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Putts/GIR-3 Putts-Scrambling



PLAYER (2 rounds submitted)AVG.
Clay Calkins1.481
Matt Rogers1.667
Will Brown1.706
Ty Cole1.714
Matt Miller1.727
Brennan Clay1.750
Mark Guyther1.750
Timmy Woodard1.750
Andrew Brooks1.762
Layton Bussey1.783
Lamar Carter1.810
Chad Calvert1.815
Jake Goggans1.833
Gary Wigington1.846
Tanner Wells1.850
Jeremy McGatha1.864
Dustin Travis1.880
Chris Cox1.882
Hunter Carr1.905
Josh Poole1.905
Nick Pollard1.905
Jeremy Willis1.917
Tyler Dopson1.929
Corey Ray1.929
Caleb McKinney1.931
Harrison Hughston2.000
Mike Hughston2.000
Randy Lipscomb2.043
Casey Harmon2.045
Chip Howell2.045
Logan Forrester2.083
Zach Mangum2.250
(1 round submitted)
Mason Dennis1.818
Houston Black1.833
Danny Whittaker1.857
Chase Hollingsworth1.875
Drey Reeves2.000
Kelly Rogers2.000
Nick Hubbard2.000
Tee Brown2.077
Drew Anderton2.111
Craig Messer2.182
Maverick Smith2.286
Clayton Chandler2.500
Daniel Ricks2.500


PLAYER (2 rounds submitted)AVG.
Andrew Brooks0.000
Brennan Clay0.000
Chris Cox0.000
Clay Calkins0.000
Matt Rogers0.000
Nick Pollard0.000
Tyler Dopson0.028
Casey Harmon0.028
Chad Calvert0.028
Corey Ray0.028
Jake Goggans0.028
Jeremy McGatha0.028
Josh Poole0.028
Mike Hughston0.028
Tanner Wells0.028
Ty Cole0.028
Matt Miller0.056
Layton Bussey0.056
Dustin Travis0.056
Gary Wigington0.056
Harrison Hughston0.056
Jeremy Willis0.056
Mark Guyther0.056
Timmy Woodard0.056
Will Brown0.056
Logan Forrester0.083
Lamar Carter0.083
Zach Mangum0.083
Chip Howell0.111
Hunter Carr0.111
Caleb McKinney0.139
Randy Lipscomb0.167
(1 round submitted)
Houston Black0.000
Mason Dennis0.000
Drey Reeves0.056
Kelly Rogers0.056
Chase Hollingsworth0.111
Daniel Ricks0.111
Nick Hubbard0.111
Tee Brown0.111
Danny Whittaker0.167
Drew Anderton0.167
Craig Messer0.167
Clayton Chandler0.222
Maverick Smith0.222


PLAYER (2 rounds submitted)AVG.
Corey Ray0.857
Andrew Brooks0.667
Logan Forrester0.667
Clay Calkins0.583
Tanner Wells0.563
Chad Calvert0.556
Dustin Travis0.545
Chris Cox0.526
Ty Cole0.500
Harrison Hughston0.500
Casey Harmon0.438
Caleb McKinney0.429
Matt Miller0.429
Jeremy McGatha0.429
Nick Pollard0.400
Gary Wigington0.400
Zach Mangum0.400
Layton Bussey0.385
Brennan Clay0.375
Matt Rogers0.333
Mike Hughston0.333
Jeremy Willis0.333
Josh Poole0.333
Tyler Dopson0.318
Will Brown0.316
Timmy Woodard0.313
Chip Howell0.286
Lamar Carter0.267
Mark Guyther0.250
Kelly Rogers0.250
Hunter Carr0.200
Jake Goggans0.167
Randy Lipscomb0.154
(1 round submitted)
Tee Brown1.000
Craig Messer0.429
Clayton Chandler0.417
Nick Hubbard0.364
Drey Reeves0.286
Danny Whittaker0.250
Houston Black0.167
Daniel Ricks0.143
Drew Anderton0.111
Maverick Smith0.091
Mason Dennis0.000
Chase Hollingsworth0.000

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