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All-County tennis

Faith Christian’s Mitchell, Goode take top honors on East Alabama Sports Today’s 2023 boys’ All-Calhoun County tennis team

Faith Christian coach Demeon Goode (left) poses with members of his team after the Lions won their Class 1A-3A sectional title in April. Goode is East Alabama Sports Today’s boys’ All-Calhoun County coach of the year. Faith Christian won the Red Wilder Invitational and sectional titles. (Submitted photo)

2023 Boys’ All-Calhoun County tennis team

The All-Calhoun County tennis team is determined at the Red Wilder Invitational, the annual de facto county tournament. Player- and coach-of-the-year awards also factor in postseason results. What follows are player and coach of the year plus division champions, runners up and tournament results from the Red Wilder Invitational:

Player of the year: Eli Mitchell, Faith Christian

Coach of the year: Dameon Goode, Faith Christian


No. 1 singles: Eli Mitchell, Faith Christian
No. 2 singles: Jackson Randall, Oxford
No. 3 singles: Parth Patel, Oxford
No. 4 singles: Evan Smith, Faith Chrisitan
No. 5 singles: Joshua Muse, Faith Chrisitan
No. 6 singles: Aidan Elliott, Faith Christian
No. 1 doubles: Goode/Mitchell, Faith Christian
No. 2 doubles: Rishi Reddy/Ryan Crawford, Donoho
No. 3 doubles: Elliott/Muse, Faith Christian


No. 1 singles: Zach Cater, Donoho
No. 2 singles: Josh Goode, Faith Christian
No. 3 singles: Rishi Reddy, Donoho
No. 4 singles: Om Patel, Oxford
No. 5 singles: Ethan Crawford, Donoho
No. 6 singles: Lucas Somers, Oxford
No. 1 doubles: Kye McEwen/Parth Patel, Oxford
No. 2 doubles: Nate Smith/Jack Dingler, Jacksonville
No. 3 doubles: Crawford/Foster Payton, Donoho


No. 1 Singles
Kye McEwen (Oxford) def. Andrew Johnson (Oxford), 8-0
Eli Mitchell (Faith Christian) def. McEwen (Oxford), 9-8 (7-4)
Zach Cater (Donoho) def. Robert Trifas (Jacksonville), 8-5
Finals – Mitchell (Faith Christian) def. Cater (Donoho), 8-4.

No. 2 Singles
Jackson Randall (Oxford) def. Knox Taylor (Pleasant Valley), 8-2
Randall (Oxford) def. Cainan Stacks (Donoho), 8-0
Josh Goode (Faith Christian) def. Nate Smith (Jacksonville), 8-2
Finals – Randall (Oxford) def. Goode (Faith Christian), 9-7.

No. 3 Singles
Gavin Randall (Faith Christian) def. Alec Vess (Pleasant Valley), 8-3
Parth Patel (Oxford) def. Randall (Faith Christian), 8-0
Rishi Reddy (Donoho) def. Jack Dingler (Jacksonville), 8-0
Finals P. Patel (Oxford) def. Reddy (Donoho), 8-5.

No. 4 Singles
Ryan Crawford (Donoho) def. Charlie Wright (Jacksonville), forfeit
Evan Smith (Faith Christian) def. R. Crawford (Donoho), 8-5
Om Patel (Oxford) def. Undreah Watts (Pleasant Valley), 8-2
Finals – Smith (Faith Christian) def. O. Patel (Oxford), 8-4.

No. 5 Singles
Ethan Crawford (Donoho) def. Noah Brothers (Oxford), 8-3
Finals – Joshua Muse (Faith Christian) def. E. Crawford (Donoho), 8-5

No. 6 Singles
Aidan Elliott (Faith Christian) def. Walker Bodiford (Donoho), 8-0
Finals – Elliott (Faith Christian) def. Lucas Somers (Oxford), 8-3.

No. 1 Doubles
McEwen/P. Patel (Oxford) def. Cater/Stacks (Donoho), 8-2
McEwen/P. Patel (Oxford) def. Trifas/Wright (Jacksonville), forfeit
Goode/Mitchell (Faith Christian) def. Johnson/Taylor (Pleasant Valley), 8-0
Finals – Goode/Mitchell (Faith Christian) def. McEwen/P. Patel (Oxford), 9-8 (7-5).

No. 2 Doubles
Reddy/R. Crawford (Donoho) def. Vess/Watts (Pleasant Valley) 8-0
Reddy/R. Crawford (Donoho) def. Randall/O. Patel (Oxford), 8-2
Smith/Dingler (Jacksonville) def. Smith/Randall (Faith Christian), 8-5
Finals – Reddy/R Crawford (Donoho) def. Smith/Dingler (Jacksonville), 8-4.

No. 3 Doubles
Elliott/Muse (Faith Christian) def. Brothers/Peyton Butterworth (Oxford), 8-2
Finals – Elliott/Muse (Faith Christian) def. E. Crawford/Foster Payton (Donoho), 8-1.

Cover photo: Faith Christian’s Eli Mitchell holds the championship plaque while posing with teammates after the Lions won their Class 1A-3A sectional in April. Mitchell won the No. 1 singles court at the Red Wilder Invitational. He also teamed with Joshua Goode to win No. 1 doubles at sectional and reach the Class 1A-3A No. 1 doubles final at the state tournament. Mitchell is East Alabama Sports Today’s boys’ All-Calhoun County player o the year. (Submitted photo)

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