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Southeastern Seniors an option for over-50 set; adjusted Calhoun County Golf Tour points standings

By East Alabama Sports Today

Senior players looking for a chance to challenge their game on a variety of courses should consider getting in the game with the Southeastern Seniors Golf Association.

The group, open to players 50 and older, plays a weekly – usually Monday – game on public and private courses throughout the state. Benny Foster sets up the schedule in the north part of the state (there’s a southern swing based in Dothan).

The next event is Aug. 14 at RiverChase. There are upcoming trips to Capital Hill-Legislator (with the southern group), Cherokee Ridge, FarmLinks and Greystone Founders. There is a four-day event at Holiday GC in Panama City Sept. 10-13.

Registration fee for the group is $35 a year; tournament entry fees are extra.

For details contact Foster at 892-1588 or Slim McDuffie at the Southeastern Seniors Golf Association at 888-480-7742.

COUNTY GOLF TOUR: Here are the updated player points, adjusted for the top four finishes going into the Calhoun County Tournament. The county tournament is worth 1.5 times the points, so most players won’t drop that finish from their ledger. The top 16 finishers qualify for the Calhoun County Match Play Championship.

Dalton Chandler 1200
Gary Wigington 1087.5
Ty Cole 925
Brennan Clay 830
Jeremy McGatha 825
Andrew Brooks 805
Chad Calvert 795
Caleb McKinney 720
Matt Rogers 685
Jonathan Pate 677.5
Caleb Bowen 655
Adrian Geeting 627.5
Jeremy Willis 582.5
Billy Thompson 545
Frank Brady 535
Clay Calkins 522.5
(Projected cut)
Luke Armstrong 462.5
Grant Hockman 457.5
Kelly Rogers 452.5
Layton Bussey 452.5
Tanner Wells 445
Janson Wilborn 437.5
Kevin Daugherty 415
Austin Minter 390
Chance Harris 390
Kenny Wright 380
Jason Brinkley 370
Logan Archer 350
Chad Watson 337.5
Chris Cox 327.5
Scott Martin 310
Chase Hollingsworth 305
Chad Reavis 300
Chip Howell 282.5
Brad Hardin 255
Casey Harmon 227.5
Rob VanGorder 200
Clinton Ramey 160
Casey McGinnis 147.5
Landon Straub 147.5
Tim Turner 117.5
Dan McClellan 95
Walt Drake 95
Chris Maye 87.5
Brandon Roberts 75

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