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Pattersons, McGathas lead Parent-Child

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Kurt Duryea of Centre retrieves his hole-in-one at Canyon Ridge GC Saturday.

Kurt Duryea of Centre retrieves his hole-in-one at Canyon Ridge GC Saturday.

By East Alabama Sports Today

Kenneth Patterson and daughter Ellie Kate shot 1-under-par 69 and T.J. McGatha and son Jeremy shot 7-under 63 to hold one-shot leads in their respective divisions of the annual Parent-Child Tournament at Anniston Country Club.

The Pattersons lead Brian and Anne Marie Woodfin in the 18-and-under gross division, while the McGathas lead Rich Santagata Sr. and Jr. in the 19-and-older division.

Mike and Harrison Hughston’s 58 lead Matt and Isabel Rogers and the Woodfins by four in the 18-and-under net division. Michael and Haden Downey’s 57 lead the 19-and-older net division by one over Don and Jonathan Whitlow. Three other teams are another shot back.

ACE IN THE CROWD MILESTONE: Kurt Duryea of Centre scored his second career hole-in-one Saturday when he aced the third hole at Canyon Ridge GC in Rising Fawn, Ga. He used a pitching wedge to ace the 134-yard downhill par-3. The shot was witnessed by Brian Johnson and Scott Hays.

It was the 50th hole-in-one reported to East Alabama Sports Today since the website began registering aces by local players last summer.

at Anniston CC


Kenneth Patterson-Ellie Kate Patterson 69
Brian Woodfin-Anne Marie Woodfin 70
Mike Hughston-Harrison Hughston 73
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers 73
Henry Smith-Charlie Smith 80
Mac Huckaby-Madison Huckaby 84
Hope Downey-Ethan Miles-Jamison 105

T.J. McGatha-Jeremy McGatha 63
Rich Santagata Sr.-Rich Santagata Jr. 64
Michael Downey-Haden Downey 66
David Sanders-Adam Sanders 67
Bruce Hockman-Grant Hockman 68
Scott Clay-Brennan Clay 69
Pat Hughes-Parker Hughes 70
Don Whitlow-Trey Sawyer 70
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow 71
Mac Huckaby-Tyler Huckaby 72
Guice Potter III-Guice Potter IV 73
Clay Calkins-Tyler Calkins 75
Joel Carter-Steve Carter 75
LC Drinnon-Ryan Abernathy 75
Jip Peoples-Jake Peoples 75
Don Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 75
Don Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 75
Kevin Wells-Tanner Wells 78
Jerry Boozer-Benton Boozer 79
Kevin Wells-Tyler Wells 80
Terry Fields-Jackson Fields 87
Ken Howell-Keith Howell 87
Mike Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 93


Mike Hughston-Harrison Hughston 58
Brian Woodfin-Anne Marie Woodfin 62
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers 62
Kenneth Patterson-Ellie Kate Patterson 64
Henry Smith-Charlie Smith 67
Mac Huckaby-Madison Huckaby 67
Hope Downey-Ethan Miles-Jamison 76

Michael Downey-Haden Downey 57
Don Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 58
T.J. McGatha-Jeremy McGatha 59
Bruce Hockman-Grant Hockman 59
Don Whitlow-Trey Sawyer 59
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow 60
Rich Santagata Sr.-Rich Santagata Jr. 61
Kevin Wells-Tyler Wells 62
David Sanders-Adam Sanders 63
Don Whitlow-Mike Whitlow 63
Joel Carter-Steve Carter 64
LC Drinnon-Ryan Abernathy 65
Jip Peoples-Jake Peoples 65
Scott Clay-Brennan Clay 65
Mac Huckaby-Tyler Huckaby 65
Jerry Boozer-Benton Boozer 65
Guice Potter III-Guice Potter IV 67
Pat Hughes-Parker Hughes 68
Kevin Wells-Tanner Wells 68
Clay Calkins-Tyler Calkins 70
Terry Fields-Jackson Fields 72
Ken Howell-Keith Howell 74
Mike Whitlow-Johnathan Whitlow 77

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