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Make room for another trophy

Cole wins Pine Hill for third straight Tour win, sixth in a row overall; he’s 56-under in the six individual wins

Ty Cole (L) is congratulated by his playing partners (from left) Chip Howell, Jeff Borrelli and Brennan Clay after winning the Pine Hill Invitational Sunday.

Ty Cole (L) is congratulated by his playing partners (from left) Chip Howell, Jeff Borrelli and Brennan Clay after winning the Pine Hill Invitational Sunday.

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

The trouble with winning all these tournaments is you have to spend so much time rearranging the furniture.

Ty Cole starts the new school year Monday and one of the first things he’ll have to do in his Asbury High School classroom is rearrange the area he puts his trophies for the kids to see when they arrive for the first day of school Thursday morning.

There’s going to be a lot of new trophies there this time after he won the Pine Hill Invitational Sunday for his sixth straight individual title of the summer.

Cole became the second player in Calhoun County Tour history to win three straight Tour events when he shot 11-under-par 133. He shot 67 in the final round and won by five over Dalton Chandler and Gary Wigington, the tournament’s three-time defending champion.

“This one is going to be a little harder, because I don’t know where to put it,” Cole said. “I’ve got a little bookshelf and put them in there, because the kids come in and are like ‘What is that?’ It gives the kids something to talk about.”

Jaylon Ellison won three straight Tour events in 2010 – the Indian Oaks, Pine Hill and Cane Creek invitationals.

Cole has won at Cane Creek, Silver Lakes and Pine Hill as part of his six straight individual titles since May. He’s also won invitationals at Gadsden Country Club, Chesley Oaks GC and Cherokee County CC. He is an amazing 56-under-par in those victories.

“It’s silly, it really is,” he said. “It’s crazy, nobody does that. If somebody would have told me at the start of the summer that’s what it’s going to be I’d be like ‘you’re crazy, nobody does that.’

“Good players play good, but with the amount of talent that plays on this golf tour you don’t see that. Somebody may win two in a row or two in a season, but there are too many good players down here for it just to be the same guy every time. That just doesn’t happy. It’s just silly.”

And the 56-under?

“That’s just real silly,” he said.

It has been such a dominating summer there are scenarios that suggest he could finish as low as fourth in the Aug. 13-14 Calhoun County Tournament and as long as Wigington doesn’t win be the County Player of the Year.

Cole held a three-shot overnight lead, but briefly lost it when he started the round par-bogey-double bogey. Jeff Borrelli and Wigington moved to the top of the leaderboard at that point, but the time they spent there was short-lived.

Borrelli bogeyed No. 4 while Cole birdied it to start a run of three birdies in a row, four in five holes and six in the next eight. Wigington fell out of the lead when he lost a ball off the sixth tee and made bogey.

“My brother was following us and he said ‘I think you just caught him,'” Borrelli said. “I said to him I think I did too, but you watch what’s fixin’ to happen. He’s mad now, it will be a birdie fest.”

Cole’s birdie run covered 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 11. He held a two-shot lead after Chandler eagled 15 and 18, then stretched it with birdies at 15, 16 and 17. Mad had nothing to do with it.

“My big thing through this whole summer is the deal with Cane Creek, when I threw the club,” he said, referring to his eruption in the final round there that had tournament officials calling all the way to Oakmont for an interpretation of a possible rules violation that would have impacted the outcome. “I’ve changed the way I look at golf tournaments since that day.

“I don’t get mad because that nearly cost me the tournament. I’ve had a lot more patience and especially here this week. I told you when I threw the club it should have taught me lesson and it has. I’ve just been a lot more patient and just played golf.”

Chandler, whose bogey-free 65 was the tournament’s low round, hit a 7-iron from 180 yards to 15 feet for the eagle on 15 and a 3-wood from 220 to 12 feet for the one on 18. He also holed out from 60 yards for birdie on 11. As he tried to get closer to the lead on his final three holes, he drove it over the green on 1 and got a bad kick on his second shot into the par-5 second.

“I was trying to go birdie-birdie-birdie,” Chandler said. “I heard he was 3-over after three holes, so I was hoping for the best.”

