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Carlisle in ‘transfer portal’

Up-tempo guard says he is transferring to Anniston to complete his high school career, move puts him and Kite in Bulldogs’ backcourt

Malcolm Carlisle (1) made a splash on the county basketball scene as a freshman at Faith Christian. Now, after two years on the sidelines, he’s preparing to transfer to Anniston to finish his high school career.

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today
Remember when Anniston girls basketball coach Eddie Bullock cleared that space in the Anniston High School trophy case for the state championship trophy and finally filled it this past March? The Bulldogs might want to think about clearing a similar space for the boys team this year.
Malcolm Carlisle, the high-scoring guard who has been out of the game the past two seasons, told East Alabama Sports Today he was transferring to Anniston when schools reopen to complete his high school career. He said he likely would enroll at the end of the week.
The move allows him to play alongside versatile All-State guard Antonio (Spoodie) Kite, the top-ranked player in the state’s 2022 class, instantly giving the Bulldogs one of the most dynamic backcourts in the state in any classification.
“Me and Spoodie used to play (together) a lot and we know each other’s game,” Carlisle said Wednesday. “Both of our parents are from Anniston. My whole family graduated from Anniston. I just wanted to graduate from Anniston.”
Anniston coach Torry Brown has heard the rumors about Carlisle coming over, but said he hasn’t spoken to him about any move. As much as his team would benefit from Carlisle’s arrival like any off-season rumor the coach is waiting to see it before believing it.
The Bulldogs also return Kite’s backcourt starting partner Mark Toyer. In that configuration Carlisle anticipates being the 3.
“He (Toyer) was a sophomore with Antonio last year,” Brown said. “I’m excited about him and going forward. Those two together are probably the best junior combination I think in the state I’ve seen.”
Carlisle likened teaming up with Kite a reunion more than a transfer as the two guards played regularly on the summer circuit.
“He’s like my brother; he was just over here yesterday,” Carlisle said. “We played the whole rec together ever since we were little. Last year we played AAU together. Me and Spoodie play pick-up all the time against college players. It’s going to be fun.”
What it’s been so far is a long and winding road. Carlisle started his playing career at Saks, then transferred to Faith Christian for his ninth-grade season where he proved to be a high-energy, high-scoring guard. He played that season and had high hopes for his sophomore year, but school officials admitted they unintentionally “messed up with a rule” related to the transfer that caused Carlisle to be ruled ineligible and Faith had to vacate the 10 total victories in which he played. 
Unable to play to satisfy eligibility rules, he transferred to Sacred Heart to complete his sophomore academic year, then went back to Saks last year, and has not played a game since an early season Faith loss to Donoho that sophomore year.
“It was heartbreaking at first,” he said. “I kind of got over it because I wasn’t playing so I wasn’t going to sit there and pout … Now I have a story to tell when I make it.”
And now the focus is on a big finish.
“We can be as good as we allow ourselves to be,” Carlisle said of the Bulldogs. “It’ll be a show every day.”

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