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Archers on target

UPDATED Randy and Logan Archer shoot 65 on Sunday, come from 5 back to win Parent-Child at Anniston CC.

Gross Division: Randy Archer-Logan Archer 134 (-6)
Flight 2: (tie) Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers, Michael Downey-Haden Downey 143
Flight 3: Randy Reaves-Will Reaves 145
Flight 4: Don Whitlow-Gantt Whitlow 163
Net Division: Brian Woodfin-Anna Marie Woodfin 108

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

There’s something special about winning a tournament on Father’s Day with your dad.

Logan and Randy Archer have been trying to win the Parent-Child at Anniston Country Club the last three years. They came as close as a team could each of the last two years, but finally pulled it off Sunday.

They shot 5-under-par 65 in the final round to come from five shots back and win their first title together by one shot over first-round leaders Jeremy and T.J. McGatha and Kevin and Landon Daugherty.

They finished at 6-under 134 for the tournament. The Daughertys shot 68 in the final round. The McGathas, looking for their fifth Parent-Child title, shot 71 and needed a birdie on 18 to tie for second.

“It’s very rewarding to win it with your son, and to be on Father’s Day that kind of tops it all off,” Randy Archer said. “We’ve been trying to do it for three or four years and we finally got it done today.

“It’s something you’re always wanting to do with your kid. I’m just lucky and thankful I have a son as talented as Logan is that we’re able to win it. He’s got game.”

The Archers finished one shot back each of the last two years. Two years ago, the McGathas got them and last year it was Garrett Burgess and Drennan Beam.

The comeback was truly a family affair. Randy, a former club pro, got it started when he chipped in for eagle on No. 3 and had it closest-to-the-pin close for birdie on No. 5. Logan, a rising junior on the University of North Georgia golf team, shot 67 on his own ball and collected the team’s other two birdies at 11 and 13.

“It’s special to get to play with him,” Logan said. “Most of the time he gets to watch me play and we don’t get to play (together), but he’s young enough and still plays good golf. He taught me the game and everything and that’s what makes it special.”

The McGathas and Daughertys were paired together off the first tee, but were two holes behind the Archers in the shotgun start so neither knew what the others were doing.

The McGathas knew they were having a tough round, but T.J. gave them hope for a playoff with their playing partners on 18 when he recovered from a popped-up drive by hitting a 5-wood 220 yards to four feet, just outside of Kevin Daugherty’s approach.

A T.J. make and a Daugherty miss would have tied the playing partners, but a Daugherty make would have tied for the lead. T.J. made his birdie and Daugherty missed, but the Archers already had the lead in front of them.

“I told my dad earlier in the round if Logan and Randy keep playing good the way we’re going they could win it, and that’s what happened,” Jeremy McGatha said. “It was a good Father’s Day for them.”

Gross Division

Flight 1
Randy Archer-Logan Archer 69-65—134
T.J. McGatha-Jeremy McGatha 64-71—135
Kevin Daugherty-Landon Daugherty 67-68—135
Rob Svensen-Jack Svensen 68-68—136
Robert Nichols-Jacob Nichols 69-68—137
Harold Daugherty-Kevin Daugherty 68-71—139
Mike Hughston-Harrison Hughston 71-69—140
Ken Howell-Danny Smith 71-75—146
Kenny Wright-Charlie Wright 71-79—150

Flight 2
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers 72-71—143
Michael Downey-Haden Downey 72-71—143
Scott Clay-Brennan Clay 73-71—144
Brian Woodfin-Anna Marie Woodfin 73-71—144
Harold Daugherty-Landon Daugherty 72-73—145
Kevin Wells-Tanner Wells 73-74—147
Hank Smith-Charlie Smith 76-73—149
Rusty Whitlow-Gantt Whitlow 76-73—149
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow 75-76—151

Flight 3
Randy Reaves-Will Reaves 77-68—145
Graham Morrow-Caleb Morrow 77-77—154
David Gattis-Abby Gattis 77-77—154
Don Whitlow-Trey Sawyer 78-78—156
Kevin Wells-Tyler Wells 77-79—156
Chad Jones-Anna Grace Jones 79-80—159
Don Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 80-83—163
Scott Clay-Cal Lambert 80-84—164

Flight 4
Don Whitlow-Gantt Whitlow 81-82—163
Sam Whiteside-Bill Turner 81-85—166
Terry Fields-Jackson Fields 85-82—167
Don Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 85-83—168
Cliff Wright-Brock Wright 82-86—168
Mike Whitlow-Johnathon Whitlow 86-84—170
Chip Whiteside-Sam Whiteside 87-83—170
Adam Allen-Bryce Allen 88-88—176

Net Division
Brian Woodfin-Anna Marie Woodfin 57-51—108
David Gattis-Abby Gattis 54-55—109
Don Whitlow-Gantt Whitlow 56-56—112
Chad Jones-Anna Grace Jones 58-55—113
Adam Allen-Bryce Allen 59-56—115
Rusty Whitlow-Gantt Whitlow 59-56—115
Michael Downey-Haden Downey 58-57—115
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers 57-61—118
Kevin Wells-Tyler Wells 59-60—119
Robert Nichols-Jacob Nichols 61-58—119
Rob Svensen-Jack Svensen 60-60—120
Ken Howell-Danny Smith 58-62—120
Kevin Wells-Tanner Wells 62-59—121
Cliff Wright-Brock Wright 60-62—122
Randy Reaves-Will Reaves 67-55—122
Scott Clay-Cal Lambert 59-63—122
T.J. McGatha-Jeremy McGatha 59-64—123
Graham Morrow-Caleb Morrow 60-63—123
Randy Archer-Logan Archer 64-59—123
Kevin Daugherty-Landon Daugherty 63-62—125
Harold Daugherty-Kevin Daugherty 60-65—125
Terry Fields-Jackson Fields 64-61—125
Scott Clay-Brenna Clay 62-63—125
Don Whitlow-Trey Sawyer 65-62—127
Don Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 63-65—128
Harold Daugherty-Landon Daugherty 64-65—129
Mike Hughston-Harrison Hughston 66-64—130
Chip Whiteside-Sam Whiteside 67-63—130
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow 67-65—132
Hank Smith-Charlie Smith 67-66—133
Mike Whitlow-Johnathon Whitlow 68-65—133
Sam Whiteside-Bill Turner 65-68—133
Don Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 68-67—135
Kenny Wright-Charlie Wright 66-70—136

Cover photo by B.J. Franklin

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