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Cane Creek pairings

Here are the pairings for Saturday’s first round of the Fort McClellan Credit Union Cane Creek Invitational

FMCU Cane Creek Invitational
Saturday’s first-round pairings

8:30 a.m. – Caleb Bowen, Tanner Wells, Walt Drake, Kaine Gibson
8:50 – John McKenzie, Rocco D’Gomez, Fran Doyle, Daniel Black
9:00 – Jeremy McGatha, Matt Rogers, Andrew Brooks, Brennan Clay
9:10 – Kelly Rogers, Clay Calkins, Adrian Geeting, Scotty Grimes
9:20 – T.J. McGatha, David Martin, Norris Ray, Jerome Wilson
9:30 – Jono Waugh, Landon Straub, Chip Howell, Randy Lipscomb
9:40 – Clark Cunningham, Larry Cunningham, Jimmy Jackson, Denny Seckinger
9:50 – Kevin Rogers, Kenny Wright, Jeff Borrelli, Dan McClellan
10:00 – Ty Cole, Gary Wigington, Chad Calvert, Daily Thomas
10:10 – Vince Floyd, Tyler Teneyck

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