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JCA’s Brackett awarded QB Club scholarship

[corner-ad id=2]Record-setting quarterback also received his Leadership Scholarship to JSU

JCA quarterback Daylon Brackett is flanked by Calhoun County QB Club board members Gene Ellison (L) and Danny Shears after receiving one of the club's three scholarships Monday.

JCA quarterback Daylon Brackett is flanked by Calhoun County QB Club board members Gene Ellison (L) and Danny Shears after receiving one of the club’s three scholarships Monday.

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

JACKSONVILLE — Daylon Brackett grew up believing if you do the right things good things will come your way.

The Jacksonville Christian quarterback has been doing the right thing on the field and in the classroom throughout his career at the Class 1A school and Monday reaped the rewards.

In an awards assembly attended by classmates, teachers and assorted visitors Brackett received his Leadership Scholarship to Jacksonville State and one of three scholarships awarded by the Quarterback Club of Calhoun County.

“It’s definitely surreal,” Brackett said. “It’s what you work up to your whole high school career, not just playing on the football field and the basketball court, but also in the classroom. I made it a point to keep my grades up to keep that 4.0, and just seeing it all come together at the end has been really a blessing.”

Brackett was the highest vote-getter among the 13 applicants for the Quarterback Club scholarship, which club officials said takes into account more than mere statistics. He is the first JCA player to receive the award, which is believed to now give the club a recipient at every Calhoun County school that plays football.

Piedmont’s Tyler Lusk and Saks’ Monty Young were the other recipients this year.

“Meeting in the fall with friends and hearing old coaches and players talk is lots of fun, but what we did today is the best part of the Quarterback Club,” board member Danny Shears said. “The most gratifying, most rewarding part is knowing that we, as a group, can help three men further their education and hopefully better their lives through the scholarship.”

On the field, Brackett put his name in the AHSAA record book in several career categories. In the classroom, he ranks second in his class.

“He was a team leader in every sense of the word,” Shears said.

Bracket’s 103 career touchdowns will be tied for ninth all-time (with Jameis Winston) once the school submits the numbers to the AHSAA. His 9,513 all-purpose yards will be tenth and his 8,960 yards of total offense eighth.

For his career, he completed 256 of 507 passes for 4,387 yards and 39 touchdowns while rushing for 3,994 yards on 419 carries with 58 touchdowns. He had five touchdown receptions among his 22 career catches for 619 yards, and 553 yards in returns with one score.

“It is precedent setting,” JCA football coach and principal Tommy Miller said of the Quarterback Club scholarship. “It’s good for Daylon, it’s good for JCA, but it’s a whole lot deeper than that. It gets into what we believe.

“Daylon chose to turn down scholarships to stay and play at JSU. He didn’t know at that time how that was going to be taken care of. Since then he has been awarded those scholarships. He stayed with what he felt like he was supposed to do and our belief is if you’re doing what you’re supposed to do the Lord will take care of you, and it sure appears that that is taking place for Daylon.”

Brackett, of course, was the Thunder’s quarterback this season, but he could see action at any number of positions at JSU – receiver, tight end, safety. He plans to enroll this summer to get a jump on his academic and athletic career.

“Of course, being a quarterback and playing for all these years, that definitely would be something I would want to do,” he said, “but I’ll play wherever I can.”

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