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Girls leaders

Here is a listing of the statistical leaders in Calhoun County girls basketball through games of Dec. 22; package will be updated as others are received before games resume next week (missing: Anniston, Alexandria, Saks)


Jorda Crook, Ohat13192-3031-98112946635.8
Macey Roper, PV7376816824.0
Ava Pope, Pied1162-18927-80243817515.9
Xai Whitfield, Ox1267-15118-43162116814.0
Kara Grace, JCA1264-1711-1327116113.4
Erin Prater, JCA1251-13738-109131915312.8
Lele Ridley, Pied1149-1345-30336413612.4
Ashley Grant, Jax1152-14125-7462513512.3
Justice Woods, Ox1146-1027-25243612311.2
LaMya McGrue, Ox1248-1026-20253812710.6
Isabella Higgins, WP839-820-07248510.6
Rebecca Gannaway, PV7246-2016317010.0
Aaliyah Marks, Wea13152813010.0
Cassidy Arnold, WP728-7510-3116678.4
Anna Odom, Well61327547.7
Cooper Martin, WP618-6815-5028537.6
Kianna Hester, PV71610-21914517.3
Alyssa Davis, Ohat1340-860-31021906.9
Laney Robinson, PV7197-2016466.6
Cayla Brothers, Pied1128-761-91336706.4
Rebekah Carter, JCA1219-981-263663756.3
Kirsten Walker, JCA1228-10812-59713756.3
Addison Bradley, WP612-220-21217366.0
Madison Atchley, Wea132241786.0
D.J. Gibbs, Wea131528786.0
Addy Lee, JCA1220-8610-371326635.3
Hallie Williams, WP816-374-1249405.0
DeAsia Prothro, Jax1223-520-11336594.9
Haley Lee, PV7721344.9
Whitney McFry, Ohat1320-649-311430634.8
Lindsey Zurchin, Ohat1321-8016-6401584.5
Mya Swain, Jax1116-565-311119484.4
Halaina Lozano, Jax1217-7615-6526514.3
Shay Montgomery, Ox1219-410-11322514.3
Payton Walker, JCA1221-560-01024524.3
Kaylen Kenney, Ox1218-460-11222484.0
Ontarriah Braxton, Jax1218-555-1559463.8
Alexis Phillips, Jax1217-652-20716433.6
JaMea Gaston, Ox1215-4411-3512423.5


Jorda Crook, Ohat1320715.9
Macey Roper, PV78412.0
Rebecca Gannaway, PV77711.0
Kara Grace, JCA1212310.3
Isabella Higgins, WP8749.3
Lele Ridley, Pied111009.1
DeAsia Prothro, Jax12947.8
Rebekah Carter, JCA12937.8
Kianna Hester, PV7497.0
Madison Atchley, Wea13786.0
Alyssa Davis, Ohat13685.2
Anna Odom, Well6305.0
Xai Whitfield, Ox12574.8
Cassidy Arnold, WP8384.8
Payton Walker, JCA12574.8
Cayla Brothers, Pied11504.5
Addison Bradley, WP6274.5
Whitney McFry, Ohat13594.5
Katie Beth Hudson, JCA12534.4
Alexis Phillips, Jax12514.3
Erin Prater, JCA12524.3
Ava Pope, Pied11464.2
Shay Montgomery, Ox12484.0
LaMya McGrue, Ox12473.9
Mya Swain, Jax11413.7
Kiana Garber, Ohat13483.7
Kaylen Kenney, Ox12423.5
Hallie Williams, WP8283.5
Haley Lee, PV7233.5
Mia Waters, Ohat13243.4
Priesly Davis, Ohat13383.2
Laney Robinson, PV7213.0
Braeton Moran, WP8232.9
Justice Woods, Ox11292.6
Addy Lee, JCA12282.3
Kirstin Walker, JCA12262.2
Melanie Studdard, Pied10222.2
Ashley Grant, Jax11242.2
Ontarriah Braxton, Jax12262.2
Gracie Naugher, Pied10212.1
Keziah Mickler, Ox12252.1
Abbie Dickeson, WP7152.1
Kylee Provencio, WP6122.0
Erionna Richmond, Wea13262.0