Final scores

Championship flight
Ty Cole 66-67—133
Dalton Chandler 73-65—138
Gary Wigington 69-69—138
Jeff Borrelli 69-72—141
Brennan Clay 69-72—141
Kevin Daugherty 71-70—141
Scott Eaton 70-73—143
Jonathan Pate 72-71—143
Caleb Bowen 72-71—143
Lance Evans 71-73—144
Chip Howell 69-75—144
Chase Hollingsworth 70-75—145
Kenny Wright 70-76—146
Matt Rogers 72-74—146
Tanner Wells 70-78—148
Tyler Dopson 71-83—154

Player 453 345 444 36 444 435 345 36 72

Cole 465 234 435 36 334 434 235 31 67
D. Chandler 453 344 443 34 434 433 343 31 65
Wigington 452 346 344 35 444 534 334 34 69

First flight
Josh Poole 74-67—141
Ott Chandler 74-68—142
Chad Calvert 73-70—143
Jeremy McGatha 73-70—143
Daniel Black 73-71—144
Andrew Brooks 73-71—144
Caleb McKinney 73-73—146
Janson Wilborn 75-73—148
Dan Griffin 75-74—149
Benji Turley 75-75—150
Billy Thompson 74-77—151
Keith Raisanen 74-80—154
Austin Minter 75-86—161
Dan McClellan 75-WD

Second flight
Christian Rogers 76-72—148
Adrian Geeting 76-72—148
Casey Harmon 76-73—149
Bo Robinson 78-73—151
Jeff Watkins 77-75—152
Tony Hicks 76-77—153
Rick Okins 78-76—154
Mark Durden 77-77—154
David Sanders 77-78—155
Cameron McCareeth 76-79—155
Dennis Austin 79-78—157
Andrew Picton 78-80—158
Carter Gable 77-81—158
Clayton Chandler 79-80—159
Robin Wood 78-83—161
Nathan Griffin 77-84—161
Andrew Williams 77-85—162
Graham Morrow 79-85—164

Third flight
Nick Pollard 80-75—155
Johnny Tucker 81-76—157
Daily Thomas 81-77—158
Dustin Viehe 81-77—158
Steve Taylor 82-77—159
Glenn Heathcock 80-79—159
David Coffey 80-80—160
Chandler Wilborn 83-77—160
Joel Brown 85-77—162
Brandon Roberts 82-81—163
Terry Cobb 81-84—165
Kenny Okins 83-83—166
Brady Grasser 83-86—169
Mike Hughston 81-92—173
Scott Watson 83-90—173
Kelly Rogers 84-93—177
Mark Gaines 84-95—179

Fourth flight
Lenn Coffey 86-81—167
David Stephens 86-82—168
Mickey Travis 85-85—170
Caleb Morrow 86-85—171
Chance Harris 88-84—172
Heath Waldrop 85-89—174
Grant Greenwood 90-85—175
Greg Rainey 89-87—176
Jimbo Phillips 92-85—177
Gage Miller 90-88—178
John Lindsey 88-90—178
Keaton Borrelli 89-90—179
Wesley Jenkins 91-89—179
Wayne Boyd 94-85—179
Brad Hardin 87-94—181
Hayden Crowe 89-96—185
Jamie Lewis 92-95—187
Steve Borrelli 93-95—188
Tim Craft 100-105—205
Kolby Slick 101-109—210

(Players top 4 finishes heading into County Championship)
(Overall points in parenthesis)
(Top 16 qualify for Calhoun County Match Play Championship)

Ty Cole (1502.5) 1125
Gary Wigington (1422.5) 1037.5
Dalton Chandler (1307.5) 970
Kevin Daugherty (1061.7) 891.7
Jeremy McGatha (1195) 860
Chad Calvert (1122.5) 810
Caleb McKinney (862.5) 727.5
Andrew Brooks (755) 650
Lance Evans (637.5) 637.5
Scott Martin (735) 632.5
Janson Wilborn (827.5) 615
Ott Chandler (705) 615
Adrian Geeting (695) 600
Caleb Bowen (705) 597.5
Matt Rogers (845) 595
Billy Thompson (812.5) 577.5
Clay Calkins (577.5) 577.5
Projected Cut
Brennan Clay (574.2) 574.2
Jeff Borrelli (619.2) 569.2
Lewis Lecroy (550) 550
Cypress Hathorn (520) 520
Jonathan Pate (477.5) 477.5
Dan Griffin (537.5) 455
Chip Howell (445) 445
Dustin Travis (425) 425
Brandon Roberts (470) 417.5
Casey Harmon (517.5) 407.5
Chad Reavis (405) 405
Jacob Lecroy (400) 400
Austin Minter (467.5) 392.5
David Lawrence (385) 385
Kyle Daugherty (380) 380
Kenny Wright (365) 365
Daily Thomas (397.5) 337.5
Nick Pollard (300) 300
Kelly Rogers (280) 280
Jimbo Phillips (272.5) 272.5
Luke Armstrong (245) 245
Jono Waugh (230) 230
Landon Straub (222.5) 222.5
Brad Crowe (180) 180
Jeremy Willis (145) 145
Brad Hardin (145) 145
Layton Bussey (140) 140

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