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SKCC Sunday tee times

Here are the Sept. 17 tee times for the Sunny King Charity Classic; note the final groupings at ACC Sunday will be updated to reflect the leaderboard

Player 1Player 2 TimeCourse
Ted TownsDrue Snow7:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Clay CalkinsGeorge Calkins7:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Josh AshleyJonathan Myrick7:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Phil BoozerTBD7:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Graham MorrowCaleb Morrow7:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Jason RichLee Clark7:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Craig BeckwithWilton Page7:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Chris HubbardNick Hubbard7:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Dallas PoeLucas Bryant7:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Trenton RayNathan Franklin7:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Daily ThomasNathan Williams7:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Janson WilbornGrant Taylor7:50 AMAnniston Country Club
David CoffeyZach Goss8:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Landon WinfreyJared Waits8:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Mike LeeShane Lee8:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Dustin TravisSawyer Edwards8:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Greg ShultzJim Ramey8:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Keaton BorrelliTaylor Vera8:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Landon SucoDavid Gulledge8:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Jono WaughTrey Pilkington8:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Jonathan ChandlerDaniel Crumly8:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Caleb BowenKolby Slick8:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Matt ManningBlake Lowry8:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Tony HicksGreg Harrelson8:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Chad KeyWyatt Cotney9:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Cain HollingsworthTaylor O’Conner9:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Casey HarmonLandon Holley9:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Josh PooleBlake Turner9:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Madilyn TurnerBrady Turner9:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Randy LipscombBlake Boozer9:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Mark McCaigBrian Caldwell9:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Mike HughstonJimbo Phillips9:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Kilgore KnightBradley Young9:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Josh ReynoldsBart Smith9:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Tyler RomineJason Romine9:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Tyler HuckabyTaylor Jones9:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Keith BentleyMac Huckaby10:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Jason AldermanChristopher Alderman10:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Samuel WallaceGreg Goodwin10:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Charles EstesJamison Carden10:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Timmy WoodardChase Thomas10:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Blake ColeRyan Kirby10:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Chase HollingsworthHunter Carr10:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Cody BoydMark Wood10:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Kenny WrightCypress Hathorn10:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Corey MizeKyle Glover10:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Will PrickettScott Jackson10:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Ben ParrMarc Walker10:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Wes CouchTyler McNickle11:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Warren AskewWill Broome11:00 AMAnniston Country Club
Jake GoggansRob Davie11:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Taylor MorrowSamuel Morrow11:10 AMAnniston Country Club
Ryan HuffJohn Lindsey11:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Jaylon EllisonOtt Chandler11:20 AMAnniston Country Club
Stan CatesJustin Bates11:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Bill WakefieldMinton Edwards11:30 AMAnniston Country Club
Ryan HowardScott Murphree11:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Hank SmithBrett Rothwell11:40 AMAnniston Country Club
Andrew MorrisAndrew Tyson11:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Matt HunterBrett Key11:50 AMAnniston Country Club
Andrew BrooksMatt Rogers12:00 PMAnniston Country Club
Landon StraubJason Johnson12:00 PMAnniston Country Club
Randy ReavesWill Reaves12:10 PMAnniston Country Club
Kevin DaughertyChandler Wilborn12:10 PMAnniston Country Club
Kaine GibsonWilliam Brown12:20 PMAnniston Country Club
Jacob HarperKyle Daugherty12:20 PMAnniston Country Club
Taylor McCullumTanner Wells12:30 PMAnniston Country Club
Brennan ClayJeremy McGatha12:30 PMAnniston Country Club
Marcus HarrellBenji Turley12:40 PMAnniston Country Club
Layton BusseyJesus Montenegro12:40 PMAnniston Country Club
Gary WigingtonTy Cole12:50 PMAnniston Country Club
Jackson KingFreeman Fite12:50 PMAnniston Country Club
Houston BlackAdam Benefiel7:00 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Al MuskewitzGrady Sapp7:00 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Matthew MorrowJosh Davis7:01 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Tyler NorthcuttNick Swindle7:01 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Brian HowellKen Howell7:10 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Dan WidenerJack McKenney7:10 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Andy CardenJon Pollard7:11 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Cal LambertBryan Scoggins7:11 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Rod HarrisJerry Schreiner7:20 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Ty JohnsonHunter Encinias7:20 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Johnathan WhitlowAndy McQuagge7:21 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Rusty WhitlowDon Whitlow7:21 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Ken WarechJake Hamilton7:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Hogan PageBrad Williams7:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Kevin CronicMike Putnam7:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jay WilliamsonChase McQuagge7:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Will HollingsworthAndy Moore7:40 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Greg SmithJamie Cash7:40 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Ty WebberPatrick Webber7:41 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Christopher MesserBrandon Ray7:41 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Kevin GibsonCal Newman7:50 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Ryan CashAlex Freeman7:50 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Josh ChappleJackson Bonner7:51 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Kyle PriceDerrick Kirby7:51 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jason CopusArlin McCauley8:00 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Daniel ClontsClay Blackwell8:00 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Bob EatonTed Heim8:01 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Andy JenkinsMark Gaines8:01 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jason PayneTyler Rich8:10 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Steve TaylorDr. Ron Wheeler8:10 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Blake JonesAustin Jones8:11 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Kenneth WillinghamMark Cotton8:11 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Daniel RicksJonathan Ricks8:20 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Will McKinneyChase Lowry8:20 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Hanna DyarColeman Messer8:21 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Randall YoungBrandon Cassady8:21 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jay McElroyDoug Gardner8:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Bruce