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Silver Lakes pairings

UPDATED: Here are updated pairings for Saturday first-round of the RTJ-Silver Lakes Championship. Tournament still on, but officials will evaluate in the morning

Saturday’s pairings

7:30 a.m. – Frank Brady, Matt Rogers, Andrew Brooks, Layton Bussey
7:40 – AJ Milwee, Corey Ray, Tanner Roberts, Bo Hayes
7:50 – Doug East, Jarrod Smith, Curtis Barker, Marty Branson
8:30 – Ryan Huff, Chase Thomas, Timmy Woodard, Kenny Wright
8:40 – Cody Roberts, Daniel Black, Billy Thompson, Alan Mangham
8:50 – Gary Wigington, Keith Raisanen, Dalton Chandler, Tanner Wells
9:00 – Ott Chandler, Lewis Lecroy, Lance Evans, David Sanders
9:10 – Kaine Gibson, Don Hill, Chase Hollingsworth, Dillon Davis
9:30 – Jeremy McGatha, Kelly Rogers, Clay Calkins, Brennan Clay
9:40 – Alan Darnall, Jeff Bain, Blake Gilchrist, David Kyatt
9:50 – Austin Minter, Adrian Geeting, Chad Calvert, Caleb Bowen
10:00 – Ty Cole, Luke Armstrong, Chad Reavis, Clayton Chandler
10:10 – Ritchie White, Josh Jackson, Tyler Jackson, Maverick Smith
10:20 – Michael Watson, Brent Ludwig, Jeremy Cline, Al Young
10:30 – Cameron McCareeth, Andrew Miller, Jacob Lecroy, Logan Archer
10:40 – Tournament time
1 p.m. – Benji Turley, Casey Harmon, Charlie Thomas, Andrew McDonald

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