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White Plains and Alexandria are playing for state-tournament berths in a steady rain at the East Regional in Albertville. Click link and refresh for updates

Class 4A


–B1: White Plains gets a run across to lead 1-0 because the Madison County pitcher has wet hands and keeps throwing wild. Somebody has to stop play. … Make it 3-0, White Plains on a bases-loaded walk. Maybe the pitchers here in this rain today should just try slow pitch. … Pitch slips, rolls and hits batter with bases loaded, 4-0.
–T2: Spicer single gets under the glove in LF, goes to the fence. Two-run ITP HR trims WP lead to 4-2.
–T3: Madison County gets one across. WP leads 4-3.
–B4: Leighton Arnold crushes a two-run homer to CF. WP leads 6-3.
–T6: Arnold faces runners on second and third with one out for the second inning in a row, pitches out of it again. Still 6-3.
FINAL: White Plains wins 6-3, clinches state-tourney berth, will play opponent TBD on May 19 at 10:45 a.m. at Choccolocco Park.

Class 5A


–B1: Scottsboro leads Alexandria 6-0. Alexandria has four walks in the first inning, so bet that Alexandria’s pitchers are struggling with wet pitching hands, too.
–B2: Scottsboro adds six runs, leads 12-0.
FINAL: Scottsboro beats Alexandria 12-0, clinches state berth. Alexandria will play an opponent TBD at 1:45 p.m., with a state berth on the line.

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