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White Plains’ Middlebrooks, Saint James’ Miles establish boys, girls course records on Pleasant Valley’s new on-campus trail
By East Alabama Sports Today
The Pleasant Valley cross country program opened its new on-campus course for business Saturday with an exciting start and an Olympic marathon style stadium finish. The racing was pretty good, too.
There was so much anticipation for the course, race organizers split the boys race into two divisions. More than 400 runners participated.

The course now gives Calhoun County four potential cross country championship venues – PV, White Plains’ course, Oxford Lake and Choccolocco Park.

White Plains’ James Middlebrooks established the course record (17:52.95) as he led the Wildcats to the team title in the Class 1A-4A boys race.
Saint James’ Presley Miles set the girls standard when she came in at 18:48.98, the sixth fastest time of the day regardless of gender. Arab won the girls team title, edging PV by five points.
Middlebrooks led a 1-3-5 White Plains finish in the boys small-school race. The Wildcats put its first four scorers in the top eight, scored 29 points and won the team title by 22 points over a Pleasant Valley team that was missing two of its top three runners.
“My boys have been working hard all summer to get in shape,” White Plains coach John Moore said. “They really want to win it all this year. It was a good day.
“Middlebrooks has his sights on the end of the season. Today’s win for him was great for his confidence. As a senior this was well deserved and much needed.”
Hewitt-Trussville bunched its five scorers between 7 and 13 and won the boys 5A-7A race by 21 points over Oxford. Pell City’s Jack Lowe won the race in 18:16.85.
Team scores:
Arab 83, Pleasant Valley 98, Saint James 112, Pell City 113, White Plains 133, Ohatchee 170, Oxford 186, Glencoe 197, Alexandria 225, Jacksonville 249, Faith Christian 307, Donoho 321, Clay Central 345, Lincoln 399, Saks 424.
Top 20 individuals
Presley Miles, Saint James 18:48.98
Taylor Simmons, Donoho 22:01.17
Jayda Fair, Ohatchee 22:04.16
Grace Gosline, Arab 22:24.20
Mia Munoz, Oxford 22:44.09
Katie Giles, Glencoe 22:47.82
King Olivia, Jacksonville 22:49.56
Katie Keur, Oxford 22:53.69
Reagan Edwards, Pell City 23:01.46
Kendal Wright, Saint James 23:02.37
Delaney Maze, Arab 23:11.99
Caroline Pinson, Pell City 23:12.28
Hannah Richardson, Saint James 23:14.77
Emma Stewart, Arab 23:21.64
Eva Bryant, Pleasant Valley 23:23.60
Emma Hood, Pleasant Valley 23:35.58
Savannah Yates, White Plains 23:42.37
Camden Wilson, White Plains 24:00.68
Trinity Roberts, Pleasant Valley 24:06.85
Alexandria Buchanan, Alexandria 24:17.80
Team scores:
White Plains 29, Pleasant Valley 51, Ohatchee 96, Hokes Bluff 97, Jacksonville 143, Saint James 171, Glencoe 175, Faith Christian 191.
Top 20 individuals
James Middlebrooks, White Plains 17:52.95
Christian Myles, Anniston 18:06.84
Jake Moore, White Plains 18:29.28
Coleman Haynes, Pleasant Valley 19:10.96
Luke Larson, White Plains 19:18.07
Luke Fair, Ohatchee 19:19.30
Evan Garner, Jacksonville 19:22.87
Carson Limbaugh, White Plains 19:24.93
Oliver Young, Pleasant Valley 19:46.61
Parker Comisac, Jacksonville 19:58.82
Kaige Roberts, Pleasant Valley 20:02.87
Sam Green, Hokes Bluff 20:09.36
Jackson Millander, Hokes Bluff 20:09.44
Jayden Myles, Anniston 20:19.36
Dalton Fitch, Ohatchee 20:28.35
Holt Bentley, Pleasant Valley 20:39.07
Caden Johnson, White Plains 20:55.23
Ryan Eubanks, Pleasant Valley 20:58.54
Landon Senciboy, White Plains 21:09.57
Levi Garrett, Faith Christian 21:23.41
Team scores:
Hewitt-Trussville 51, Oxford 72, Lincoln 96, Pell City 113, Alexandria 124, Arab 131, Clay Central 141, Munford 214.
Top 20 individuals
Jack Lowe, Pell City 18:16.85
Ronald Piedra, Clay Central 18:48.76
J.R. Proctor, Lincoln 19:03.93
Dakota Frank, Munford 19:04.58
Luke Sanders, Arab 19:06.03
Noah George, Oxford 19:08.82
Jacob Jones, Hewitt-Trussville 19:24.51
Josue Alvarez, Oxford 19:24.96
Logan Reaves, Hewitt-Trussville 19:44.84
Sam Lovin, Hewitt-Trussville 19:47.24
Dylan Miles, Lincoln 20:00.74
Thomas Himes, Hewitt-Trussville 20:13.59
Garrett Yokeley, Hewitt-Trussville 20:16.87
JaLeel Harris, Lincoln 20:22.32
Chad Turner, Oxford 20:27.32
Kellen Rutherford, Hewitt-Trussville 20:33.01
DeShaun Foster, Alexandria 20:41.22
Eli Muncher, Hewitt-Trussville 20:48.02
Hunter Gronczniak, Arab 20:48.72
Tristan Teer, Hewitt-Trussville 20:52.30

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