CollinsBarry Britt8:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Morgan CunninghamKevin Third8:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Johnathon ShatusLandon Price8:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Ted GregersonAaron Gregerson11:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Todd GoodBill Osbourne11:30 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Nic StephensChad Brown11:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Josh WrightJeremy Wright11:31 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Nate PearceNick Jenkins11:40 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Jay WhaleyAlex Whaley11:40 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Dustin WilkinsCale Wright11:41 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Blake McCurryDale Findley11:41 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Clay SmithKris Key11:50 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Trae WilliamsMatthew Peters11:50 AMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Justin FosterDaniel Hammett11:51 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Kyle TurnerMicah Gaines11:51 AMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Eric ManningClay Sandford12:00 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Kory OliverKody Oliver12:00 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Benjamin ChandlerJoseph Chandler12:01 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Matthew HartegenTommy Snyder12:01 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Shane LillyDallas Dunn12:10 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Joey ThompsonMatthew Brown12:10 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Danny OwensClay Jones12:11 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jonathan JonesKeith Wooten12:11 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Mike LettDaniel Simmons12:20 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Tyler TeneyckDon Hill12:20 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Will CokerScott Knighton12:21 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Chad JonesPatrick Thornton12:21 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Doug WhiteDiana White12:30 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Chad SchmelingRicky Carden12:30 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
David ScruggsKevin Godshall12:31 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Jeff NoahKenny Fulmer12:31 PMCider Ridge – Hole #10
Daniel BlackTim Steward12:40 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Jimbo WilliamsJeremy McCullars12:40 PMCider Ridge – Hole #1
Stacy WilliamsTed Martin7:00 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Jerry MillsPete Morrison7:00 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Zack PossClark Jinks7:01 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
John GaddyJohn Kelley7:01 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Dakota ClarkMichael Hollis7:10 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Will TurleyDavid McFarland7:10 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Blake DrummondBrian Rosenbalm7:11 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Keith YatesJosh Goodson7:11 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Tony StricklandWayne Tillman7:20 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Trey ForbusJonathan Roberts7:20 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Gene HicksRon Fleming7:21 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
John McKenzieRick Dickson7:21 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Will BedwellKevin Bedwell7:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Chad BrewerChuck Robinson7:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Brian MathisonBrent Busby7:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Kenton SprayberryTiffany Sprayberry7:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Jeremy WolfBobby Yarbrough7:40 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
David RameyMorgan Ramey7:40 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Alex StennisEvan Rogers7:41 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Logan WatsonStuart Criss7:41 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Peyton WhittenDon Crawford7:50 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Jeff BarnwellRandy Jones7:50 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Chad HumphriesAnthony Humphries7:51 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Henry PritchettNeil Elders7:51 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Terry CobbMichael Ray8:00 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Chris LawDalton Deep8:00 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
James HarrisonRandy Martin8:01 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Jeff PoolRyan Pollard8:01 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Rush RutledgeJimmy Ray8:10 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Matt WhitakerJoey Stewart8:10 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Al JohnsonEthan Whitcomb8:11 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Jim SlickChance Nunnally8:11 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Hunter NewtonJohnathan Butler8:20 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Eric WilliamsJonathan Mosley8:20 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Austin ParrisShaughn Rankin8:21 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Micah DorrohJoey Dorroh8:21 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Randy CobbDonnie Bowman8:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Scott WatsonRob Jones8:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Jon-Michael TinneyShane Peacock8:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Lance BrownBrandon Davis8:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Chad CabeenTim Kurecka11:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Manny BonillaChance Haywood11:30 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Thomas ClutterMichael Bradshaw11:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Carson LindseyClint Burns11:31 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Chris BakerJared Joiner11:40 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Brock HarrellLogan Coker11:40 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Steve GendronTripp Johnson11:41 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Allen ByersJeff Hydrick11:41 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Lee LedbetterDarren Ledbetter11:50 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Justin BrownBeau Winn11:50 AMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Ethan CarterBailey Winnett11:51 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Ryan ParrishAllen Skelton11:51 AMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Lamar WardJames Carden12:00 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Cliff WrightLandy Wright12:00 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Ben MilliganAllen Wells12:01 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Brock MilesLynn Jones12:01 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Heath WaldropGreg Rainey12:10 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Terry SumnerReese Hardin12:10 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Tommy BeardKen Renfroe12:11 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Will JohnsonNate Parker12:11 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Bailey MastersAshley Hancock12:20 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Terry CokerLance Muncher12:20 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Larry ReavesNoel Johnson12:21 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
David ReavisJohn Reeves12:21 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Brandon WhitmanBrandon Slick12:30 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Cam TantJudson Miller12:30 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
Greg BrannonDanny Shears12:31 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Santi HechartJackson Veasey12:31 PMSilver Lakes – Heartbreaker
Kevin BryantDalton Cobb12:40 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker
TR JonesKaleb Littlejohn12:40 PMSilver Lakes – Mindbreaker

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