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Three-way playoff?

Fite-King, Cole-Wigington, Bussey-Montenegro atop the Sunny King Charity Classic leaderboard headed into final round. Includes updated scores, flights and tee times

Cover photo: Freeman Fite (center right) and teammate Jackson King (center left) finish second-round play in the Sunny King Charity Classic at Cider Ridge. Ott Chandler (left) and Jaylon Ellison were part of the foursome. (Photo by Joe Medley/East Alabama Sports Today)

By Joe Medley
East Alabama Sports Today

CIDER RIDGE — Memories of last year’s Sunny King Charity Classic playoff fueled hopes for a rematch between the teams of Ty Cole-Gary Wigington and Layton Bussey-Jesus Montenegro. What could be better, right?

How about adding Jackson King-Freeman Fite to the mix?

More is always better, and those three teams top the leader board headed into Sunday’s final round, all at 57-56—113 (31 under par) going into their showdown at Anniston Country Club, which happens to be King’s and FIte’s home course.

Those three teams enter the day with a three-stroke lead on Marcus Harrell-Benji Turley. Brennan Clay-Jeremy McGatha and Taylor McCollum-Tanner Wells sit four strokes back.

It all raises the possibility of an ending more grand than last year’s four-hole, into-darkness marathon, which Cole-Wigington won.

King called the specter of a battle with Cole-Wigington and Bussey-Montenegro “awesome.”

“It’s going to be a fun day, for sure,” he said.

It can’t hurt King-Fite’s chances that they’re long-time ACC members.

“We love it,” King said. “We both grew up there. We’ve both played that golf course thousands of times, so we’re excited, or glad to be in it, at least.”

Talk of a possible rematch of Cole-Wigington and Bussey-Montenego only grew when those two teams played one extra hole in last week’s Buddy Moore Charity Golf Tournament. Cole-Wigington prevailed, but their latest playoff goosed memories of their 2022 Sunny King playoff, which featured four tries at ACC’s No. 16.

King-Fite, Cole-Wigington and Bussey-Montenegro entered Saturday’s second round in a leading foursome with Dustin Travis-Sawyer Edwards. All four teams shot 15-under 57 at Silver Lakes on Friday.

King-Fite, Cole-Wigington and Bussey-Montenegro posted matching 56s on Saturday at Cider Ridge, which only sweetened the possibilities for Sunday at ACC.

King-Fite stayed in the picture thanks to a round that featured King’s eagle on No. 7 and Fite’s on No. 9. They made the turn at 10 under.

They kept pace with Cole-Wigingon, which hope to win their fifth- Sunny King title together and Wigington’s 10th. He won five with Randy Reaves.

Bussey-Montenegro, former Jacksonville State Unversity teammates, hope to finish the job after nearly winning their first last year.

Fite and King are playing their third Sunny King together, and both seek their first Sunny King victory. Fite has teamed with his dad and was Wigington’s partner between Reaves and Cole before teaming with King.

“We’ve just got to keep playing like we’ve been playing,” Fite said. “It’s a lot different there, of course. We’ll see what we can do.”

