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Pine Hill Pairings

The largest field in the history of the Calhoun County Golf Tour will tee off Saturday in the 15th annual Pine Hill Invitational. The 162-player field will go off in two double-tee waves, similar to a PGA Tour event or Sunny King Charity Classic. As a CCGT event, players are encouraged to record hole-by-hole fairways hit, greens and putts and return them with their scorecards to the tournament desk. Here are the pairings:

Early Wave
No. 1 Tee
7 a.m.: Landon Straub, Mark McCaig, Clay Calkins, Greg Barnett
7:10: Landon Winfrey, Jared Waits, Alex Whatley, Ricky Carden
7:20: Shane Lee, Riley Boyd, Mike Ledbetter, Cohen Picton
7:30: Jonathan Pate, Chip Howell, Bradley Elliott, Austin Elliott
7:40: Heath Waldrop, Sean Kline, Kobie Webb, Greg Rainey
7:50: David Stephens, Robbie Hurst, Cam Hurst, Jeff Roszell
8:00: Tyler Teneyck, Warren Sewell, Ken Renfroe, Keith Hutcheson
8:10: Randall Doss, Robbie Robertson, Steve Perry, Mike Thompson
8:20: Chris Hubbard, Tony Hicks, Wilton Page, Marc Gaines
8:30: Matt Rogers, Jeremy McGatha, Brennan Clay, Bob Eaton
8:40: Shannon Page, Joe Hedgepeth, Marcus King, Scott Watson

No. 10 Tee
7 a.m.: Rick Barthel, Steve Williams, Chris Randall, Keith Haywood
7:10: Tim Steward, Dennis Austin, Jerry Kemp, Sam Morgan
7:20: Greg Thrower, Steve Smith, Paul Dorsey, Bob McClain
7:30: Hunter Carr, Landon Holley, Casey Harmon, Kolby Slick
7:40: Layton Bussey, Ethan Davis, Mason Dennis, Daily Thomas
7:50: Will Brown, Blake Jones, Austin Jones, Nick Hubbard
8:00: Ted Heim, Allen Mangham, Gary Austin, David Messer
8:10: Lamar Ward, Ron Fleming, Bobby Vinson, Frank Cobb
8:20: Eddy Burks, Craig Duncan, Chris Reaves, Frankie Hanvey
8:30: David Medders Sr., David Medders Jr., Jim Landers, Steve Borrelli
8:40: Jerry Irwin, Steve Taylor, Carter Gable, Buddy Eiland

Late Wave
No. 1 Tee
11:20 a.m.: Johnny Barnes, Kelly Rogers, Mark Durden, Keaton Borrelli
11:30: Ron Wheeler, Tim Hill, Mike Lett
11:40: Gary Wigington, Randy Lipscomb, Kent Whitley, Aaron Whitley
11:50: Open
Noon: Coleman Messer, Logan Turner, Shaughn Raankin, Brian Irwin
12:10: Ott Chandler, Dalton Chandler, Jared Driggers, Chad Calvert
12:20: Terry Cobb, Jared Joiner, Josh Reynolds, Bart Smith
12:30: Wesley Jenkins, Zack Goss, Nick Ledbetter, Jimbo Phillips
12:40: Sawyer Edwards, Gage Miller, Brad Moultrie, Jake Moore
12:50: David Coffey, Brian Edwards, Brock Young, Spence Florczak
1:00: Benji Turley, Eric Cannington, Wyatt Cotney, Ryder Hudgins

No. 10 Tee
Late Wave
11:20 a.m.: Billy McCroskey, Heath Hammond, Houston Black, Adam Benefiel
11:30: Chase Hollingsworth, Cain Hollingsworth, Chance Harris, Kenny Okins
11:40: David Sanders, James Beavers, Frank Toland, David Toland
11:50: C.J. Murphy, Johnston Smith, Mason Nolen
Noon: Lamar Carter, Billy Thompson, Daniel Black, Ty Cole
12:10 p.m.: Gage Ledbetter, Patrick Cooper, Shawn Ledbetter, Glance Lewis
12:20: Jeff Noah, Kenny Fulmer, Chris Sprayberry, John Rollins
12:30: Open
12:40 Lee Clark, Wimberly Scarbrough, Mickey Sheppard
12:50: Greg Goodwin, Samuel Wallace, Mike Wallace, Seth Wallace
1:00: Tyler Dopson, Josh Poole, Nick Pollard, Mark Minton

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