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Donoho sweeps county tennis

Falcons return to event for first time since 2012, win all six girls divisions, four in boys

By East Alabama Sports Today

OXFORD — Donoho, playing in the event for the first time since 2012, won all six girls divisions and four in boys to sweep the Calhoun County Tennis Tournament Saturday.

Donoho’s girls scored 49 points and its boys scored 50. The Falcons won handily despite missing several players due to the school’s intersession.

The tournament, formerly known as the Red Wilder Invitational, was played at Oxford Lake.

Donoho senior Camille Fink won the girls No. 1 singles and Oxford junior Thomas Roberts won the boys No. 1 singles.

Fink defeated Abby Epperson of Pleasant Valley in her final, 10-1. Thomas defeated Donoho’s David Hudson in his final, 10-7.

Fink’s teammates Emma Wiedmer, Virginia Hutto, Anna Marie Woodfin, Hadley Smith and Claire Walker were the other girls champions.

The other boys champions included Donoho’s Jake Walker, Cooper Montgomery, Norwood Hodges and Edwin Connell, and Jacksonville’s Michael Mendiola.



Team scores: Donoho 49, Faith Christian 22, Oxford 17, Jacksonville 8, Pleasant Valley 4.

Match results

No. 1 Singles: Camille Fink (D) d. Abbie White (O), 11-9; Fink (D) d. Abby Epperson (PV), 10-0; Abby Emerson (FC) d. Cristen Chandler (J), 10-6; Finals – Fink (D) d. Emerson (FC), 10-1.

No. 2 Singles: Sarah Lumpkin (J) d. Karina Jones (PV), 10-3; Janay Caver (FC) d. Lumpkin (J), 10-8; Emma Wiedmer (D) d. Ashleigh Goodwin (O), 10-7; Finals – Wiedmer (D) d. Caver (FC), 10-8.

No. 3 Singles: Virginia Hutto (D) d. Raine Harris (J), 10-2; Hutto (D) d. Zana Christjohn (FC), 10-3; Analeigh Adams (O) d. Danyelle Westfall (PV), 10-5; Finals – Hutto (D) d. Adams (O), 10-3.

No. 4 Singles: Annamarie Woodfin (D) d. Regan Crosby (FC), 10-0; Woodfin (D) d. Rachael Harris (J), 10-0; Kaelyn Albright (O) d. Dailee Mickler (PV), 10-1; Finals – Woodfin (D) d. Albright (O), 10-1.

No. 5 Singles: Kristen Peck (PV) d. Abigail Poore (O), 10-6; Peck (PV) d. Alex BIllups (J), 10-1; Hadley Smith (D) d. Sarah Jessica Christjohn (FC), 10-2; Finals – Smith (D) d. Peck (PV), 10-2.

No. 6 Singles: Savannah Sawyer (FC) d. Katee Waugh (J), 10-5; Claire Walker (D) d. Abigail Pratt (O), 10-4; Finals – Walker (D) d. Sawyer (FC), 10-0.


Team scores: Donoho 50, Jacksonville 30, Oxford 28, Faith Christian 5, Pleasant Valley 2.

Match results

No. 1 Singles: Caleb Kirk (PV) d. Chan Armstrong (FC), 10-1; Thomas Roberts (O) d. Kirk (PV), 10-3; David Hudson (D) d. Mark Mendiola (J), 10-3; Finals – Roberts (O) d. Hudson (D), 10-7.

No. 2 Singles: Jac Myrick (FC) d. Dakota Herron (PV), 10-4; Jake Walker (D) d. Myrick (FC), 10-2; Chase White (O) d. Cole Gaddy (J), 10-7; Finals – Walker (D) d. White, 10-2.

No. 3 Singles: Ben Patterson (J) d.Jordan Landers (PV), 10-0; Patterson (J) d. Michael Kulick (FC), 10-6; Cooper Montgomery (D) d. Landon Macoy (O), 10-0; Finals – Montgomery (D) d. Patterson (J), 10-4.

No. 4 Singles: Jesse Wilson (J) d. Reed Rigsby (FC), 10-2; Wilson (J) d. Ethan Fuller (O), 10-5; Norwood Hodges (D) d. Trent Findley (PV), 10-1; Finals – Hodges (D) d. Wilson (J), 10-3.

No. 5 Singles: Gray Hanley (D) d. Jeremiah Wyatt (O), 10-5; Hanley (D) d. Never Williams (PV), 10-0; Michael Mendiola (J) d. Zac Gattrell (FC), 10-6; Finals – Mendiola (J) d. Hanley (D), 10-6.

No. 6 Singles: Edwin Connell (D) d. Dakota Parr (PV), 10-0; Connell (D) d. Kaleb Schiebelhut (O), 10-3; Ammon Record (J) d. Rhett Rigsby (F), 10-8; Finals – Connell (D) d. Record (J), 10-3.

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