Updated scores/flights

TeamRd. 1Rd.2Rd. 3Total
Jackson King/Freeman Fite5756113
Ty Cole/Gary Wigington5756113
Layton Bussey-Jesus Montenegro5756113
Marcus Harrell/Benji Turley5957116
Brennan Clay/Jeremy McGatha5859117
Taylor McCollum/Tanner Wells6057117
Jacob Harper/Kyle Daugherty5959118
Tyler Romine/Jason Romine6059119
Kaine Gibson/William Brown6060120
Ryan Howard/Scott Murphree5863121
Jake Goggans/Rob Davie6260122
Kevin Daugherty/Chandler Wilborn5963122
Randy Lipscomb-Blake Boozer5864122
Danny Owens/Clay Jones6458122
Chase Hollingsworth/Hunter Carr6162123
Randy Reaves/Will Reaves6261123
Josh Chapple/Jackson Bonner6063123
Daniel Black/Tim Steward5964123
Noah Hathorn/Cypress Hathorn6163124
Mike Hughston/Jimbo Phillips6361124
Graham Morrow/Caleb Morrow6460124
Dustin Travis/Sawyer Edwards5768125
Jonathan Whitlow/Andy McQuagge6560125
Jay McElroy/Doug Gardner6461125
Warren Askew/Will Broome6164125
Landon Straub/Jason Johnson6165126
Andrew Brooks/Matt Rogers6363126
Jeff Noah/Kenny Fulmer6363126
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Jaylon Ellison/Ott Chandler5968127
Daily Thomas/Nathan Williams5869127
Samuel Wallace/Greg Goodwin5968127
Corey Mize/Kyle Glover6166127
Tony Hicks/Greg Harrelson6067127
Henry Pritchett/Neil Elders6562127
Chris Hubbard/Nick Hubbard6266128
Bruce Collins/Barry Britt6365128
Tyler Huckaby/Taylor Jones6563128
Morgan Cunningham/Kevin Third6266128
Ty Webber/Patrick Webber6464128
Casey Harmon/Landon Holley6266128
Landon Winfrey/Jared Waits6365128
Mike Putnam/Brandon Cassady6365128
Andrew Morris/Andrew Tyson6365128
Cain Hollingsworth/Taylor O’Conner6465129
Hank Smith/Brett Rothwell6366129
Josh Reynolds/Bart Smith6168129
Keaton Borrelli/Tyler Vera6564129
Clay Smith/Kris Key6564129
Timmy Woodard/Chase Thomas6267129
Ted Gregerson/Aaron Gregerson6465129
Caleb Bowen/Kolby Slick6267129
Jimbo Williams/Jeremy McCullars6862130
Benjamin Chandler/Joseph Chandler6664130
Christopher Messer/Brandon Ray6565130
David Scruggs/Kevin Godshall6466130
Andy Jenkins/Mark Gaines6367130
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Ryan Huff/John Lindsey6467131
Hanna Dyar/Coleman Messer6764131
Kilgore Knight/Bradley Young6368131
Joey Thompson/Matthew Brown6863131
Brandon Whitman/Brandon Slick6665131
Brian Howell/Ken Howell6467131
Eric Manning/Clay Sandford6665131
Will Prickett/Scott Jackson6269131
Dakota Clark/Michael Hollis6566131
Jay Williamson/Chase McQuagge6665131
Nate Pearce/Nate Jenkins6467131
Brock Harrell/Logan Coker6863131
