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Weaver takes action

Bearcats address ejections and fines, introduce ‘sportsmanship pact’ for athletes, parents and require fined individuals to reimburse school before returning

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

WEAVER – Weaver principal Mike Allison saw the AHSAA’s annual fines and ejections report Tuesday morning and didn’t like what he saw. He immediately set out to take corrective measures.

Beginning this academic year, Allison will have the Bearcats’ athletes and parents sign a sportsmanship pact outlining the expectations and reaffirming their understanding and commitment to sportsmanship, fair play and following the rules. The takeaway is the offending coach or player will be required to reimburse the school for the fine before returning to the field.

The pact will be placed in the player’s athletic file.

Weaver had the largest number of AHSAA fineable incidents among Calhoun County high schools during the 2017-18 academic year – seven, nine if you count its middle school/junior high incidents. With those two fines, the Bearcats’ $1,350 payout matched Saks for the most money paid to the AHSAA.

“It’s not something we want to be No. 1 at,” Allison said. “I knew over the course of the year we had a few fines; I didn’t realize it was that high. Honestly, it’s embarrassing and it’s unacceptable. And it’s something we want to work on and we’re going to.”

According to the report, 14 of Calhoun County’s 15 AHSAA-member high schools were fined a total 46 times for a combined $8,825 across varsity, junior high and middle school platforms during the 2017-18 academic year. Ohatchee was the only county high school that did not incur a fine or ejection.

Six of Weaver’s varsity fines came from player/coach ejections in football (two), basketball (three) and baseball (one) totaling $1,000. There also was a $250 school fine for a levels-of-competition violation in an unspecified sport. Allison did not disclose the identities of the offending parties.

“I know at Weaver High School we have a lot of great kids,” Allison said. “In school our athletes don’t give us any problems, so I know they’re good kids. That’s why I’m really embarrassed that this has come out on the field and the court. It casts a shadow on our school that I know is not true, but it’s something we’re going to fix and we’ll fix it this year.”

In other Weaver news, Allison said he wasn’t planning to deal with the Bearcats’ upcoming head football coaching vacancy until after the season and hoped to have the new coach hired by January. Daryl Hamby confirmed in the spring this would be his final season as the football coach.

Also, Chelsea Watson will coach both Bearcats soccer teams this spring with newly hired assistant coach Beau Winn serving as the boys’ head-coach-in-training.

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