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White Plains’ boys, girls sweep small-schools division in Wildcat Twilight run. Lincoln boys win big-schools division, and Oxford boys and girls second.

By East Alabama Sports Today

WHITE PLAINS — Led by Maddyn Conn’s first-place finish and Josh Duke’s third-place finish, White Plain’s girls and boys swept the small-schools division of the Wildcat Twilight Run on Thursday.

Pleasant Valley’s boys and Jacksonville’s girls were second place.

Leading the big schools were Lincoln’s boys and Douglas’ girls. Oxford’s boys and girls took second. Here are team scores and top performers from all divisions:

SMALL-SCHOOL GIRLS: White Plains had five top-10 finishers and won with 29 points, followed by Jacksonville (39), Piedmont (95), Pleasant Valley (109), Horseshoe Bend (129) and Handley (130).

Conn won in 19:37.23. Rounding out the top 10 scoring runners were White Plains’ Abbie Dickeson (2nd, 23:00.21), Jacksonville’s Emma Easterling (3rd, 23:19.64), Piedmont’s Mattie Todd (4th, 23:36.83), Jacksonville’s Maddie Holt (5th, 23:38.69), Horseshoe Bend’s Maddie Smith (6th, 24:37.28), White Plains’ Koralys Garcia (7th, 24:51.81), Jacksonville’s Gracie Easterling (8th, 24:59.04), White Plains’ Shelby Wilkins (9th, 25:11.89) and White Plains’ Kate Reeves (10th, 25:38.21).

SMALL-SCHOOL BOYS: White Plains got two top-10 finishers and won with 55 points, followed by Pleasant Valley (72), Donoho (119), Horseshoe Bend (125), Handley (133), Jacksonville (143), Hokes Bluff (158), Piedmont (193), Ohatchee (193) and Faith Christian (216).

Top 10 scoring runners were as follows: Horseshoe Bend’s David Layfield (1st, 18:05.77) and Loughton Spates (2nd, 18:16.52), Duke (3rd, 18:36.20), Pleasant Valley’s Jayden Veazey (4th, 18:55.54), Pleasant Valley’s Braxton Williams (5th, 18:59.45), Hokes Bluff’s Ethan Patterson (6th, 19:06.98), Horseshoe Bend’s Heaton Scheler (7th, 19:47.34 7), White Plains’ Sawyer Conn (8th, 20:10.83), Ohatchee’s Gabe Ruffcorn (9th, 20:24.27) and Handley’s Braxton Taylor (10th, 20:26.97).

BIG-SCHOOL GIRLS: Douglas won with 47 points, followed by Oxford (50), Alexandria (57), Central-Clay (90), Lincoln (110) and Leeds (179).

Top 10 scoring runners were as follows: Oxford’s Emerson Maniscalco (1st, 21:53.91), Oxford’s Aubrey Willford (2nd, 22:57.82), Douglas’ Guadalupe Negrete (3rd, 23:40.68), Alexandria’s Jojo Watson (4th, 23:57.41), Alexandria’s Kammy Buchanan (5th, 24:29.07), Central-Clay’s Jessa Nash (6th, 24:50.10), Douglas’ Camilla Conriquez (7th, 25:59.10), Lincoln’s Lorelai Byrd (8th, 25:59.12), Douglas’ Jennifer Chaw (9th, 26:15.62) and Oxford’s Addison Williford (10th, 26:16.50).

BIG-SCHOOL BOYS: Lincoln won with 28 points, followed by Oxford (32), Central-Clay (92), Douglas (96), Alexandria (131), Leeds (184) and Gadsden City (186).

Top 10 scoring runners were as follows: Lincoln’s Aaron Davis (1st, 17:49.57), Oxford’s Isaac Williams (2nd, 18:13.62), Oxford’s Case Payne (3rd, 18:18.10), Lincoln’s Turner Chappell (4th, 18:25.38), Lincoln’s Jack Wiggins (5th, 18:30.65), Oxford’s Matt Tippets (6th, 18:32.46), Oxford’s Phil Copeland (7th, 18:52.25), Lincoln’s Coleman Hamrick (8th, 18:54.22), Douglas’ Mendoza Lucas Mendoza (9th, 18:54.74), Lincoln’s Ben Guthrie (10th, 19:04.26).

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