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Early leaders

Etter-Bowen post 54, lead Buddy Moore after the morning wave; could a 30-under be in their future?

Cory Etter (L) and Caleb Bowen high-five after Etter chipped in for eagle on 18. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

By Al Muskewitz
East Alabama Sports Today
Remember when they said 50-under-par was an impossible number in the Sunny King Charity Classic, and it happened this summer? Can the same thing happen if the number is 30-under in the Buddy Moore Charity Scramble at Anniston Municipal?
Cory Etter and Caleb Bowen made a run at it last year before stalling on the back nine Sunday and they appear to be in position again this year after shooting 16-under 54 (28-26) in Saturday’s opening round.

George Salmon reacts to his putt. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

“It really is (possible),” Bowen said. “We have the same format tomorrow. Today we had a legitimate chance (to go deeper).  We should’ve made the last putt to get to 17. Anything kind of like that tomorrow kind of makes that (30) possible.”
They hold a four-shot lead over Jeremy McGatha and Matt Rogers. Brennan Clay-Layton Bussey and Lenn Coffey-Tee Brown are both another shot back.
Last year Etter and Bowen were 23-under after 27 holes and held a five-shot lead over Brennan Clay and Andrew Brooks, but then inexplicably the birdies stopped landing. They shot only 2-under on the back and lost when Clay made a 25-foot eagle putt on 18 after Brooks rolled his attempt over the hole.
“I can’t lie and say it’s not in the back of your mind; that was just a heartbreaking way to lose it,” Bowen said. “It wasn’t their last putt. To shoot 9 on the front and have a five-shot lead and we just couldn’t hit it close or buy a putt (on the back).
“For us to play the back nine – we shot 9 there today – I don’t think we can play with no mulligans that back nine again ever and shoot 2-under. It’s nuts. I don’t know how it happened, but it did.”
Saturday’s round was highlighted by back-to-back eagles on 18 and 1, the tail end of an eight-hole stretch between the three-tiered par-3s (11/2) in which they shot 10-under-par. Etter chipped in from 40 feet on 18 and Bowen made the putt on 1 after Etter hit a pitching wedge to 15 feet.
They could’ve taken it deeper but parred their first and last holes (missing a five-foot uphill putt on the finishing fifth), parred 2 and 11, and burned both of their mulligans making a five-foot birdie putt on 9.
“Our goal tomorrow is to go out and try to get to 8- or 9-under on the front,” Etter said. “If we can do that, that ought to set us up pretty good.”

Matt Rogers watches partner Jeremy McGatha pitch back towards the green. The Calhoun County Golf Tour directors are four shots off the lead. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

To see more photos from the round click this link: www.bjfranklin.smugmug.com

Buddy Flight
Cory Etter-Caleb Bowen 28-26—54
Jeremy McGatha-Matt Rogers 29-29—58
Brennan Clay-Layton Bussey 29-30—59
Lenn Coffey-Tee Brown 27-32—59
Lamar Carter-Bruce Collins 30-30—60
Gary Wilborn-Janson Wilborn 30-30—60
Clay Calkins-Chris Hubbard 29-31—60
Chip Howell-Jay Miles 29-32—61
Johnny Barnes-Charles Carden 31-30—61
Mary Ann Flight
Frank Brady-Landon Winfrey 31-31—62
Gage Miller-Allen Mangham 31-31—62
Jackson Bonner-Matt Hunter 31-31—62
Jason Johnson-Landon Straub 31-32—63
George Salmon-Chris Maye 32-31—63
Danny Whittaker-Gary Thomas 32-31—63
Adrian Geeting-Chase Hollingsworth 33-30—63
Byron Preston-Brian Simpson 34-29—63
Randy Burke-Danny Weeks 31-32—63
Jim Ramey-Scott Murphree 30-33—63
Will Brown-Austin Minter 31-32—63
Scott Flight
Daniel Clonts-Brett Key 30-34—64
Ted Heim-Garrett Heim 32-33—65
Chris Randall-James Randall 32-33—65
Michael Herndon-Tony Strickland 33-32—65
Derek Webb-John Roe 35-31—66
Mark Gaines-Andy Jenkins 34-32—66
Scott Moore-Will Prickett 31-35—66
Kelly Rogers-T.J. McGatha 33-33—66
David Ramey-Greg Shultz 32-35—67
Tim Mullendore-Mike Braxton 33-34—67
Andrew Tyson-Guy Bradley 35-32—67
Angie Flight
David Hill-David Fitzgerald 33-35—68
Steve McClellan-Ron Wheeler 34-34—68
Steve Akers-Grady Sapp 34-35—69
Donnie McGinnis-Ron Dulaney 34-36—70
Jay Jenkins-Matthew Wright 34-37—71
Henry Donald-Rob Reynolds 36-36—72
Steve Rogers-Keith Gann 36-36—72
Ken Renfroe-Konner Renfroe 35-37—72
Steve Mullendore-Will Mullendore 38-34—72
Sunday tee assignments
8 a.m. shotgun
1B: Clonts-Key, Heim-Heim
1A: Randall-Randall, Herndon-Strickland
2: Webb-Roe, Moore-Prickette
3: Rogers-McGatha, Gaines-Jenkins
4: Ramey-Shultz, Tyson-Bradley
5: Braxton-Mullendore, McClellan-Wheeler
6: Akers-Sapp, Hill-Fitzgerald
7: McGinnis-Dulaney, Jenkins-Wright
8: Mullendore-Mullendore, Donald-Reynolds
9: Renfroe-Renfroe, Rogers-Gann
1 p.m. shotgun
1B: Etter-Bowen, McGatha-Rogers
1A: Clay-Bussey, Coffey-Brown
2: Wilborn-Wilborn, Calkins-Hubbard
3: Carter-Collins, Howell-Miles
4: Barnes-Carden, Miller-Mangham
5: Brady-Winfrey, Bonner-Hunter
6: Johnson-Straub, Salmon-Maye 
7: Ramey-Murphree, Whittaker-Thomas
8: Geeting-Hollingsworth, Preston-Simpson
9: Burke-Weeks, Brown-Minter

Tee Brown (L) and Lenn Coffey shot the second best round — and best front nine — of the morning wave. (Photo by B.J. Franklin)

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