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Donoho’s Hillman, Alderman take top honors on East Alabama Sports Today’s 2023 girls All-Calhoun County tennis team

Donoho coach Kristie Alderman (center) poses with seniors after the Falcons finished as Class 4A-5A state runner up. Donoho, a Class 1A school, moved up from the 1A-3A division this year because of the AHSAA’s competitive balance rule for private schools and matched its runner-up finishes of 2021 and 2022. Alderman is East Alabama Sports Today’s girls’ All-Calhoun County coach of the year. (Submitted photo)

2023 Girls’ All-Calhoun County tennis team

The All-Calhoun County tennis team is determined at the Red Wilder Invitational, the annual de facto county tournament. Player- and coach-of-the-year awards also factor in postseason results. What follows are player and coach of the year plus division champions, runners up and tournament results from the Red Wilder Invitational:

Player of the year: Claire Hillman, Donoho

Coach of the year: Kristie Alderman, Donoho


No. 1 singles: Claire Hillman, Donoho
No. 2 singles: Lily Grace Draper, Donoho
No. 3 singles: Mary Marshall Perry, Donoho
No. 4 singles: Harper Pumroy, Donoho
No. 5 singles: Blair Kitchen, Donoho
No. 6 singles: Anne Maris Harris, Donoho
No. 1 doubles: Hillman/Draper, Donoho
No. 2 doubles: Perry/Avery Barnett, Donoho
No. 3 doubles: Kitchen/Harris, Donoho


No. 1 singles: Alley Folsom, Faith Christian
No. 2 singles: Jasmine Brown, Oxford
No. 3 singles: Isabella Diaz, Faith Christian
No. 4 singles: Annie Minish, Faith Christian
No. 5 singles: Chloe Belcher, Faith Christian
No. 6 singles: Kelsey Brown, Faith Christian
No. 1 doubles: Diaz/Folsom, Faith Chrisitan
No. 2 doubles: Brown/Renea Robinson (Oxford)
No. 3 doubles: Mary Pugh/Charlie Lambert (Oxford)


No. 1 Singles
Claire Maniscalco (Oxford) def. Mac Hulsey (Pleasant Valley), 8-0
Claire Hillman (Donoho) def. Maniscalco (Oxford), 8-0
Alley Folsom (Faith Christian) def. Miniya Vann (Jacksonville), 8-5
Finals – Hillman (Donoho) def. Folsom (Faith Christian), 8-0.

No. 2 Singles
Jasmine Brown (Oxford) def. Braylee Humphrey (Pleasant Valley), 8-2
Brown (Oxford) def. Lauren Holder (Faith Christian), 8-5
Lily Grace Draper (Donoho) def. Mikaela Watkins (Jacksonville), 8-0
Finals – Draper (Donoho) def. Brown (Oxford), 8-0.

No. 3 Singles
Isabella Diaz (Faith Christian) def. Victoria Robinson (Oxford), 9-7
Diaz (Faith Christian) def. Kate Yocum (Pleasant Valley), 8-1
Mary Marshall Perry (Donoho) def. Emily Cathey (Jacksonville), 8-0
Finals – Perry (Donoho) def. Diaz (Faith Christian), 8-2.

No. 4 Singles
Harper Pumroy (Donoho) def. Nyla Reyes (Jacksonville), 8-0
Pumroy (Donoho) def. Renea Robinson (Oxford), 8-2
Annie Minish (Faith Christian) def. Julianna Jones (Pleasant Valley), 8-2
Finals – Pumroy (Donoho) def. Minish (Faith Christian), 8-1.

No. 5 Singles
Charlie Lambert (Oxford) def. Taraji Carter (Pleasant Valley), 8-0
Blair Kitchen (Donoho) def. Lambert (Oxford), 8-2
Chloe Belcher (Faith Christian) def. Penelope Fourquet (Jacksonville), 8-1
Finals – Kitchen (Donoho) def. Belcher (Faith Christian), 8-0.

No. 6 Singles
Anne Marie Harris (Donoho) def. Bennett Taylor (Pleasant Valley), 8-0
Harris (Donoho) def. Mary Pugh (Oxford), 8-0
Kelsey Brown (Faith Christian) def. Cora Benoit (Jacksonville), 8-0
Finals – Harris (Donoho) def. Brown (Faith Christian), 8-2.

No. 1 Doubles
Maniscalco/V. Robinson (Oxford) def. Vann/Watkins (Jacksonville), 8-4
Hillman/Draper (Donoho) def. Maniscalco/V. Robinson (Oxford), 8-0
Diaz/Folsom (Faith Christian) def. Hulsey/Humphrey (Pleasant Valley), 8-1
Finals – Hillman/Draper (Donoho) def. Diaz/Folsom (Faith Christian), 8-1

No. 2 Doubles
Brown/R. Robinson (Oxford) def. Holder/Brown (Faith Christian), 8-4
Brown/R. Robinson (Oxford) def. Yocum/Jones (Pleasant Valley), 8-2
Perry/Avery Barnett (Donoho) def.Cathey/Fourquet (Jacksonville), 8-0
Finals – Perry/Barnett (Donoho) def. Brown/R. Robinson (Oxford), 8-0

No. 3 Doubles
Pugh/Lambert (Oxford) def. Reyes/Benoit (Jacksonville), 8-3
Pugh/Lambert (Oxford) def. Belcher/Minish (Faith Christian), 9-8 (7-4)
Kitchen/Harris (Donoho) def. Taylor/Carter (Pleasant Valley), 8-0
Finals – Kitchen/Harris (Donoho) def. Pugh/Lambert (Oxford), 8-1

Cover photo: Claire Hillman (center left) helps to hoist the AHSAA ‘red map’ trophy after Donoho finished as Class 4A-5A state runner up. Hillman won No. 1 singles titles at the Red Wilder Invitational, took second at sectional and reached the semifinal round with two wins in the 4A-5A bracket at state. She is East Alabama Sports Today’s girls’ All-Calhoun County player of the year. (Submitted photo)

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