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McGathas win Parent-Child

[corner-ad id=2]Dad delivers in a big way on final hole to produce team’s fourth win in the event and first since 2008

T.J. and Jeremy McGatha won their fourth Parent-Child Tournament title at Anniston CC Sunday.

T.J. and Jeremy McGatha won their fourth Parent-Child Tournament title at Anniston CC Sunday.

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

Normally, Jeremy McGatha would go to great lengths to get his dad something nice on Father’s Day, but on this parental holiday it was dad T.J. who provided the present.

The McGathas won their fourth Parent-Child Tournament title at Anniston Country Club Sunday, but it wasn’t secured until T.J. made a two-putt par on their final hole with Jeremy out of the hole to lock up a one-shot victory.

The McGathas shot a final-round 67 for a two-day total 130 (10-under-par) that was one better than Rich Santagata Sr. and Jr. David and Adam Sanders finished third overall (134). Pat and Parker Hughes shot the low round of the day (66) and finished tied for fifth.

“It’s special to get out there, especially playing with your son on Father’s Day,” T.J. McGatha said. “It’s just something special.

“It’s probably one of my favorite tournaments of the year and probably one of Jeremy’s favorites, too. It’s just good to be able to be out there and spend time with him and see all the other fathers and sons and daughters together. It’s just a good tournament.”

It was their first Parent-Child title since 2008 and comes a month after Jeremy won by Wilfred Galbraith ACC Invitational for the first time. They also won the Parent-Child in 2003 and 2005.

The way the elder McGatha looks at their pairing, Jeremy does the team’s heavy lifting and he’s “just there to try to help when he gets in trouble – and a lot of times that ain’t much.”

Jeremy made five birdies Sunday, but T.J. figured he was there to save three holes with pars. Dad was especially helpful on No. 9, their final hole of the day.

Jeremy pushed his drive into the tree line on the right, while T.J. was down the middle. They opted to let T.J. hit his approach first to set the strategy for the hole and he stuck his 8-iron about 10 feet from the hole.

The shot gave Jeremy a green light to create, but he found the trees that took him out of the hole. T.J. then two-putted for what proved to be the clinching par.

“He was big, both days,” Jeremy said. “He had four birdies yesterday and made a bunch of pars today. That last hole I needed him, and he was right down the middle.”

Kenneth and Ellie Kate Patterson won the 18-and-under division (141). Bruce and Grant Hockman, who finished fourth overall, were the 19-and-over net winners (119), while Mike and Harrison Hughston won the 18-and-under net (117).

at Anniston CC


T.J. McGatha-Jeremy McGatha 63-67—130
Rich Santagata Sr.-Rich Santagata Jr. 64-67—131
David Sanders-Adam Sanders 67-67—134
Bruce Hockman-Grant Hockman 68-67—135
Scott Clay-Brennan Clay 69-67—136
Pat Hughes-Parker Hughes 70-66—136
Michael Downey-Haden Downey 66-73—139
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow 71-71—142
Guice Potter III-Guice Potter IV 73-69—142
Don Whitlow-Trey Sawyer 70-75—145
Clay Calkins-Tyler Calkins 75-72—147
LC Drinnon-Ryan Abernathy 75-73—148
Jip Peoples-Jake Peoples 75-73—148
Don Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 75-73—148
Kevin Wells-Tanner Wells 78-70—148
Don Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 75-76—151
Mac Huckaby-Tyler Huckaby 72-80—152
Joel Carter-Steve Carter 75-77—152
Jerry Boozer-Benton Boozer 79-78—157
Kevin Wells-Tyler Wells 80-84—164
Terry Fields-Jackson Fields 87-77—164
Ken Howell-Keith Howell 87-85—172
Mike Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 93-81—174

Kenneth Patterson-Ellie Kate Patterson 69-72—141
Brian Woodfin-Anne Marie Woodfin 70-73—143
Mike Hughston-Harrison Hughston 73-72—145
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers 73-75—148
Henry Smith-Charlie Smith 80-82—162
Mac Huckaby-Madison Huckaby 84-95—179
Hope Downey-Ethan Miles-Jamison 105-107—212


Bruce Hockman-Grant Hockman 59-60—119
T.J. McGatha-Jeremy McGatha 59-60—119
Michael Downey-Haden Downey 57-64—121
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow 60-62—122
Don Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 58-64—122
Don Whitlow-Trey Sawyer 59-64—123
Don Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 63-60—123
Rich Santagata Sr.-Rich Santagata Jr. 61-65—126
David Sanders-Adam Sanders 63-63—126
Scott Clay-Brennan Clay 65-61—126
LC Drinnon-Ryan Abernathy 65-63—128
Kevin Wells-Tanner Wells 68-60—128
Jip Peoples-Jake Peoples 65-65—130
Kevin Wells-Tyler Wells 62-69—131
Pat Hughes-Parker Hughes 68-63—131
Guice Potter III-Guice Potter IV 67-65—132
Joel Carter-Steve Carter 64-69—133
Terry Fields-Jackson Fields 72-61—133
Clay Calkins-Tyler Calkins 70-64—134
Jerry Boozer-Benton Boozer 65-69—134
Mac Huckaby-Tyler Huckaby 65-71—136
Mike Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 77-68—145
Ken Howell-Keith Howell 74-72—146

Mike Hughston-Harrison Hughston 58-59—117
Brian Woodfin-Anne Marie Woodfin 62-61—123
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers 62-66—128
Kenneth Patterson-Ellie Kate Patterson 64-64—128
Henry Smith-Charlie Smith 67-64—131
Mac Huckaby-Madison Huckaby 67-71—138
Hope Downey-Ethan Miles-Jamison 76-78—154

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