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2 tied for lead in Cherokee County

[corner-ad id=2]One set of leaders open with 12 straight 3s, the other shoots 9-under on the back

By East Alabama Sports Today

CENTRE – The team of George Gann and Eric Underwood opened their round with 12 straight 3s Saturday while the team of Kenny Fulmer and Randy Lipscomb played the back nine in a day’s-best 27 to grab a share of the lead in the Cherokee County CC Two-Man.

Both teams signed for 15-under-par 56s and opened a three-shot lead over Wayne Garrett and Dawson Garrett.

Gann and Underwood kept their string of 3s alive with an eagle at No. 6. They had 16 3s in the round.

Fulmer and Lipscomb scored two eagles on the back – the par-4 10th and the par-5 14th. They birdied their final three holes to pull into a tie for the lead.

Closest-to-the-pin prizes went to George Morris (No. 5), Jeremy McGatha (8), Gann (12) and Tim Hill (17). Hill hit it to a foot from 141 yards. Morris was three feet away from 151.

The tournament concludes Sunday.

Cherokee County CC Two-Man
First-round results

Championship flight
Kenny Fulmer-Randy Lipscomb 29-27—56
George Gann-Eric Underwood 27-29—56
Wayne Garrett-Dawson Garrett 28-31—59
Jon Bailey-Adam Lawrence 29-31—60
Jake Minnix-Lee Morgan 32-29—61
Jeremy McGatha-Matt Rogers 30-31—61
Jeff Champion-Kevin Daugherty 30-31—61
Jeremy Willis-Ryan Zebeau 31-31—62
Mark Cantrell-David Dowling 31-31—62
Tim Gamble-Moose Hicks 32-31—63
Jeff Noah-Lee Vinson 33-30—63
Ted Heim-Allen Mangham 31-32—63
David Garrett-Caden Garrett 30-33—63

First flight
Steve Baker-Mike Terry 33-31—64
Byron Reed-Chris Hancock 32-32—64
Sid Garrett-Scott Tucker 31-33—64
Kurt Duryea-Tim Hill 33-32—65
Gary Webb-Don Webb 32-34—66
Keith Atkinson-Tim Trammell 33-33—66
Adam Weaver-Robin Wood 34-33—67
George Morris-Wade Trailer 33-34—67
Johnny Bentley-Jeff Woodall 35-32—67
Dee Pruitt-Eric Lewis 34-33—67
Mark Hardeman-Chris Jarrett 33-34—67

Second flight
Scotty McFry-Jay Wilson 32-36—68
Scott Hays-Bobby Mintz 33-35—68
Larry Haynes-Jason Traylor 33-36—69
Larry Barber-Ricky Hairston 34-35—69
Austin Minter-Bill Owens 34-36—70
Scott Farrar-Ted Nowak 37-35—72
Adam Cochran-Levi Cochran 37-36—73
Aaron Burt-Jared Hulgan 38-36—74
Dewayne Rainey-Jeff Carpenter 38-37—75
Burt-Burt 39-39—78

Sunday’s pairings
8 a.m. — Burt-Burt, Dewayne Rainey-Jeff Carpenter
8:10 — Aaron Burt-Jared Hulgan, Scott Farrar-Ted Nowak
8:20 — Austin Minter-Bill Owens, Larry Barber-Ricky Hairston
8:30 — Scott Hays-Bobby Mintz, Adam Weaver-Robin Wood
8:40 — Scotty McFry-Jay Wilson, Larry Haynes-Jason Traylor
9:20 — Mark Hardeman-Chris Jarrett, Dee Pruitt-Eric Lewis
9:30 — Johnny Bentley-Jeff Woodall, Extra Team
9:40 — Kurt Duryea-Tim Hill, Gary Webb-Don Webb
9:50 — Sid Garrett-Scott Tucker, Looney Atkinson-Tim Trammell
10:00 — George Morris-Wade Trailor, Ted Heim-Allen Mangham
10:10 — Steve Baker-Mike Terry, Byron Reed-Chris Hancock
10:40 — David Garrett-Caden Garrett, Jeff Noah-Lee Vinson
10:50 — Tim Gamble-Moose Hicks, Mark Cantrell-David Dowling
11:00 — Jeremy Willis-Ryan Zebeau, Jeff Champion-Kevin Daugherty
11:10 — Jeremy McGatha-Matt Rogers, Lee Morgan-Jake Minnix
11:20 — Jon Bailey-Adam Lawrence, Wayne Garrett-Dawson Garrett
11:30 — George Gann-Eric Underwood, Kenny Fulmer-Randy Lipscomb

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