FT Shooting

Xai Whitfield, Ox1621.762
Addison Bradley, WP1217.760
Erin Prater, JCA1319.684
Justice Woods, Ox2436.667
LaMya McGrue, Ox2538.658
Kianna Hester, PV914.643
Ava Pope, Pied2438.632
Jorda Crook, Ohat81129.628
Shay Montgomery, Ox1322.591
Katie Beth Hudson, JCA712.583
Mya Swain, Jax1119.579
Rebekah Carter, JCA3663.571
Kaylen Kenney, Ox1222.545
Macey Roper, PV3768.544
Kirsten Walker, JCA713.538
Madison Atchley, Wea2241.537
Aaliyah Marks, Wea1528.536
Lele Ridley, Pied3364.516
Rebecca Gannaway, PV1631.516
Addy Lee, JCA1326.500
Anna Odom, Well1327.481
Whitney McFry, Ohat1430.467
Alyssa Davis, Ohat4086.465
Kara Grace, JCA3271.451
Hallie Williams, WP49.444
Alexis Phillips, Jax716.438
Payton Walker, JCA1024.417
Erionna Richmond, Wea1128.393
Tabi Davidson, Ohat718.389
Cayla Brothers, Pied1326.361
DeAsia Prothro, Jax1336.361
D.J. Gibbs, Wea2364.359
Laney Robinson, PV720.350
Haley Lee, PV721.333

3-Point Shooting

Kianna Hester, PV1021.476
Xai Whitfield, Ox1843.419
Laney Robinson, PV720.350
Erin Prater, JCA38109.349
Ava Pope, Pied2780.338
Ashley Grant, Jax2574.338
Ontarriah Braxton, Jax515.333
Hallie Williams, WP412.333
Cassidy Arnold, WP1031.323
JaMea Gaston, Ox1135.314
LaMya McGrue, Ox620.300
Cooper Martin, WP1550.300
Rebecca Gannaway, PV620.300
Whitney McFry, Ohat931.290
Justice Woods, Ox725.280
Addy Lee, JCA1037.270
Shaniya Calloway, Ox728.250
Lindsey Zurchin, Ohat1664.250
Keziah Mickler, Ox417.235
Halaina Lozano, Jax1565.230
Kiana Garber, Ohat313.230


Rebecca Gannaway, PV749
Tabi Davidson, Ohat1335
Hallie Williams, WP828
Haley Lee, PV728
LaMya McGrue, Ox1227
Jorda Crook, Ohat1327
Macey Roper, PV725
Keziah Mickler, Ox1222
Ava Pope, Pied1121
Xai Whitfield, Ox1221
Justice Woods, Ox1121
Whitney McFry, Ohat1319
Laney Robinson, PV718
Kianna Hester, PV718
Braeton Moran, WP817
Kiana Garber, Ohat1317
Jaycee Glover, Pied1112
JaMea Gaston, Ox1212
Shaniya Calloway, Ox1012
Cassidy Arnold, WP812


Jorda Crook, Ohat1394
Xai Whitfield, Ox1236
Macey Roper, PV735
Rebekah Carter, JCA1234
DeAsia Prothro, Jax1231
LaMya McGrue, Ox1231
Ashley Grant, Jax1128
Tabi Davidson, Ohat1328
Rebecca Gannaway, PV728
Erin Prater, JCA1225
Justice Woods, Ox1124
Anna Odom, Well624
Keziah Mickler, Ox1223
Kiana Garber, Ohat1323
Ava Pope, Pied1121
Jaycee Glover, Pied1121
Haley Lee, PV721
Kirstin Walker, JCA1221
Kara Grace, JCA1220
Cayla Brothers, Pied1119
Hallie Williams, WP818
Whitney McFry, Ohat1318
Lele Ridley, Pied1116
Addy Lee, JCA1216
Halaina Lozano, Jax1215
Gracie Naugher, Pied1014
JaMea Gaston, Ox1214
Kianna Hester, PV714
Laney Robinson, PV714
Ontarriah Braxton, Jax1212
Alexis Phillips, Jax1212
Braeton Moran, WP812

Blocked Shots

Jorda Crook, Ohat1319
Lele Ridley, Pied1117
DeAsia Prothro, Jax1211

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