Greg Shultz/Jim Ramey6468132
Jono Waugh/Trey Pilkington6666132
David Coffey/Zach Goss6864132
Josh Poole/Blake Turner6567132
Dallas Poe/Lucas Bryant6369132
Mark McCaig/Brian Caldwell6666132
Daniel Clonts/Clay Blackwell6666132
Will Hollingsworth/Andy Moore6468132
Steve Gendron/Tripp Johnson6963132
Clay Calkins/George Calkins6864132
Trae Williams/Matthew Peters6666132
Janson Wilborn/Grant Taylor6468132
Andy Carden/Jon Pollard 6666132
Tyler TenEyck/Dan Hill6567132
Jim Slick/Chance Nunnally6666132
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Jason Copus/Arlin McCauley6667133
Chris Law/Dalton Deep6766133
Stan Cates/Justin Bates6469133
Rush Rutledge/Jimmy Ray6865133
Kory Oliver/Kody Oliver6964133
Shane Lilly/Dallas Dunn6766133
Charles Estes/Jamison Carden6964133
Wes Couch/Tyler McNickle6370133
Terry Coker/Lance Muncher6964133
Chad Jones/Patrick Thornton6667133
Landon Suco/David Gulledge6767134
Greg Brannon/Danny Shears7064134
Lee Ledbetter/Darren Ledbetter6866134
Lamar Ward/James Carden6668134
Todd Good/Bill Osbourne6569134
Chad Key/Wyatt Cotney6470134
Matthew Hartegen/Tommy Snyder6668134
Will Bedwell/Kevin Bedwell6767134
Jason Payne/Tyler Rich6866134
Chad Schmeling/Ricky Carden6866134
Blake McCurry/Dale Findley6866134
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Kyle Price/Derrick Kirby6471135
Ben Milligan/Allen Wells6966135
Dustin Wilkins/Cale Wright6966135
David Reavis/John Reeves6768135
Jay Whaley/Alex Whaley6867135
Tyler Northcutt/Nick Swindle6966135
Blake Drummond/Brian Rosenbalm6768135
Mike Lee/Shane Lee6669135
Cal Lambert/Brian Scoggins6966135
Allen Byers/Jeff Hydrick7164135
Mike Lett/Daniel Simmons6768135
Madilyn Turner/Brady Turner6967136
Ben Parr/Marc Walker6967136
Matthew Morrow/Josh Davis6670136
Jeff Barnwell/Randy Jones7165136
Brian Mathison/Brent Busby6868136
Zack Poss/Clark Jinks6769136
Chad Humpries/Anthony Humphries7066136
Bob Eaton/Ted Heim7165136
Hunter Newton/Jonathan Butler6868136
Eric Williams/Jonathan Mosley6967136
Manny Bonilla/Chance Haywood6868136
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Ted Towns/Drue Snow6869137
Brock Miles/Lynn Jones7166137
Kevin Bryant/Dalton Cobb6869137
Cody Boyd/Mark Wood7166137
Larry Reaves/Noel Johnson7067137
Blake Cole/Ryan Kirby7067137
Lance Brown/Brandon Davis6869137
Bailey Masters/Ashley Hancock6968137
Jeff Pool/Ryan Pollard6968137
Taylor Morrow/Samuel Morrow6671137
Alex Stennis/Alex Rogers6869137
Josh Ashley/Jonathan Myrick6473137
Ryan Parrish/Allen Skelton7265137
