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A slice of π

Thursday (3/14) is Pi Day, the annual celebration of all things math, and what sport is more connected to numbers than baseball? Batting averages, ERA, all those analytics. In honor of the occasion, East Alabama Sports Today has reached out to local baseball teams to help commemorate the day. You can find the first million digits of the infinite number on the internet, but the first 12 are 3.14159265358.

The team pi picture is not an original idea – MLB teams in spring training with numerous number combinations, have been gracing the web with similar pictures over the years – but we thought it was a fun way to celebrate local baseball and all the numbers inherent to the game. A special bit of appreciation goes to the head coaches for helping pull this off. Enjoy your slice of American π.

Faith Christian

The Lions’ pi is represented by Alex Almanza (3), Austin Elliott (14), Evan Howell (1) and Walker Whitworth (1). Stone Huie is the decimal point.


The Golden Eagles count pi with Tito Canales (3), Dylan Murphy (1), Jay Davis (4), Brandon Heard (15), Jae-Taj Morris (9) and Dalton McElroy (2). Austin Patterson is the decimal point.


The Valley Cubs make their pi with Tanner Mize (3), Seth Slaton, Noah Primm (1), Taylor Thompson (4) and Layton Ellison.


The Piedmont pi is made from Sean Smith (3), Sean Young, Brant Deerman (1), Mason Mohon (4), Max Hanson (15), Noah Reedy (9), Bryce Walter (2), Jakari Foster (6) and T.J. Fairs (5).


The Panthers took their pi all the way to 11 digits: (From left) Logan Grubbs (3), Will Waldrop, Caleb Rice (1), Tanner McQueen (4), Beau Neely (15), Jett Smith (9), Sammy Cotton (2), Harley Kendall (6), JoJo Wyatt (53) and Brayden Dempsey (5).

White Plains

The Wildcats calculate pi with Quin Wilson (3), Matthew Clay, Carson Wright (1), Houston Conger (4), Miles Austin (15), Brendan Roper (9), Coleman Messer (2), Tyler Daniel (6) and Logan Knight (5).


County Tournament champion Oxford knows the value of pi. The Yellow Jackets got it done with Trey Higgins (3), Chadd Adams (14), Nick Hamlin (15), Wesley Sparks (9), Ray Jackson (2), Alex Armstrong (6), Peyton Howard (5), Dawson Winningham (35) and Reese Howard (8). Tournament MVP Jake Spivey is the decimal point.

Pleasant Valley

The Raiders have the biggest piece of pi. They brought their baseball and softball teams together to take the number to 17 digits.

All photos except Pleasant Valley, White Plains by Al Muskewitz/East Alabama Sports Today

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