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Calhoun County Track preview

Oxford girls, Piedmont boys projected to win the respective team titles again

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

The way Lisa Howard sees it, whatever happened last year that prevented her Anniston girls track team from winning the Calhoun County Meet is water under the bridge and far down the stream.

All she is doing is looking ahead and looking for the Bulldogs — boys and girls — to put their best foot forward.

This year’s County Meet is Tuesday at Jacksonville State. Projecting with the best times of the season, Piedmont is favored to win the boys championship and Oxford the girls.

Howard’s boys team is projected third, the girls projected fifth, but the coach is expecting more.

“Yes, they have the girls coming out in fifth place; if they’re going to settle for fifth, they can settle, but I expect them to go out and compete,” Howard said. “I want them to go and compete to the best of their ability. I’m looking for their times to drop, for them to have a good time while competing and give me everything they have on the track. I think this meet will motivate them for the rest of the season.

“There a lot of good teams out there in the county. I just want all the kids to come out and have a good time compete without injuries and really just celebrate track and field.”

Last year, the Oxford girls and Piedmont boys celebrated best, winning their respective championships by fewer than 10 points.

The Anniston girls, meanwhile, were left to scratch their head. Controversy surrounding the shot put forced the field to replay the event. Oxford’s Brianna Calhoun won the do-over by two inches and the Yellow Jackets edged the Bulldogs for the title by 5.5 points.

The Bulldogs also were impacted by Howard’s sense of fair play, which brought more competitors into the triple jump when their own Carsheuna Curry was one of the few able to jump in the event under conventional means.

“There are no excuses and I don’t want it to seem like we’re making excuses,” Howard said. “What happened, happened and when it was over with it was done. We’re just going out and competing (this year).”

Individually, it promises to be a big day for several county athletes. Piedmont’s Karri Green (pictured) is seeded first in four girls events, Pleasant Valley’s Rachel Faucett and Oxford’s Brianna Calhoun in two each and Oxford in all three relays.

On the boys side, Piedmont’s C.J. Savage is up for the fastest man in Calhoun County seeded first in both sprints and the long jump; teammate Dreek Thompson is seeded first in two events, as is teammate Mitchell Benefield and Pleasant Valley’s Matisse Miller. Oxford is seeded first in two relays.

Below are the projected meet results and favorites:

Tuesday, at Jacksonville State



Team Scores: Oxford 186, Piedmont 120, Jacksonville 92, Pleasant Valley 88, Anniston 82, Ohatchee 46, White Plains 42, Weaver 18, Wellborn 13.

Projected Winners (with other significant pre-meet seedings):

100: Tatiyana Thomas, Jacksonville, 13:06. Oxford 2, Anniston 3-4.
200: Karri Green, Piedmont, 26:39. Jacksonville 2.
400: Karri Green, Piedmont, 59:32. Oxford 2-3-5-6-7.
800: Adah Touray, Oxford, 2:40.87. Oxford 1-3. Piedmont 2.
1,600: Rachel Faucett, Pleasant Valley, 5:54.94. Pleasant Valley 1-2, Oxford 3-4-5.
3,200: Rebecca Hearn, Jacksonville, 11:53.24. Pleasant Valley 2-3-5-8, Ohatchee 4-6-7.
100 Hurdles: Karri Green, Piedmont, 16:01. Jacksonville 2.
300 Hurdles: Karri Green, Piedmont, 46.52. Oxford 2-4-5.
4×100 Relay: Oxford, 49.50. Anniston 2.
4×400 Relay: Oxford, 4:20.23. Anniston 2.
4×800 Relay: Oxford, 11:08.18. Pleasant Valley 2.
Shot Put: Brianna Calhoun, Oxford, 36-8. Oxford 1-3-4, Ohatchee 2-5.
Discus: Brianna Calhoun, Oxford, 109-1. Oxford 1-3, Piedmont 2, Jacksonville 4-5.
Long Jump: Jamiria Bradford, Oxford, 16-6. Anniston 2.
Triple Jump: Carshuena Curry, Anniston, 34-3 ½. Oxford 2-3, Piedmont 4-5-6.
High Jump: Rachel Faucett, Pleasant Valley, 5-2. Pleasant Valley 1-3-6. Weaver 2.
Javelin: Courtney Poole, Ohatchee, 95-4. White Plains 2-3.
Pole Vault: Megan Mohan, Piedmont, 9-0. 1-2-3 Piedmont sweep.


Team Scores: Piedmont 256, Oxford 171, Anniston 89, Pleasant Valley 76, White Plains 63, Weaver 16, Ohatchee 15, Jacksonville 8, Wellborn 7.

Projected Winners (with other significant pre-meet seedings):

100: C.J. Savage, Piedmont, 10.91. Oxford 2-3-4-5.
200: C.J. Savage, Piedmont, 22.48. Oxford 2-3-4, Anniston 5-6-7.
400: Kaylan Banks, Oxford, 50:43. Oxford 1-2.
800: Zebadee Lunsford, Anniston, 2:08.99. Pleasant Valley 2, Piedmont 3-4.
1600: Matisse Miller, Pleasant Valley, 5:03.73. Pleasant Valley 1-3, Anniston 2.
3200: Matisse Miller, Pleasant Valley, 11:00.76. Anniston 2-4.
110 Hurdles: Mitchell Benefield, Piedmont, 16.27. Piedmont 1-3-5-6, Oxford 2-4.
300 Hurdles: Mitchell Benefield, Piedmont, 44.13. Piedmont 1-2.
4×100 Relay: Oxford, 43.80. Piedmont 2.
4×400 Relay: Oxford, 3:35.28. Piedmont 2.
4×800 Relay: Pleasant Valley, 9:07.06. Piedmont 2.
Shot Put: Cameron Hill, Oxford, 42-2. Piedmont 2.
Discus: Logan Beadles, Piedmont, 114-4. Oxford 2, Piedmont 3-4-5.
Long Jump: C.J. Savage, Piedmont, 20-10. Anniston 2, Piedmont 3-4-5-6.
Triple Jump: Dreek Thompson, Piedmont, 40-9. White Plains 2, Piedmont 3-4-6.
High Jump: Dreek Thompson, Piedmont, 5-10. Oxford 2.
Javelin: Eli Hightower, White Plains, 155-8. Piedmont 2-4-5-6.
Pole Vault: Wil Mitchell, Piedmont, 11-6. 1-2-3 Piedmont sweep.

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