Doug White/Diana White6869137
James Harrison/Randy Martin7067137
Houston Black/Adam Benefiel6869137
Kenneth Willingham/Mark Cotton6771138
Scott Watson/Rob Jones6969138
Nic Stephens/Chad Brown7068138
Chad Brewer/Chuck Robinson6969138
Will Turley/David McFarland6672138
Rod Harris/Jerry Schreiner6672138
Jeremy Wolf/Brad Yarbrough7068138
Justin Foster/Daniel Hammett6771138
Kyle Turner/Micah Gaines6672138
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Brad Williams/Hogan Page6673139
Donnie Cobb/Randy Bowman7168139
T.R. Jones/Kaleb Littlejohn7564139
Jason Rich/Lee Clark6772139
Al Johnson/Ethan Whitcomb7267139
Heath Waldrop/Greg Rainey7069139
Jonathan Chandler/Daniel Crumly6772139
John Gaddy/John Kelley6970139
Jonathan Jones/Keith Wooten7069139
Matt Manning/Blake Lowry6871139
Bill Wakefield/Minton Edwards7069139
David Ramey/Morgan Ramey7069139
Ken Warech/Jake Hamilton6871139
Johnathon Shatus/Landon Price7663139
Dr. Ron Wheeler/Steve Taylor6773140
Stacy Williams/Ted Martin7169140
Kenton Sprayberry/Tiffany Sprayberry7367140
Terry Sumner/Reese Hardin7070140
Trey Forbus/Jonathan Roberts7565140
Blake Jones/Austin Jones6773140
Daniel Ricks/Jonathan Ricks7170141
Jon-Michael Tinney/Shane Peacock7566141
Austin Parris/Shaughn Rankin7269141
John McKenzie/Rick Dickson7368141
Craig Beckwith/Wilton Page6972141
Tony Strickland/Wayne Tillman7071141
Keith Yates/Josh Goodson7368141
Josh Wright/Jeremy Wright6676142
Cam Tant/Judson Miller7666142
Terry Cobb/Michael Ray7468142
Peyton Whitten/Patrick Hamlin7270142
Matt Whitaker/Joey Stewart7567142
TeamRd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Total
Randall Young/Conner Williams6875143
Ty Johnson/Hunter Encinias7073143
Al Muskewitz/Grady Sapp6974143
Chris Baker/Jared Joiner7568143
Tommy Beard/Ken Renfroe7271143
Mike Whitlow/Don Whitlow6875143
Cliff Wright/Landy Wright7469143
Logan Watson/Stuart Criss7470144
Carson Lindsey/Clint Burns7173144
Jerry Mills/Pete Morrison7272144
Kevin Gibson/Cal Newman6975144
Chad Cabeen/Tim Kurecka7272144
Ryan Cash/Alex Freeman6875145
Will Johnson/Nate Parker7372145
Will Coker/Scott Knighton6877145
Santi Heckart/Jason Veasey7768145
Justin Brown/Beau Winn7670146
Gene Hicks/Ron Fleming7670146
Jason Alderman/Christopher Alderman7175146
Keth Bentley/Mac Huckaby7671147
Greg Smith/Jamie Cash6880148
Micah Dorroh/Joey Dorroh7970149
Ethan Carter/Bailey Winnett8169150
Will McKinney/Chase Lowry7278150
Thomas Clutter/Michael Bradshaw7685161
Dan Widener/Jack McKenney7587162

