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County seeds

Five undefeated wrestlers pull down No. 1 seeds in Calhoun County Wrestling Championship at Ohatchee Tuesday.

Undefeated Nick Souder, Matt King, Christian Knop, Caleb Montgomery, Clay Webb all pull down No. 1 seeds in tomorrow’s Calhoun County Wrestling Championship at Ohatchee.

Alexandria has five No. 1 seeds in the tournament, Oxford has three, Wellborn and Weaver two each, Piedmont and Ohatchee one each.

Doors open at 8 a.m. Admission is $6.

Here are the No. 1 seeds
108 – Jaden New, Alexandria (24-2)
115 – Sammy Cotton, Wellborn (7-4)
122 – Fletcher Swindall, Alexandria (23-3)
128 – Nick Souder, Weaver (31-0)
134 – Christian Pettus, Weaver (20-7)
140 – Gannon Womack, Alexandria (19-6)
147 – Aaron Whittaker, Alexandria (22-2)
154 – Justin Roblee, Wellborn (7-2)
162 – Matt King, Oxford (22-0)
172 – Jack Peavey, Oxford (17-1)
184 – Logan Smith, Piedmont (4-1)
197 – Christian Knop, Alexandria (26-0)
222 – Caleb Montgomery, Ohatchee (8-0)
HWT – Clay Webb, Oxford (11-0)

Here are the first- or second-round matches
108 – (1) Jalen New, Alexandria vs. Travis Bellar, Weaver; Sawyer Bentley, Oxford vs. Brady Denham, Wellborn; Chase Hicks, Oxford vs. Tavante Shropshire, Saks; Matthew Kenneway, Saks vs. (2) Cody Souder, Weaver.

115 (second round) – (1) Sammy Cotton, Wellborn-Tristan McInnish, Ohatchee winner vs. Dylan Deloach, Weaver; Landon Burrage, Oxford vs. (2) Kaleb Matthews, Alexandria.

122 – (1) Fletcher Swindall, Alexandria vs. bye; Ian Markham, Weaver vs. Troy Galloway, Ohatchee; Jakob Chisolm, Oxford vs. Elliot Ford, Piedmont; Devin Anderson, Weaver vs. (2) Namath Pitts, Wellborn.

128 – (1) Nick Souder, Weaver vs. bye; Alex Lowe, Weaver vs. Jackson Hurst, Oxford; Thomas Brown, Saks vs. Chase McCullough, Weaver; Nolan Popham-Jones, Alexandria vs. (2) Peyton Marrs, Ohatchee.

134 (second round) – (1) Christian Pettus, Weaver vs. Dalton Dalrymple, Oxford; Jordan Medders, Alexandria vs. Draven Lipscomb, Piedmont-(2) Brady Rinehard, Wellborn winner.

140 – (1) Gannon Womack, Alexandria vs. Brock Thrash, Ohatchee; Taylor Ward, Weaver vs. bye; Jazimine Conner, Wellborn vs. Josh Coheely, Piedmont; Trenton Brown, Saks vs. (2) Carson Lindsey, Oxford.

147 (second round) – (1) Aaron Whittaker, Alexandria-Daniel Hunt, Piedmont winner vs. Kendrick Young, Oxford; Drake Monroe, Weaver vs. (2) Matthew Lindsey, Wellborn.

154 – (1) Justin Roblee, Wellborn vs. Brody Johnson, Saks; Chanceton Holifield, Oxford vs. Nick Coheely, Piedmont; Stefan Kirby, Weaver vs. Jude Graziono, Ohatchee; Connor Hall, Alexandria vs. (2) Andrew Broyles, Oxford.

162 – (1) Matt King, Oxford vs. bye; Randall Purdy, Alexandria vs. Billy Whitson, Weaver; Rodney Reddick, Saks vs. Trey Snyder, Piedmont; (2) Clayton Conner, Wellborn vs. bye.

172 – (1) Jack Peavey, Oxford vs. Gage Taber, Wellborn; Devionte Garrett, Saks vs. bye; Hayden Pitts, Ohatchee vs. bye; Logan Baughn, Oxford vs. (2) Kyle Clapper, Weaver.

184 (second round) – (1) Logan Smith, Piedmont vs. Casey Thompson, Wellborn; Parker Gay, Oxford vs. (2) Dalton Sexton, Alexandria.

197 – (1) Christian Knop, Alexandria vs. bye; Harley Kendall, Wellborn vs. Austin Snelling, Ohatchee; Dawson Wells, Saks vs. Joshua Thomas, Oxford; Evan Cooper, Piedmont vs. (2) Caleb Russell, Weaver.

222 (second round) – (1) Caleb Montgomery, Ohatchee vs. Matthew Muncher, Oxford vs. bye; Zachary Chandler, Wellborn vs. Bryson Ingram, Piedmont-(2) Caleb Allison, Weaver winner.

HWT – (1) Clay Webb, Oxford vs. Dakota Pruitt, Ohatchee; Javien Woods, Piedmont vs. Connor Uesry, Weaver; Wesley Harrell, Wellborn vs. Skylar Payne, Alexandria; Jasper Duke, Weaver vs. (2) Jordan Brooks, Saks.

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