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Tuesday wrestling

Here are the results from Tuesday night’s wrestling matches involves teams in and around Calhoun County

Oxford’s Reed Hill controls his opponent Tuesday night. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

To see more photos from the Oxford match visit www.bjfranklin.smugmug.com
132: Aden Whittaker (A) pinned John Lexin Caldwell, 2:52
138: Dakota Medders (A) pinned Hunter Hollis, 3:24
145: Jaden New (A) pinned Jared McGinnis, 0:41
152: Donovan Lomax (A) pinned Johnston Smith, 1:10
160: Damon Calhoun (R) pinned Connor Norris, 1:42
170: Spencer Jordan (R) pinned Brock Thrash, 0:32
182: Jeremiah McCord (R) pinned Jackson Primm, 1:57
195: Christian Smith (R) dec. Connor Hall, 7-5
220: Carson Hall (R) pinned Caleb McCulley, 3:39
285: Ben Buchanan (R) pinned Juddson Cromer, 0:46
106: Preston Jones (A) pinned Braden Driver, 0:21
113: Amorea Green (A) won by forfeit
120: Kaleb Mathews (A) pinned Nate Merrill, 0:49
126: Joseph Lomax (A) pinned Zach Buchanan, 2:58
126: Joseph Lomax (A) pinned Kaleb Boyett, 1:38
132: Aden Whittaker (A) won by forfeit
138: Sebastian Oswalt (M) dec. Dakota Medders, 9-4
145: Jaden New (A) pinned Luke Archibald, 1:29
152: Donovan Lomax (A) pinned Taylor Hines, 0:52
160: Connor Norris (A) won by forfeit
170: Tyler McDonald (M) pinned Brock Thrash, 5:17
182: Jackson Primm (A) dec. Sean Moore, 9-5
195: Connor Hall (A) pinned Dallin Alexander, 1:25
220: Caleb McCulley (A) pinned Noah Ellison, 0:52
285: Juddson Cromer (A) won by forfeit
106: Brodie Christmas (M) dec. Preston Jones, 8-4
113: Gaven Miller (M) pinned Amorea Green, 1:12
120: Kaleb Mathews (A) pinned Seth Starkey, 1:30
106: Greg Barnard (S) pinned Cayde Sprung, 1:22
113: Liam Ormiston (S) pinned Zachary Follett, 4:00
120: Kaleb Shelton (O) won by forfeit
126: Calan Staub (S) pinned Kash Hornsby, 1:42
132: Rodderick Jemison (O) won by forfeit
138: Jake Janson (S) won by forfeit
145: Chase Hicks (O) pinned Kale Venn, 2:47
152: Tyler Green (S) pinned Branson Corban, 0:35
160: Kendrick Young (O) maj. dec. over Dathan Finley, 17-7
170: Reed Hill (O) maj. dec. over Carnel Davis, 20-7
182: Daniel Loudermilk (S) pinned Tristen Latham, 1:14
195: Josiah Kimbrough (O) pinned Micah Blisard, 0:50
220: Caleb Tinner (O) pinned Zane Pruit, 1:46
285: Braden McDaniel (O) won by forfeit
106: Thomas Giere (T) pinned Cayden Sprung, 0:52
113: Zachary Follett (O) won by forfeit
120: Kaleb Shelton (O) pinned Cory Jones, 3:07
126: Kash Hornsby (O) dec. Parker Edmondson, 11-5
132: James Latona (T) won by forfeit
138: Emmanuel Oliver (T) won by forfeit
145: Chase Hicks (O) dec. Will Garrett, 4-2
152: Will Miller (T) won by forfeit
160: Kendrick Young (O) maj. dec. Kaleb Martin, 17-9
170: Reed Hill (O) dec. William Browder, 6-4
182: Tristen Latham (O) pinned Carson Freeman, 2:59
195: Michael Jackson (T) pinned Josiah Kimbrough, 3:29
220: Alex Ward (T) pinned Hunter White, 1:15
285: Kobe Shumaker (O) pinned Tucker Hudson, 0:04
106: Austen Mayfield (CC) pinned Gavin Kilgore
113: Mark Ponder (WP) won by forfeit
120: Anthony Champion (CC) pinned Payton Sanders
126: Ronin Brower (CC) won by forfeit
132: Zachary Scott (CC) pinned Mason Humphries
138: Devante Cantrell (CC) pinned Miller Standley
145: Jaylen Thomas (WP) pinned Colton Mayfield
152: Jimmy O’Kelley (CC) pinned Jackson Dodson
160: Zachary Williamson (CC) pinned Josh Kirby
170: Logan Guy (WP) pinned Logan Thomason
182: Zachary Salter (CC) pinned Luke Campbell
195: Gavin Wright (CC) pinned Daniel Johnson
220: Matthew Nolen (CC) won by forfeit
285: Trent Pate (CC) won by forfeit
113: Matthew Kenneway (S) def. Mark Ponder
120: Payton Sanders (WP) pinned Ayden VanHoose
126: Double forfeit
132: Mason Humphries (WP) won by forfeit
138: Adam Smith (S) pinned Miller Standley
145: Jaylen Thomas (WP) pinned Ethan Taft
152: Timothy Thurman (S) pinned Jackson Dodson
160: Andrew McLester (S) pinned Josh Kirby
170: Logan Guy (WP) won by forfeit
182: Luke Campbell (WP) pinned Mason Stevens
195: Daniel Johnson (WP) def. Ethan Kay, DQ
220: Treveon Bolton (S) won by forfeit
285: Joshua Duncan (S) won by forfeit
106: Gavin Kilgore (WP) maj. dec. over Aden Davis, 15-7
220: Dylan Busby (A) pinned McCayden Raper
285: Daniel Arnett (W) won by forfeit
106: Kameron Hardy (A) pinned Trevor Morris
113: Lena Johannson (W) pinned Daymion Winfrey
120: Jacquez Wright (A) won by forfeit
126: NyDariun Jones (A) pinned Caden Thorton
132: Donovan Burch (A) pinned Travis Bellar
138: Joshua Johannson (W) pinned Tanner Wood
145: Cody Souder (W) won by forfeit
152: Anthony Usry (W) won by forfeit
160: D’Andre Tillman (A) pinned Brayton Hart
170: Miguel Canchucaja (W) won by forfeit
182: Devin Anderson (W) pinned Cameron Payne
195: Hayden Ransom (W) won by forfeit
195: Keyshon Townsend (L) pinned Hayden Ransom, 3:12
220: Javon Ward-Garrett (L) pinned McCayden Raper, 0:54
285: Daniel Arnett (W) pinned Logic Swann, 0:53
106: Trevor Morris (W) pinned Aaron Davis, 0:41
113: Jamichael Finley (L) dec. Lena Johannson, 11-7
120: Austin Creamer (L) won by forfeit
126: Axarian Griffin (L) pinned Caden Thorton, 0:13
132: Travis Bellar (W) pinned Lavont Finley, 1:55
138: Dazhoen Finley (L) pinned Joshua Johannson, 5:10
145: Cody Souder (W) pinned Quin Cotton, 1:56
152: Brennen Barber (L) dec. Anthony Usry, 8-3
160: Landon McLendon (L) pinned Brayton Hall, 0:44
178: Miguel Canchucaja (W) pinned Zach Wren, 1:58
182: Devin Anderson (W) pinned Kendrick Truss, 1:29

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