, Ranburne 51
Alexandria 81, Glencoe 60
White Plains 58, Weaver 49
Sand Rock 69, Piedmont 50
Saks 48, Jax Christian 42
Oxford 53, Handley 39
Ohatchee 44, Munford 12
Alexandria 50, Glencoe 43
Pell City 69, Lincoln 23

By East Alabama Sports Today

WEAVER — Josh Wheeler hit six 3-pointers en route to 19 points, and White Plains’ boys beat Weaver 72-43 on Thursday.

Other top performers for White Plains:

—Coleman Ray: 14 points (four 3-pointers).
—Daniel Williams: eight points.
—Silas Hines: eight points.
—Carter Johnson: eight points.

Weaver’s top performers:

—KeShawn Allen: 14 points (two 3-pointers).
—D.J. Marbury: 14 points (two 3-pointers).
—Harper Williams: seven points.

ALEXANDRIA 81, GLENCOE 60: Jaylen Henderson scored a game-high 27 points to lead the Valley Cubs. He also pulled down five rebounds and two steals.

Alexandria’s other top performers:

—Drake Davis: 16 points (two 3-pointers), six rebounds, five assists, four steals.
—Quendavion McDowell: 22 points, four assists, three steals.
—Cleat Forrest: eight points (two 3-pointers).

Glencoe’s top performers:

—Aidan Cornutt: 17 points (five 3-pointers).
—Wade Segrest: 14 points (four 3-pointers).
—Grant Smith: 14 points.

OHATCHEE 50, MUNFORD 42: Colby Hester hit four 3-pointers and scored 19 total points to lead Ohatchee’s boys to their second consecutive win.

Ohatchee’s other top performers:
—Alston Carroll: 10 points (one 3-pointer).
—Jake Roberson: nine points (one 3-pointer).

Munford’s top performers:

—B.J. Anderson: 13 points (one 3-pointer).
—Devin Elder: eight points.
—Lathan Stephens: seven points.

PIEDMONT 70, SAND ROCK 49: Ishmael Bethel hit three 3-pointers on the way to scoring a game-high 22 points, and Piedmont improved to 2-1.

Piedmont’s other top performers:

—Colton Proctor: 15 points (one 3-pointer).
—Jaylen Brown: eight points.
—Cole Wilson: eight points (two 3-pointers).

DARLINGTON 47, OXFORD 41: At Rome, Ga., Jaylen Alexander poured in 22 points with two 3-pointers to lead Oxford. Oxford’s other top performers:

—Marcus Perry. Jr.: 11 points (one 3-pointer).

SAKS 80, JAX CHRISTIAN 59: Anthony Bothwell led the way to Saks with 18 points. Saks’ other top performers:

—Christian Smith: 17 points (one 3-pointer).
—Dorrien Walker: 14 points.
—Josh Todd: 13 points (one 3-pointer).
—JaCobbie Borden: 10 points.
—Christian Hall: eight points.

Top performers for Jax Christian (3-4):

—Jesse Gannaway: 18 points, three rebounds, two assists, three steals.
—Noah Lee: 17 points, 16 rebounds, three assists.
—Travis Barnhill: 15 points, three rebounds.

CLEBURNE COUNTY 53, RANBURNE 51: Nate Adams hit one of two free throws, and Cleburne County blocked an attempted full-court shot to clinch it.

Cleburne County’ top performers:

—Grey Freeman: 21 points.
—Cade Shubert: 10 points.
—Lyric Ware: six points.


WHITE PLAINS 58, WEAVER 49: Cassidy Arnold scored 21 points with four 3-pointers, and Cooper Martin hit four 3-pointers en route to 20 points for White Plains. 

The Wildcats’ other top performers:

—Addi Bradley: 10 points.

Weaver’s top performers:

—Aaliyah Marks: 28 points (two 3-pointers).
—Erionna Richmond: nine points (one 3-pointers).

OXFORD 53, HANDLEY : Oxford’s Xai Whitfield scored a game-high 22 points. The Yellow Jackets’ other top performers:

—Shay Montgomery: 10 points.
—Ava Thomas: nine points (two 3-pointers).
—Brionna Wilson: eight points (one 3-pointer).

Handley’s top performers:

—Takeriauna Mosley: 15 points.
—Zanautika Smith: eight points.
—Takeira Tucker: seven points.
—Kristiana Tucker: six points.

SAND ROCK 69, PIEDMONT 50: Piedmont falls to 2-3. Top performers for the Bulldogs:

—Morgan Studdard: 14 points (two 3-pointers).
—Jenna Duke: eight points (two 3-pointers).
—Ava Pope: seven points (two 3-pointers).

SAKS 48, JAX CHRISTIAN 42: Madison Turner led Saks with 15 points. Other top performers for the Wildcats (2-0):

—Alonna Crews: 13 points (two 3-pointers).
—Sania Angel: nine points.
—Meorri English: eight points. 

Jax Christian’s top performer:

—Addy Lee: 36 points (two 3-pointers), 10-for-12 on free throws.

SOUTHSIDE 54, TALLADEGA 48: Southside led by 15 points three times and held off Talladega. Top performers for Southside (5-1).

—Grace Anne Rose: 21 points.
—Madison Shaw: 16 points (three 3-pointers),
—Laylah Davis: six points (two 3-pointers).

Talladega’s top performers:

—Trinity Webb: 19 points (two 3-pointers).

OHATCHEE 44, MUNFORD 12: Molly Barnes hit three 3-pointers en route to 11 points to leads Ohatchee. The Indians’ other top performers:

—Kiana Garber: eight points (three 3-pointers)
—Tabi Davidson: seven points.
—Emily Riddle: six points.
—MaKayla Brackett: six points (two 3-pointers).

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