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Tour stat leaders

Here is a listing of the final Calhoun County Golf Tour statistical leaders among players who have met the minimum number of rounds to qualify. The complete statistical report will be posted at a later date.

Points (Top 20)

(Top 16 make Match Play)

Gary Wigington (POY)1650
Jeremy McGatha1197.5
Ty Cole1087.5
Brennan Clay1074.3
Chad Calvert983.75
Frank Brady755
Jake Goggans743.75
Clay Calkins721.25
Wesley Jenkins698.75
Chris Cox686.25
Randy Lipscomb682.75
Chip Howell583.75
Charlie Smith537.5
Harrison Hughston532.5
Gage Miller520
Adrian Geeting515
Andrew Brooks488.95
Caleb Bowen455
Johnathan Pate451.25
Matt Rogers431.25

The Match Play Championship will follow the standard bracket: 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, etc.


(8 rounds minimum)

Gary Wigington68.19
Chad Calvert70.55
Ty Cole70.83
Jeremy McGatha71.40
Harrison Hughston72.13
Brennan Clay72.31
Chris Cox72.55
Randy Lipscomb73.93
Jonathan Pate74.00
Clay Calkins74.17
Wesley Jenkins74.38
Jake Goggans74.58
Frank Brady74.81
Chip Howell75.18
Cam McCareeth75.75
Gage Miller76.00
Charlie Smith76.42
Mason Dennis76.50
Sam Bone76.75
Chase Hollingsworth76.80
Timmy Woodard76.83
Matt Rogers76.94
Landon Winfrey77.00
Ted Heim78.50
Daniel Black78.92
Tyler Dopson79.00
Graham Morrow79.63
Cain Hollingsworth80.80
Nick Pollard81.00
Luke Armstrong81.44
Patrick Cooper81.70
Josh Hicks83.63
Kenny Fulmer83.91
Chase Thomas84.50
Cal Lambert85.13
Randy Watson87.50
Lamar Ward94.25
Kelly Rogers95.50


Chip Howell10.20
Clay Calkins9.90
Jeremy McGatha9.14
Chad Calvert8.80
Chris Cox8.80
Gage Miller8.67
Matt Rogers8.43
Gary Wigington8.36
Kelly Rogers8.43
Nick Pollard7.80
Jake Goggans7.30
Brennan Clay6.86
Randy Lipscomb6.58
Timmy Woodard4.82


Gary Wigington12.71
Brennan Clay11.64
Chad Calvert11.60
Jeremy McGatha11.57
Chip Howell11.40
Chris Cox11.30
Randy Lipscomb10.50
Timmy Woodard9.27
Jake Goggans9.10
Gage Miller9.08
Clay Calkins8.70
Nick Pollard7.50
Matt Rogers7.36
Kelly Rogers2.92


Gary Wigington27.93
Chad Calvert28.10
Clay Calkins28.20
Matt Rogers28.50
Jeremy McGatha28.71
Jake Goggans29.40
Gage Miller29.83
Brennan Clay30.00
Randy Lipscomb30.33
Chris Cox30.50
Nick Pollard30.80
Timmy Woodard31.00
Chip Howell32.20
Kelly Rogers32.58


Chad Calvert1.670
Gary Wigington1.697
Jeremy McGatha1.720
Brennan Clay1.785
Matt Rogers1.800
Chris Cox1.832
Clay Calkins1.867
Nick Pollard1.880
Randy Lipscomb1.881
Timmy Woodard1.892
Jake Goggans1.901
Gage Miller1.908
Chip Howell1.929
Kelly Rogers2.079

3-Putt Pct.

Matt Rogers0.012
Jeremy McGatha0.020
Chad Calvert0.022
Clay Calkins0.028
Gary Wigington0.028
Chris Cox0.039
Brennan Clay0.044
Nick Pollard0.056
Jake Goggans0.067
Gage Miller0.069
Randy Lipscomb0.069
Timmy Woodard0.078
Kelly Rogers0.088
Chip Howell0.094


Gary Wigington0.716
Jeremy McGatha0.556
Jake Goggans0.551
Chad Calvert0.500
Clay Calkins0.495
Gage Miller0.477
Brennan Clay0.468
Chris Cox0.463
Matt Rogers0.462
Randy Lipscomb0.456
Chip Howell0.394
Timmy Woodard0.375
Nick Pollard0.292
Kelly Rogers0.118

ALL-AROUND (points based on statistical positions among those who’ve met the qualifying standard): 1. Gary Wigington 18.5; 2. Chad Calvert 19.5; 3. Jeremy McGatha 22; 4. Clay Calkins 39.5; 5. Brennan Clay 44; 6. Chris Cox 45.5; 7. Matt Rogers 51; 8. Jake Goggans 57; 9. Gage Miller 61.5; 10. Randy Lipscomb 64.5; 11. Chip Howell 67; 12. Nick Pollard 75; 13. Timmy Woodard 79; 14. Kelly Rogers 91.

BIRDIE LEADERS (Top 10): Gary Wigington 81, Brennan Clay 62, Jeremy McGatha 52, Ty Cole 48, Chad Calvert 45, Randy Lipscomb 43, Frank Brady 33, Wesley Jenkins 31, Clay Calkins 30, Matt Rogers 29, Timmy Woodard 29.

EAGLES LEADERS: 3: Timmy Woodard; 2: Andrew Brooks, Chad Calvert, Chris Cox, David Sanders, Jeremy McGatha, Quim Vidal-Mora; 40 with 1.

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