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The great debate: Who has the best program?

East Alabama Sports Today has a way to determine it with County All-Sports Trophy

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today

When Jacksonville’s volleyball team took out top-seeded Oxford in three sets Saturday, it did more than give the Golden Eagles their eighth County Tournament title in the last 10 year.

It gave the school’s athletics program the early lead for the East Alabama Sports Today all-sports trophy.

The season-long competition underwritten by the new local sports website seeks to recognize the best overall scholastic athletics program in Calhoun County based on their finishes in their respective county tournaments.

(We may even get ambitious and track it in state tournament play in order to include a football component).

“I think it’s a good idea that goes across sports,” Jacksonville athletics director (and volleyball coach) David Clark said. “I think there’s always talk about who has the best sports program. To have something tangible would be a good thing.”

The competitions will track boys, girls and overall success. We’re endeavoring to name the respective awards, but the early leaders seem to be the Kenny Cup (for publisher Kenny Wright), Musky Mug (for Content Editor Al Muskewitz) and EASportsToday Trophy.

Points will be awarded for a school’s final position in each county tournament (1 for first, 2 for second, etc). The lowest total after the final tournament will be declared the winner.

Tiebreaker procedures are in place for single-loss elimination team competitions.

In addition to the recently completed volleyball tournament, county championships are conducted in baseball, basketball, softball, cross country, track and field, golf and wrestling.

Here are the standings after the volleyball tournament:


Jacksonville 1
Oxford 2
Saks 3
Alexandria 4
Pleasant Valley 5
White Plains 6
Donoho 7
Ohatchee 8
Wellborn 9
Piedmont 10
Sacred Heart 11
Weaver 12
Faith Christian 13
Jacksonville Christian 14
Anniston 15

Next event: Boys and girls cross-country at Oxford Lake, Oct. 21

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