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Weaver wrestlers deny Indians — again

UPDATED: Bearcats win Creekbank Classic for third year in a row

By East Alabama Sports Today

OHATCHEE – For the third year in a row, Weaver denied Ohatchee the pride of winning its own wrestling tournament.

The Bearcats won the third annual Creekbank Classic on Saturday, scoring 217 points to edge the host Indians by 3.5 points for their third tournament win of the season. Westminster Christian was a distant third.

“It was nice to score the number of points we did considering there weren’t as many matches as there were in some of the previous tournaments,” Weaver coach Andy Fulmer said. “It’s always nice when you win a tournament, but no matter where we finish, we always still have work to do. We have a lot of things to work on Monday, but a lot of good things come from today.”

The Bearcats had eight finalists. They had five weight division winners — Nick Souder (106), Kyle Clapper (140). Jacob Howard (147), Collin Allison (184) and Chase Rodgers (187) – and three runner-ups, but the match that put them over the top was the 222-pound consolation final.

Sophomore Matt Elston pinned Ohatchee senior Steven Minniefield in the third round to send Weaver back into the lead. When Ashville’s Dakota Brock decisioned Ohatchee’s Jeffie Worrell in the 184 consolation final that followed, the victory was sealed.

“We had kids everywhere and they brought it to my attention that if Ohatchee wins one more match they win,” Fulmer said. “I told them we can’t control what they do, just what we do.

“My nerves would love a pin, but a win is a win. Any head-to-head with Ohatchee is like a two-game swing. He was really aggressive, took a good shot and put their kid on his back and got the pin. But we still had to wait it out. If they would’ve won (at 184) they would’ve beaten us by a half-point.”

Elston had extra incentive to succeed. He lost to Minniefield the last time they met, last weekend in Heflin. The complete impact of what he accomplished didn’t hit until they announced the team scores at the end of the event.

“They came up to me and said you won the match,” Elston said. “I said yeah I know, but they were like no, you got our team the win. It was a great feeling.”

Ohatchee posted wins at 122 (Josh Sexton), 128 (Payton Entrekin) and 287 (Hunter Barclay). Entrekin just returned to the mat from injury Thursday in an exhibition bout at Alexandria; he had two pins in less than a minute and technical fall in his three bouts. Barclay bounced back from losing his first two bouts of the season last week in Heflin and missing the Alexandria tri-match with an ear infection.

Alexandria’s Lane Trapp won the 115 division through a 7-0 decision over Ohatchee’s Kevin Griffith. It was his first win over Griffith this season, improving to 30-2 in a year that came close to not happening.

“This year he actually wasn’t sure he was going to wrestle,” Valley Cubs coach Frank Hartzog said. “He actually told me a month ago he had considered quitting and his dad told him no. At the first tournament he came alive and there was no turning back for him. He wrestled great tonight.”

At Ohatchee

TEAM SCORES: 1. Weaver 217, 2. Ohatchee 213.5, 3. Westminster Christian 128, 4. Ashville 122.5, 5. Alexandria 110, 6. Wellborn 94, 7. Ranburne 83, 8. Saks 58, 9. Oxford 41.5.

108 Results
Championship Match: Nick Souder (Weaver) 36-1, So. over Jim Wilson (Ohatchee) 36-7, 8th. (MD 12-2).
Consolation Match: Fletcher Swindall (Alexandria) 30-6, 8th. over Bailey Henry (Ranburne) 11-10, 8th. (Dec 6-0).

115 Results
Championship Match: Lane Trapp (Alexandria) 30-2, Jr. over Kevin Griffith (Ohatchee) 34-8, Sr. (Dec 7-0).
Consolation Match: Brady Rinehard (Wellborn) 16-3, So. over Josh Lowe (Weaver) 9-10, 8th. (Dec 5-0).

122 Results
Championship Match: Josh Sexton (Ohatchee) 31-7, Jr. pinned Spencer Jordan (Ranburne) 7-8, 7th.
Consolation Match: Jakob Poole (Westminster Christian) 8-11, 8th. over Jackson Hurst (Oxford) 1-2. (Dec 5-3).

128 Results
Championship Match: Payton Entrekin (Ohatchee) 10-2, Sr. over Aaron Whittaker (Alexandria) 19-9, Fr. (TF-1.5 0:00 (18-2)).
Consolation Match: Carson Lindsay (Oxford) 4-1, over Matthew Lindsey (Wellborn) 9-6, 8th. (Dec 11-9).

134 Results
Championship Match: Braxton Bice (Ashville) 19-2, Sr. pinned Andrew Kilgore (Saks) 16-7, So. Consolation Match: Justin Conner (Wellborn) 13-6, Jr. over Jackson Henry (Ohatchee) 14-23, So. (MD 10-2).

140 Results
Championship Match: Kyle Clapper (Weaver) 27-6, So. pinned Stefan Kirby (Weaver) 12-18, 8th.
Consolation Match: Gryce McDaniel (Oxford) 3-1, pinned Justin Roblee (Wellborn) 11-7, So.

147 Results
Championship Match: Jacob Howard (Weaver) 32-5, Sr. pinned Clayton Conner (Wellborn) 8-6, So.
Consolation Match: Ty Brown (Alexandria) 13-10, Sr. pinned Will Yates (Ranburne) 5-8, So.

154 Results
Championship Match: Quintin Thies (Westminster Christian) 14-9, Sr. pinned Taylor Brown (Saks) 18-7, Jr.
Consolation Match: Austin Snelling (Ohatchee) 20-15, So. pinned Tyler East (Ranburne) 1-2, So.

162 Results
Championship Match: Ethan Pippin (Westminster Christian) 26-6, Fr. pinned Kenny Brady (Ashville) 19-2, Jr.
Consolation Match: Christian Knop (Alexandria) 22-5, 8th. pinned Logan Johnson (Weaver) 25-12, Sr.

172 Results
Championship Match: Reid Singles (Westminster Christian) 13-6, Jr. pinned Tyler Johnson (Weaver) 21-10, Jr.
Consolation Match: Hayden Pitts (Ohatchee) 31-11, So. pinned Jeremiah Brown (Ashville) 12-10, Jr.

184 Results
Championship Match: Collin Allison (Weaver) 28-6, Jr. pinned Andy Morgan (Ashville) 17-4, Jr.
Consolation Match: Dakota Brock (Ashville) 3-1, over Jeffie Worrell (Ohatchee) 17-20, Jr. (Dec 10-5).

197 Results
Championship Match: Chase Rodgers (Weaver) 32-4, Jr. pinned Dylan Tullis (Ranburne) 12-1, Sr.
Consolation Match: Caleb Montgomery (Ohatchee) 23-11, So. pinned David Palmer (Ashville) 16-6, Jr.

222 Results
Championship Match: Kendall Farr (Westminster Christian) 23-5, So. over Andrew Kimrey (Westminster Christian) 7-8, (Forf.).
Consolation Match: Matt Elston (Weaver) 23-11, So. pinned Steven Minniefield (Ohatchee) 16-10, Sr.

287 Results
Championship Match: Hunter Barclay (Ohatchee) 30-2, Sr. over Caleb Allison (Weaver) 30-5, 8th. (Dec 2-1)
Consolation Match: Dakota Pruitt (Ohatchee) 3-1, pinned Connor Mcdaris (Westminster Christian) 4-5.

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