Updated Sunday tee times

Player 1Player 2 TimeCourse
Ted TownsDrue Snow7:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Clay CalkinsGeorge Calkins7:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Josh AshleyJonathan Myrick7:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Phil BoozerTBD7:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Graham MorrowCaleb Morrow7:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Jason RichLee Clark7:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Craig BeckwithWilton Page7:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Chris HubbardNick Hubbard7:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Dallas PoeLucas Bryant7:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Trenton RayNathan Franklin7:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Daily ThomasNathan Williams7:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Janson WilbornGrant Taylor7:50 AMAnniston Country Club
David CoffeyZach Goss8:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Landon WinfreyJared Waits8:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Mike LeeShane Lee8:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Dustin TravisSawyer Edwards8:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Greg ShultzJim Ramey8:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Keaton BorrelliTaylor Vera8:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Landon SucoDavid Gulledge8:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Jono WaughTrey Pilkington8:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Jonathan ChandlerDaniel Crumly8:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Caleb BowenKolby Slick8:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Matt ManningBlake Lowry8:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Tony HicksGreg Harrelson8:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Chad KeyWyatt Cotney9:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Cain HollingsworthTaylor O’Conner9:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Casey HarmonLandon Holley9:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Josh PooleBlake Turner9:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Madilyn TurnerBrady Turner9:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Randy LipscombBlake Boozer9:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Mark McCaigBrian Caldwell9:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Mike HughstonJimbo Phillips9:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Kilgore KnightBradley Young9:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Josh ReynoldsBart Smith9:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Tyler RomineJason Romine9:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Tyler HuckabyTaylor Jones9:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Keith BentleyMac Huckaby10:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Jason AldermanChristopher Alderman10:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Samuel WallaceGreg Goodwin10:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Charles EstesJamison Carden10:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Timmy WoodardChase Thomas10:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Blake ColeRyan Kirby10:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Chase HollingsworthHunter Carr10:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Cody BoydMark Wood10:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Kenny WrightCypress Hathorn10:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Corey MizeKyle Glover10:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Will PrickettScott Jackson10:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Ben ParrMarc Walker10:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Wes CouchTyler McNickle11:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Warren AskewWill Broome11:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Jake GoggansRob Davie11:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Taylor MorrowSamuel Morrow11:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Ryan HuffJohn Lindsey11:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Jaylon EllisonOtt Chandler11:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Stan CatesJustin Bates11:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Bill WakefieldMinton Edwards11:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Ryan HowardScott Murphree11:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Hank SmithBrett Rothwell11:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Andrew MorrisAndrew Tyson11:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Matt HunterBrett Key11:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Andrew BrooksMatt Rogers12:00 PMAnniston Country Club
Landon StraubJason Johnson12:00 PMAnniston Country Club
Randy ReavesWill Reaves12:10 PMAnniston Country Club
Kevin DaughertyChandler Wilborn12:10 PMAnniston Country Club
Kaine GibsonWilliam Brown12:20 PMAnniston Country Club
Jacob HarperKyle Daugherty12:20 PMAnniston Country Club
Taylor McCullumTanner Wells12:30 PMAnniston Country Club
Brennan ClayJeremy McGatha12:30 PMAnniston Country Club
Marcus HarrellBenji Turley12:40 PMAnniston Country Club
Layton BusseyJesus Montenegro12:40 PMAnniston Country Club
Gary WigingtonTy Cole12:50 PMAnniston Country Club
Jackson KingFreeman Fite12:50 PMAnniston Country Club
Houston BlackAdam Benefiel7:00 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Al MuskewitzGrady Sapp7:00 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Matthew MorrowJosh Davis7:01 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Tyler NorthcuttNick Swindle7:01 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Brian HowellKen Howell7:10 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Dan WidenerJack McKenney7:10 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Andy CardenJon Pollard7:11 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Cal LambertBryan Scoggins7:11 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Rod HarrisJerry Schreiner7:20 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Ty JohnsonHunter Encinias7:20 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Johnathan WhitlowAndy McQuagge7:21 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Rusty WhitlowDon Whitlow7:21 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Ken WarechJake Hamilton7:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Hogan PageBrad Williams7:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Kevin CronicMike Putnam7:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jay WilliamsonChase McQuagge7:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Will HollingsworthAndy Moore7:40 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Greg SmithJamie Cash7:40 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Ty WebberPatrick Webber7:41 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Christopher MesserBrandon Ray7:41 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Kevin GibsonCal Newman7:50 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Ryan CashAlex Freeman7:50 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Josh ChappleJackson Bonner7:51 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Kyle PriceDerrick Kirby7:51 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jason CopusArlin McCauley8:00 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Daniel ClontsClay Blackwell8:00 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Bob EatonTed Heim8:01 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Andy JenkinsMark Gaines8:01 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jason PayneTyler Rich8:10 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Steve TaylorDr. Ron Wheeler8:10 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Blake JonesAustin Jones8:11 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Kenneth WillinghamMark Cotton8:11 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Daniel RicksJonathan Ricks8:20 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Will McKinneyChase Lowry8:20 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Hanna DyarColeman Messer8:21 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Randall YoungBrandon Cassady8:21 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jay McElroyDoug Gardner8:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Bruce CollinsBarry