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All-Calhoun County volleyball

Pleasant Valley’s Bryant, Schwabe and Alexandria’s Welch, Dickerson take top honors on the 2023 East Alabama Sports Today All-Calhoun County volleyball teams.

Cover photo: Alexandria’s Kailey Dickerson is the East Alabama Sports Today 2023 Class 4A-6A All-Calhoun County player of the year, and Alexandria’s Whitney Welch is coach of the year after the Valley Cubs won 52 matches and their first-ever North Super Regional title en route to the Class 5A state semifinals. Pleasant Valley’s Maddie Schwabe is the 1A-3A All-County player of the year and Dana Bryant the coach of the year after the Raiders won the Calhoun County, Class 2A North Super Regional and state championships, ending their season with 20 consecutive victories. (Krista Larkin/For East Alabama Sports Today and submitted photos)

Class 4A-6A

Player of the year: Kailey Dickerson (Alexandria) OH, 5-8, Sr.
Coach of the year: Whitney Welch (Alexandria).

Eryn Spradley (Alexandria) OH, 6-1, Jr.
Devan White (Alexandria) DS, 5-2, Sr.
Ava Johnson (Alexandria) DS, 5-3, Sr.
Christian Hess (Alexandria) S, 5-6, Sr.
Karli Barnwell (Jacksonville) L, 5-3, Sr.
Camryn Stone (Jacksonville) MH, 5-8, Jr.
Mya Swain (Jacksonville) MH, 5-7, So.
Ava Thomas (Oxford) OH, 5-9, Fr.
Mileah Prince (Oxford) MH, 5-10, Jr.
Payton Brooks (Oxford) S, 5-6, So.
Jamea Gaston, (Oxford) L, 5-0, Sr.
Cooper Martin (White Plains) OH, 5-6, Sr.
Halie Smith (White Plains) L/DS, 5-4, Sr.

Cassidy Hartsfield (Alexandria) MH, 5-11, Jr.
Sophie Martin (Alexandria) S, 5-10, So.
Sydney Soriano (Jacksonville) S, 5-7, So.
Alexis Phillips (Jacksonville) OH, 5-5, Jr.
Nyla Holt (Jacksonville) OH, 5-7, So. 
Jaslyn Montgomery (Oxford) MH, 6-0, Jr.
Daelyn Bozeman (Oxford) RS, 5-7, Jr.
Kaelyn Crossley (Oxford) DS, 5-4, Sr.
Leighton Arnold (White Plains) RS, 5-8, Jr.

: Kirsten Heathcock (MH, 5-10, Sr.), McKinley Cooper (MH, 5-10, Jr.), Kaden Pritchett (OPP, 5-10, Jr.), Charlee Parris (DS, 5-2, So.)
Jacksonville: Je’henna Engram (DS, 5-4, Sr.)
Oxford: Arilyn Pool (DS, 5-3, Jr.)
White Plains: Carli Fritts (OH, 6-1, So.), Sara Kate Adams (M, 5-11, So.)

Class 1A-3A

Player of the year: Maddie Schwabe (Pleasant Valley) S, 5-4, Sr.
Coach of the year: Dana Bryant (Pleasant Valley).

Samantha Wakefield (Donoho), OH, 5-8, Jr.
Estella Connell (Donoho), MH, 5-10, Sr.
Ally Folsom (Faith Christian) OH, 5-10, Sr. 
Kayson Cronan (Faith Christian) L, 5.6, So.
Anna Kate Robertson (Faith Christian) S, 5-6, Jr.
Addy Lee (Jacksonville Christian) MH, 5-6, Fr.
Rebecca Henderson (Ohatchee), OH, 5-8, Jr. 
Alanah Fitch (Ohatchee) S, 5-5, So.
Ellie Carden (Ohatchee) L, 5-4, Sr.
Jaycee Glover (Piedmont) S, 5-5, Sr.
Cayla Brothers (Piedmont) OH, 5-7, Jr.
Lily Henry (Pleasant Valley): OH, 5-8 Jr.
Allie Bryant (Pleasant Valley) OH, 5-4, Sr.
Madi Hay (Pleasant Valley) L, 5-8, Sr.
Jadey Hatten-Rivera (Weaver) S, 5-7, Jr.
Josselyn Masaniai (Weaver) L, 5-2, Sr.
Calla Hayes (Wellborn) MH, 6-0, Sr. 
Gracie Lewis (Wellborn) S, 5-4, Sr. 
Anna Odom (Wellborn) OH, 5-5, Sr. 

Callee Taylor (Donoho) S, 5-8, So.
Kate Williamon (Donoho), OH, 5-8, So.
Serenity Pate (Faith Christian) MH, 5-9, Jr.
Kaylee Hughes (Faith Christian) OH, 5-6, Jr.
Cali Sexton (Jacksonville Christian) OH, 5-6, So.
Brett Finn (Ohatchee) MH, 5-7, Jr.
Ayla Crook (Ohatchee) OH, 5-7, So.
Savannah Reaves (Ohatchee) RS, 5-7, Jr.
Carson Young (Piedmont) MH, 5-8, Jr.
Cacey Brothers (Piedmont) RS, 5-9, Jr.
Madison Schwabe (Pleasant Valley) RH, 5-7, So.
Ella Parris (Pleasant Valley) MH, 5-8, So.
Ellie Patterson (Pleasant Valley) MH, 5-9, Fr.
Chloe Collison (Weaver) MH, 5-9, Jr.
Madison Deck (Weaver) LH, 5-7, Jr.
Diana Rodriguez (Wellborn) L, 5-0, Sr. 
Hannah Grubbs (Wellborn) MB, 5-9, Jr.

: Ryals Jones (MH, 6-1, Jr.).
Faith Christian: Cheyenne Rice (MH, 5-8, Jr.)
Jacksonville Christian: Carlie Chesson (S, 5-3, So.), Riley Sanders (DS, 5-5, Sr.)
Ohatchee: Emily Riddle (MH, 5-8, So.), Kiana Garber (OH, 5-5, Sr.)
Pleasant Valley: Janette Turner (DS, 5-5, Fr.).
Saks: Alonna Crews (MH, 5-4, Sr.)
Weaver: Gracie Duncan (S, 5-6, Jr.), Sydney Bitzer (S, 5-3, Sr.), McKenley Davis (MH, 5-7, Sr.).
Wellborn: Annalee Rinehard (DS, 5-4, Sr.), Bentley Bean (OH, 5-5, Jr.), Destiny Benefield (OH, 5-6, Jr.), Libby Smith (OH, 5-6, Jr.).

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