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Here is the day-by-day schedule for high school wrestling teams in and around Calhoun County. This will be updated as schedules become available.

Nov. 30
Pleasant Valley, Ashville at Ohatchee

Dec. 2
Alexandria, Wellborn in Golden Bear Classic, Lincoln
Weaver in Tallassee Duals

Dec. 4
Ashville at Lincoln

Dec. 5
Alexandria at Ranburne
Lincoln at ASD
Southside, Pell City at Weaver
Wellborn at Gadsden City

Dec. 6
Southside at Alexandria, 1 p.m.

Dec. 7
Saks, Wellborn at Lincoln

Dec. 8
Gene Taylor Memorial Tournament, Weaver

Dec. 9
Gene Taylor Memorial Tournament, Weaver

Dec. 12
Alexandria, Central Carrolton (Ga.) at Oxford
Ashville, Cleburne County at Wellborn
Lincoln at St. Clair County
Piedmont, Minor at Shades Valley

Dec. 14
Lincoln at Cleburne County
Saks at Weaver
White Plains, Southside at Piedmont

Dec. 15
Weaver, Cherokee County at Alexandria

Dec. 16
Grapple in Death Valley, Alexandria

Dec. 19
Wellborn, White Plains at Weaver
Oxford, Springville at Pell City

Dec. 20
Oxford in Thompson Christmas Duals

Dec. 21
Alexandria, Oxford, Piedmont, Weaver in Coosa River Clash, Southside

Dec. 22
Alexandria, Oxford, Piedmont, Weaver in Coosa River Clash, Southside

Dec. 28
Piedmont, Dade County (Ga.) at Fort Payne
Class 6A Region 2 Duals at Oxford

Dec. 29
Oxford in LaGrange (Ga.) Tournament

Dec. 30
Oxford in LaGrange (Ga.) Tournament
Region Duals, Lincoln

Jan. 2
Calhoun County Tournament, Oxford

Jan. 4
Cleburne County, Moody at Weaver

Jan. 6
Rumble in the Jungle, Heflin

Jan. 9
Oxford, Pinson Valley, Clay Chalkville at Southside
Piedmont, Ranburne at Alexandria
Weaver, Mortimer Jordan, Susan Moore at Blountsville

Jan. 10
Cherokee County at Piedmont, 1:30 p.m.
Saks, Wellborn at Piedmont

Jan. 11
Alexandria at Moody
Lincoln at Springville
Oxford, Fultondale at Weaver
Saks, Wellborn at Piedmont

Jan. 12
Matt Tice Memorial Tournament, Leeds
Oxford in Thompson Pools

Jan. 13
Matt Tice Memorial Tournament, Leeds
Oxford in Thompson Pools
Region Duals, Alexandria

Jan. 15
Alexandria, Weaver in Dick Clem Invitational, Bob Jones
Oxford in Opelika Bulldog Brawl
Piedmont, Huntsville at New Hope

Jan. 16
Lincoln at Ashville
Ohatchee, Weaver at Piedmont
Oxford at Mountain Brook
Pleasant Valley, White Plains at Wellborn

Jan. 17
Piedmont at Wellborn, 1 p.m.

Jan. 18
Lincoln, Gadsden City, Carver-Montgomery at Oxford
Piedmont, Talladega at Ranburne
Wellborn, Oneonta, Springville at Ashville

Jan. 19
Alexandria in Ragsdale Invitational, St. Clair County
State Duals Round of 16

Jan. 20
State Duals Round of 8

Jan. 23
Alexandria, Ashville at Weaver
Lincoln, Gadsden City at Piedmont
State Duals semifinals

Jan. 25
Ohatchee, Cherokee County at Alexandria
Saks at Wellborn
Springville at Lincoln
Weaver, Shelby County at Pell City
White Plains, Ranburne at Piedmont
State Duals finals

Jan. 26
Youth County Tournament, Alexandria

Jan. 27
State Duals finals

Jan. 29
Piedmont at Lincoln

Jan. 30
Pell City, Chelsea at Oxford (Civic Center)
Weaver, Lincoln at Saks
White Plains, Ranburne at Wellborn

Feb. 1
Oxford at Spain Park
Saks, Weaver at Ranburne

Feb. 2
Piedmont in Homewood Tournament
Weaver, Wellborn, Fort Payne at Cherokee County

Feb. 3
Piedmont in Homewood Tournament

Feb. 8-10
Super Section North, Birmingham
Super Section South, Montgomery

Feb. 14-17
State Tournament, Huntsville

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