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Fites to finish

Freeman Fite teams with Bodie to win Anniston Country Club Parent-Child tourney, Payton to finish runner up.

By East Alabama Sports Today

ANNISTON — Freeman Fite and Bodie Fite shot 61-63—124 to finish as overall winners of Anniston Country Club’s Parent-Child Tournament. They also won the 7-under division.

Freeman Fite and Payton Fite teamed to finish second overall at 62-67—126, also taking the 8-13 division.

“We had a great time,” Freeman Fite said. “Payton and Bodie played great.

“It’s just a special weekend to spend with them. We’ve played with Kevin and Landon (Daugherty) the last couple of years, and they love that, as well. It’s just fun to get out there and watch them compete and be a part of it.”

The annual tournament concludes on Father’s Day. Here are scores for the gross and net divisions: 

Gross division

Freeman Fite-Bodie Fite6163124
Brennan Clay-Atticus Clay6868136
Kolby Slick-Baker Slick82NSNS
Payton FIte-Freeman FIte16267129
Manning Askew-Warren Askew6170131
Corey Etter-Zoey Etter6767134
Garrett Burgess-Garrett Burgess Jr.6969138
Tim Wilcox-Gray Wilcox7480154
Mark Durden-Dison Durden8274156
Dustin Merritt-Thomas Merritt8286168
Randy Reaves-Will Reaves6268130
Gary Wigington-Peyton Wigington6568133
Kevin Daugherty-Landon Daugherty6766133
Brennan Clay1-Scott Clay6865133
Jack Svensen-Rob Svensen16868136
Janson Wilborn-Gary Wilborn16769136
Gary Wilborn-Chandler Wilborn16870138
Greg Shultz-Ted Shultz6771138
Hank Smith-Charlie Smith6871139
Steve Akers-Luke Akers6873141
Jeremy McGatha-T.J. McGatha7065135
Graham Morrow-Taylor Morrow7067137
David Lipscomb-Randy Lipscomb7071141
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers7568143
Rob Svensen-Ross Svensen7273145
Patrick Webber-Ty Webber7174145
Tyler Teneyck-Bill Teneyck7374147
Bryant Edwards-Sawyer Edwards7376149
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow7673149
Bob Mosakowski-Kyle Mosakowski7478152
Don Whitlow4-Trey Sawyer7768145
Gantt Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow17771148
Cal Lambert-Joseph Lambert7876154
Kolby Slick1-Keith Slick8075155
Scott Shultz-Ted Shultz17977156
Jonathan Whitlow-Mike Whitlow18078158
Don Whitlow3-Jonathan Whitlow8080160
Don Whitlow1-Gantt Whitlow8181162
Olivia Parsons-Don Hill8579164
Bubba Willingham-Kody Willingham8779166
Don Whitlow2-Mike Whitlow8286168

Net Division

Don Whitlow3-Jonathan Whitlow5453107
Jonathan Whitlow-Mike Whitlow15653109
Don Whitlow4-Trey Sawyer6054114
Corey Etter-Zoey Etter5856114
Steve Akers-Luke Akers5559114
Freeman Fite-Bodie Fite5858116
Kolby Slick1-Keith Slick6255117
Manning Askew-Warren Askew5463117
Payton Fite-Freeman Fite15762119
Tyler Teneyck-Bill Teneyck6159120
David Lipscomb-Randy Lipscomb5961120
Brennan Clay1-Scott Clay6060120
Don Whitlow2-Mike Whitlow5963122
Matt Rogers-Isabel Rogers6558123
Graham Morrow-Taylor Morrow6360123
Dustin Merritt-Thomas Merritt5865123
Jack Svensen-Rob Svensen16262124
Tim Wilcox-Gray Wilcox5966125
Randy Reaves-Will Reaves5966125
Kevin Daugherty-Landon Daugherty6561126
Janson Wilborn-Gary Wilborn16264126
Bob Mosakowski-Kyle Mosakowski5967126
Don Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow6364127
Hank Smith-Charlie Smith6365128
Jeremy McGatha-T.J. McGatha6563128
Patrick Webber-Ty Webber6564129
Gary Wigington-Payton Wigington6267129
Cal Lambert-Joseph Lambert6664130
Olivia Parsons-Don Hill7061131
Mark Durden-Dison Durden6863131
Don Whitlow1-Gantt Whitlow6467131
Gary Wilborn-Chandler Wilborn16666132
Rob Svensen-Ross Svensen6667133
Garrett Burgess-Garrett Burgess Jr.6866134
Greg Shultz-Ted Shultz6668134
Scott Shultz-Ted Shultz16767134
Gantt Whitlow-Rusty Whitlow17064134
Bubba Willingham-Kody Willingham7165136
Bryant Edwards-Sawyer Edwards6769136
Brennan Clay-Atticus Clay6970139
Kolby Slick-Baker Slick67NSNS

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