Britt8:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Morgan CunninghamKevin Third8:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Johnathon ShatusLandon Price8:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Ted GregersonAaron Gregerson11:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Todd GoodBill Osbourne11:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Nic StephensChad Brown11:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Josh WrightJeremy Wright11:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Nate PearceNick Jenkins11:40 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Jay WhaleyAlex Whaley11:40 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Dustin WilkinsCale Wright11:41 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Blake McCurryDale Findley11:41 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Clay SmithKris Key11:50 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Trae WilliamsMatthew Peters11:50 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Justin FosterDaniel Hammett11:51 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Kyle TurnerMicah Gaines11:51 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Eric ManningClay Sandford12:00 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Kory OliverKody Oliver12:00 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Benjamin ChandlerJoseph Chandler12:01 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Matthew HartegenTommy Snyder12:01 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Shane LillyDallas Dunn12:10 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Joey ThompsonMatthew Brown12:10 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Danny OwensClay Jones12:11 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jonathan JonesKeith Wooten12:11 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Mike LettDaniel Simmons12:20 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Tyler TeneyckDon Hill12:20 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Will CokerScott Knighton12:21 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Chad JonesPatrick Thornton12:21 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Doug WhiteDiana White12:30 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Chad SchmelingRicky Carden12:30 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
David ScruggsKevin Godshall12:31 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jeff NoahKenny Fulmer12:31 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Daniel BlackTim Steward12:40 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Jimbo WilliamsJeremy McCullars12:40 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Stacy WilliamsTed Martin7:00 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Jerry MillsPete Morrison7:00 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Zack PossClark Jinks7:01 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
John GaddyJohn Kelley7:01 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Dakota ClarkMichael Hollis7:10 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Will TurleyDavid McFarland7:10 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Blake DrummondBrian Rosenbalm7:11 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Keith YatesJosh Goodson7:11 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Tony StricklandWayne Tillman7:20 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Trey ForbusJonathan Roberts7:20 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Gene HicksRon Fleming7:21 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
John McKenzieRick Dickson7:21 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Will BedwellKevin Bedwell7:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Chad BrewerChuck Robinson7:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Brian MathisonBrent Busby7:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Kenton SprayberryTiffany Sprayberry7:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Jeremy WolfBobby Yarbrough7:40 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
David RameyMorgan Ramey7:40 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Alex StennisEvan Rogers7:41 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Logan WatsonStuart Criss7:41 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Peyton WhittenDon Crawford7:50 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Jeff BarnwellRandy Jones7:50 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Chad HumphriesAnthony Humphries7:51 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Henry PritchettNeil Elders7:51 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Terry CobbMichael Ray8:00 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Chris LawDalton Deep8:00 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
James HarrisonRandy Martin8:01 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Jeff PoolRyan Pollard8:01 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Rush RutledgeJimmy Ray8:10 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Matt WhitakerJoey Stewart8:10 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Al JohnsonEthan Whitcomb8:11 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Jim SlickChance Nunnally8:11 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Hunter NewtonJohnathan Butler8:20 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Eric WilliamsJonathan Mosley8:20 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Austin ParrisShaughn Rankin8:21 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Micah DorrohJoey Dorroh8:21 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Randy CobbDonnie Bowman8:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Scott WatsonRob Jones8:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Jon-Michael TinneyShane Peacock8:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Lance BrownBrandon Davis8:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Chad CabeenTim Kurecka11:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Manny BonillaChance Haywood11:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Thomas ClutterMichael Bradshaw11:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Carson LindseyClint Burns11:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Chris BakerJared Joiner11:40 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Brock HarrellLogan Coker11:40 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Steve GendronTripp Johnson11:41 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Allen ByersJeff Hydrick11:41 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Lee LedbetterDarren Ledbetter11:50 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Justin BrownBeau Winn11:50 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Ethan CarterBailey Winnett11:51 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Ryan ParrishAllen Skelton11:51 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Lamar WardJames Carden12:00 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Cliff WrightLandy Wright12:00 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Ben MilliganAllen Wells12:01 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Brock MilesLynn Jones12:01 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Heath WaldropGreg Rainey12:10 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Terry SumnerReese Hardin12:10 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Tommy BeardKen Renfroe12:11 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Will JohnsonNate Parker12:11 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Bailey MastersAshley Hancock12:20 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Terry CokerLance Muncher12:20 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Larry ReavesNoel Johnson12:21 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
David ReavisJohn Reeves12:21 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Brandon WhitmanBrandon Slick12:30 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Cam TantJudson Miller12:30 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Greg BrannonDanny Shears12:31 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Santi HechartJackson Veasey12:31 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Kevin BryantDalton Cobb12:40 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
TR JonesKaleb Littlejohn12:40 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker

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