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Rumble in the Hills

PV girls, Lincoln boys pull out tight team races in Pleasant Valley’s Raiders Rumble in the Hills; Jacksonville’s Sloughfy, Munford’s Frank win individual races

Girls scores: Pleasant Valley 55, Jacksonville 57, Lincoln 80, LAMP 85, Sylvania 105, Ohatchee 122, Munford 191.
Boys scores: Lincoln 40, Pleasant Valley 43, LAMP 88, Jacksonville 117, Hokes Bluff 147, Ohatchee 172, Sylvania 187, Gadsden City 233, Westbrook Christian 245.

Sarah Sloughfy, Jacksonville22:15.03Dakota Frank, Munford17:20.47
Emma Easterling, Jacksonville23:29.26Landon Perdue, LAMP17:36.25
Macie Roper, Pleasant Valley24:56.47Cayden Nelson, Pleasant Valley17:48.59
Allie Shaw, Pleasant Valley25:00.62Aaron Davis, Lincoln18:31.69
Ashlie Easterwood, Ohatchee25:15.40Ben Guthrie, Lincoln18:31.79
Ava Cain, LAMP25:26.53Agustin Lemur, LAMP18:35.22
Aubree Cleveland, Sylvania25:29.97Braxton Williams, Pleasant Valley18:44.20
Gracie Easterling, Jacksonville25:35.32Jaden Veazey, Pleasant Valley18:44.78
Alexzandria Byrd, Lincoln25:35.72Travis Cooley, Lincoln18:45.64
Jonna Graham, Sylvania25:39.87Jack Wiggins, Lincoln18:54.59

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